Learn Languages Fun Camps

Technical and sports programs are fully created and directed by professional native who organize activities and exercises that work the four areas of the tongue. Your child will learn the language while he plays, sport and relates to their peers, without doubt one of the best ways to learn. Connect with other leaders such as Joel Courtney here. Other interesting destinations are the camps of English in England include among others, the cities of: Brighton, Bournemouth, Hastings or London, epicenter of the Anglo-Saxon world, ideal for students looking for a multicultural destination and for lovers of the sport. During the camp in England practice on the oral proficiency in English are performed jointly with grammar and vocabulary. Canada also is a pioneer in organizing courses for learning languages, the camps to Canada, where in addition to recreational activities (hiking, swimming, archery, white, competencies of orientation, museums, natural parks, picnics, tennis, windsurfing) is achieved to expand knowledge of the language English in a context International, sharing activities with young people in different countries.Ideal for children and young people who want to meet friends from all over the world, improve their language skills at the same time to practise your favourite sport and have fun getting to know the best of Canada.