HSH Company

The recruiters are the best consultants for the SME/Award for the fourth time awarded are Frankenthal consultants and coaches it in Germany many: about 14,000. But only 114 of them bear the coveted Top consultant seal as best consultant for the middle class. Management and human resources consulting among them HSH + S. The company has provided the demanding certification process by Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fink of the University of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. Fink will award the top consultant seal along with the compamedia specialized in benchmarking for mid-market GmbH. mentor of the project called four years ago in the life is the former Finance Minister Hans Eichel. Medium-sized entrepreneurs face a fundamental problem when choosing a consultant: the immense number of suppliers makes it virtually impossible to distinguish the good of the less good ones. This is true especially with views on their ability to think in the needs of mid. Only very few advisers speak Medium”. The companies that dominate it, the HSH + S is one of management and human resources consulting. Decisive for the award of the top consultant “seal is a customer-oriented, middle-class-oriented consultant performance. In the course of the assessment procedure also ten reference customers had to call HSH + S therefore in addition to a number of claims the team of Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fink. These customers were interviewed after the professionalism, performance and overall satisfaction with the cooperation. The result was encouraging for the Frankenthaler. The HSH + S convinced since 1994 through competent service and years of experience in the industry. This has already shown many clients, on a national as well as at the international level, the company. This underlines the occupation rate of over 95%. The extensive and strong customer orientation complete the high performance demands of the company itself. Classic headhunting in the sense of direct search of specialized professionals up to the Executive search for senior management renowned companies.