Providing Brand Image Data

The briefing in advertising The briefing is the strategic part of the preparation of an advertising campaign. The election is ordered, strategic and creative data allow us to define the advertising Obet correctly and measurable. It is a written document where the marketing department must make all information needed to make clear the trade disputes and define what we want to achieve through advertising. The company creates customer and market information with the basic marketing plan that you want to advertise the brand. The document is short, very concise, which facilitates the work of the agency. The document contains a presentation of the environment and the strategy of selling the product or service. It has much to do with marketing strategies that will be used, the image of the product and especially the characteristics. There should be a close relationship and trust between the company and advertising agency.The use is purely internal briefing of the agency, because in it are enshrined confidential information of its customers, advertisers. The briefing does not have a predefined format. Each company has its own way of preparing it. An advertising agency or media professional commercial / institutional must know at least the data presented in the following index: History of the advertiser, who pays for the implementation of an advertising campaign. This section should provide key data for the company, product or service category, as well as major competitors in the same, including distribution channel data, and provide brand image data, describing the main advantages (real or emotional) of the company, compared to the competition. Anecdotes, thoughts or even small stories are useful to the creation of the communication route to be followed by a campaign. Existing documentation.These are documents or advertising previously developed by the advertiser. The account executive should obtain information on any previously done advertising support and find out what was its effect on consumers and advertisers. Total market. Market size and the direct and indirect competition. Specific market. Direct competition. Current situation and real business and brand. Brand image and brand image ideal. Positioning. Product. When the advertising campaign about a product or service, this section should describe its features and remarkable technical data, location, coverage, services, product attributes. Differential advantages. Legitimate online pharmacies are actually safe sources of drugs like tadalafil professional cheap, but you need to find them first. 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To find out which is the distinct advantage of the product you want to advertise, know as the competition: who he is, what it does, its market share, its positioning.Distribution channel or path that the manufacturer continues to get its product to the end user or consumer. The product can pass through middlemen (wholesalers, retailers …) between the manufacturer and the ultimate consumer or distributed directly. Market share and market potential by region. Consumer. Consumer ID type. Usually done through market research to understand what’s in their mind when they see the consumer brand of the advertiser. The forthcoming campaign can break or keep such a personality, depending on the communication objectives (launch, repositioning, etc.) Target audience. Description of the target in both the demographic point of view and, if possible, their habits or behaviors. It is important to provide data from investigations, including information on awareness of the brand and its competition and data relating to the perception consumers have of the product before the campaign.So, you can include in the notice of the target words themselves. Potential audience. Every person (regardless of sex, age, race) to be attracted and come to the action of purchase withoutbeing part of the target. Market trends. Including fashion and other changes in taste and available to consumers. Marketing objectives. It puts the marketing area of the company and must determine whether it is a campaign launch, relaunch, repositioning or maintenance. Amount to invest. The company has a budget to invest in an advertising campaign. The most expensive is the Standard (second in TV – Daily centimeter). The agency won when buying media. Times.