The most important component of all living things have clean drinking water. But if we consider the present, not the most favorable environment in the nature of pure water, as such, in principle, is almost non-existent. Today need to clean the water before drinking it. Currently, this procedure is not difficult, all thanks to water filters and water purification system, which in a large assortment of modifications and manufacturers on the market of our country. Cardiologist is often mentioned in discussions such as these. I would like to know: how did all the same way by water treatment, in what it actually is? When you select a note on the following criteria: as chemical analysis of the degree of contamination of your water and the amount of water that you plan to clean every day, and immediately the quality of water purification. But if you just want to further purify the water, lowering the content therein of one or two components for this you need a specific kind of filter, which produces direct the cleanup of these substances. In the same case, if you want maximum clean water from all possible types of contamination must be use a different type of water purification.

In the same case, if you want to get distilled water, requires a special machine – water distiller. And in order to select exactly the product that you need, you need to examine the principles of water treatment on all existing methods. For example, to purify water in the house household water filter can be a great option. Water filters of this class of filtered water to a level that meet sanitary standards. Kinds of household water filters are many: high-tech domestic reverse-osmosis filters, the usual tips on tap, three-stage akvafiltry. And if you choose water purification You absolutely must remember: the closer the treated water to drinking water standards, which are enshrined in regulations SanPin – so seriously should be a system of water purification. These standards also require the division of drinking water into two categories: dining drinking water, which belongs to the first category and drinking water of the second category. Such popular brands in the world manufacturing industry water as BonAqua, , Nestle, AquMinerale etc.

offer consumers water higher category. But this kind of water is quite expensive for family budgets ordinary Russians. Therefore much cheaper to buy the most expensive home water filter. It may be, for example, household membrane filter, or as it is called – seven-step reverse-osmosis water purification system. The result is that you have a small water treatment plant for drinking water treatment the highest category. This equipment only in the industrial format used by manufacturers of drinking water of the highest category, known throughout the world. Water purified in this membrane filter that is guaranteed not to be infected. On this basis Purified water does not require disinfection. This water, which can be used for human consumption, for the home aquarium and watering indoor plants, as well as in household appliances, such as iron. If you want to get mineral water, you only need to build in bioceramic water filter mineralizer. Thus, you will significantly save time on going to the store for drinking water, money to purchase drinking water and place in the apartment, which were allocated for empty bottles. There are many myths about the membrane water purification filters, which can cause you to hesitate making a decision about buying it. But all of the visible benefits of this Process water must dispel these myths.