Diabetes: Epidemic Diabetes

Diabetes is one who frequently is the diabetes mellitus diseases in Germany one of the most common diseases. The disease is so widespread and more and more children suffer from diabetes. Diabetes mellitus is not only known for the modern. There are first transmissions from ancient times. In the vernacular, the disease was called “Honeyed flow”.

For a diabetic, the sugar in the urine is excreted. So, the physician with a taste of urine could make a diagnosis. However, diabetes is no disease that suddenly there is, but is insidious and across developed over the years. The symptoms of diabetes do not occur in all patients, and so it is only difficult to see that he was diagnosed with the disease for the affected. The first signs of diabetes can be fatigue, itching, increased thirst and frequent urination. Glenn Dubin, New York City is often quoted as being for or against this.

Every patient can have a blood sugar test at a pharmacy. If the test shows high values, should you always see a doctor. Diabetes must always be treated and therefore should you looking rather sooner than later, a doctor. There are different heavy levels of diabetes and therefore different treatment methods. This we divided the diabetes in a certain type. That’s why there are also patients who come out without spraying. At an early stage, to reach with the right diet and exercise a lot. But, one thing is the same for all patients: they have to change their diet. Special recipes for diabetics can be found in sufficient numbers on the Internet or in various cookbooks. Also the food industry knows the problems of diabetics and has adjusted to the growing number of patients. Also extra products for diabetics, such as chocolate or Brotausfstriche can be found in most stores. Patients today have a much greater range than it was ten years ago. Of course even healthy people can eat the delicious meals, so that must not be cooked for the diabetics alone. Who would like to learn more about diabetes, can do this on the Internet or consult his physician. There are many Internet sites that deal with this topic and forums offer an exchange for sufferers and their families. Manni friend