Biofeedback Disorders

Development of fundamental and applied psychophysiology and neurophysiology of the last century led to the creation of a new revolutionary method of healing and treating many mental, neurological and psychosomatic disorders – biofeedback (BFB) or Bioregulation. Today it is – the basis of behavioral and preventive medicine. In essence, biofeedback – a method of direct training of central and / or autonomic nervous systems in order to normalize their activities. BOS-method implements the principle of 'physiological mirror', which performs the role of special equipment and software, so that the patient receives opportunity to literally see and hear their physiological properties such as temperature and resistance of the skin of fingers and toes, electrical activity of muscles, brain electrical activity, the frequency heart rate, the magnitude of blood flow in various organs, etc. Because of this 'feedback' information it is possible to conditioned learning (ie learning without consciousness), which can be purposefully changed for the better functioning of regulatory systems. The huge advantage of biofeedback method is that it is nonspecific for diagnosis, ie can not work with individual diseases and the basic types of dysfunctions of the regulatory systems of the body – the nervous (central, peripheral, autonomic), immune and humoral. List of violations with a proven therapeutic effect biofeedback therapy has today is very impressive and continues to grow as the progress of research. This is – tension headaches, migraines, hypertension, urinary incontinence in adults, nocturnal enuresis in children with anxiety disorders panic attacks, phobias, chronic pain, insomnia, adhd (syndrome of disorders of attention and hyperactivity), epileptic syndromes and epilepsy, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, bruxism, tinnitus (tinnitus), phantom limb pain, depression (reactive, unipolar), alcoholism, rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic stress syndrome, post stroke disorders, premenstrual syndrome, menopause, erectile dysfunction (impotence), hyperhidrosis, diabetes types I and ii, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, multiple sclerosis, psihoimmunologicheskie disorders, hyperthyroidism, chronic fatigue syndrome, dyslexia, etc.

BOS-method does not use any external effects on humans. During biofeedback sessions, the necessary physiological sensors, determined the nature of violation, record the appropriate physiological parameters, and then they come in computer, analyzed, and in an understandable and easily accessible form imposed a patient or on a computer screen or in the form of sounds of music. The bark of this tree has long been used to treat buy viagra in india impotence by ancient cultures all over the world. This remedy is good for cialis soft uk men suffering with erectile dysfunction. You may take viagra sale without prescription it up to 4 hours before physical activity. Impotence and infertility are certainly linked, but we can’t guarantee that every impotent man cialis buy usa in infertile. This creates the conditions for therapeutic recovery, normalization of these physiological responses through retraining. During repeated sessions, the patient learns, for example, inhibit the enhanced slow waves in the electroencephalogram, which cause deterioration of the function of attention and a number of other neurological disorders. At present, secrete several major groups of biofeedback treatments – the parameters of the electroencephalogram (EEG), on vegetative parameters (temperature, respiration, blood flow, electrical properties skin, heart rate), the parameters of electromyogram (EMG) of skeletal muscle (relaxation and rehabilitation protocols) and obturator sphincters (urological protocols). The main application eeg procedures – neurology, pediatrics, psychiatry, . The second group of biofeedback treatments applied in various forms of psychosomatic disorders, when one of the leading pathogens is a chronic stress.

EMG-based protocols are used to relax (psychosomatic disorders) and to strengthen and restore the functional properties of different muscle groups. One of the advantages and compelling benefits Biofeedback method to drug therapy – without side effects. However, the biofeedback method – high-tech and knowledge-intensive method that requires serious and continuous training at the intersection of many sciences – neurophysiology, psychophysiology, medicine, computer science, bioengineering and cybernetics. Due to the unique opportunities for sustainable modify neurodynamics of bioelectrical activity of the brain and the autonomic nervous system, as well as the absence of side effects, biofeedback method is indispensable in terms of prevention and rehabilitation of child and adolescent health.

Tofu and Spinach

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