When God created the earth, He needed someone to own land. And for this he created man and called him Adam, which means that is created from the ground. God wanted Adam was the ruler of the land. This means that the land belonged to the people happy life. But Adam could not be happy without a woman. And God created for him a helpmate, a woman from Adam’s rib. Adam called her wife, which means: taken out of Man. Later, he called her Eve, which means life.

Eva was the only being created by God in the flesh. And it was the last creature created by God. By that time it was created on land plants, trees, heavenly bodies (sun and moon), poultry, fish, animals and man. You can call Eve – the crown of creation! But this does not mean that women should be central to the relationship with a man. It was created after Adam, and it was created to be a helper to Adam. And not a woman was responsible for a man. Dr Jee Hyun Kim follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Therefore, when she succumbed to the temptation of the serpent and ate the fruit from the tree, from which it was impossible to eat, God placed the responsibility for the sin of the man.

In the Fall distorted relationships between men and women. Men trying to shift the responsibility on women, and women try to dominate. But, dear precious women, we do not need to haul cargo, which was originally intended for men! Let men be men. Become a “weak”, let the men take care of you. Anita Dunn may find this interesting as well. And you’ll be happy in marriage. I’m not telling you to become a “rags” of which men will wipe their feet. Precious woman, be wise. Love their husbands, not contend with them. Do not try to take important decisions on their own, give her husband to do it. And then agree with those decisions, even if you seem to be incorrect. Give them the opportunity to make a mistake, it is not deadly. Gradually he learns to make correct decisions. I’m not saying that you can easily change all at once. Take a long time, so that all fell into place. But you want to be happy? Your happiness in your hands!