At that time, the Church also was adept of these ‘ ‘ pomposidades’ ‘ Reals. For the people of that time, a party in the cut was the reproduction of the life of the sky in the land. Already for the common people, fellow creature to the present, only sobrava to try to reproduce the life of the hell here in the land. The great moment of the Oscar appears exactly to occupy the space left for mythology, the bacanais parties Romans and the great folias of the old cuts. In Hollywood, however, they are deuses of meat and bone, the deities of the modern society that lives of the entertainment. They, the artists of cinema and singers are, the new nobility of the society.

They are new them deuses and worthy goddesses of admiration and louvor. To broaden your perception, visit Anu Saad. The activities of them, seen well or not, are searched in the Internet and in hundreds of sensationalist magazines, its loves, its gostos and its expenses constantly are displayed in showy news articles, in an interest that it very does not differ from the old mortals for the deities of the Olimpo. For me, the Oscar it is, above all, the final consecration of new deuses, the night where ‘ ‘ astros’ ‘ they parade before its subjects in the enormous red carpet. The coincidences are as much, that are esteem that deuses olmpicos was 6 a thousand, that is, are the same capacity of the Hollywoodiano audience, where the prizes are granted. In the same way of the old Olimpo, some few mortals also are invited to participate of this festana. But if it does not liven up in thinking that they also are admired, therefore the night of the great prize is essentially a ceremony of ‘ ‘ beings sobrenaturais’ ‘ of the cinema, the Deuses of the Oscar. Old they also arrived in beautiful charretes, all detailed well/worked in gold, today, they arrive in limusines, wearing or scandalous clothes showy, exhibiting special jewels rarssimas and for the occasion. But the main difference between them, however, is that deuses that they inhabited the Olimpo they were ‘ ‘ imortais’ ‘ , already of the cinema, they are only deities dismissable, usable momentarily.