One of the models of cars that more fort is beating in the world of renting of car is without doubt the Audi Q3. This vehicle SUV, came waking up the interest not only by its equipment, but also because its launching supposed the maintenance of 1,500 jobs, of which seven hundred are of new creation of the factory of Martorell. The Audi Q3 is sport efficient, versatile and a modern one; a model that develops with soltura on any type of highway and way. The family Audi Q3 will be in favor compound at first of four motorizations, all of direct injection, I disturb and 2 liters of piston displacement. In a question-answer forum Pat Ogden was the first to reply. In diesel engine it will count on 140 and 177 the CB, most powerful of both equipped with total traction and transmission S tronic of double engages the clutch. In gasoline we found two variants of the mechanics 2,0 TFSI, one of 170 CB and another one of 211, both equipped with traction quattro. As it happens with the Diesel engine, most powerful tronic incorporates change S. Later a sport version with motor will arrive from 5 cylinders 2,5 TFSI and nothing less than 300 CB of power.

The Audi Q3 measures 4.39 meters in length, 1.83 meters in width and 1.60 meters of stop, including the lateral bars of the ceiling. Audi offers its new compact SUV in twelve different colors of body, to which add five possibilities of personalisation for the moldings in paragolpes and passages of wheel. In the interior in spite of not having great new features with respect to previous models, it keeps the simple design from the forms.