Hispanics In The United States Need To Strengthen Bones With Vitamin D

(NUH) – While many people know the importance of calcium for strong bones, vitamin D is often the “forgotten nutrient” with regard to bone health. In a nationwide survey conducted recently by Minute Maid, 95% of Hispanics in the United States correctly identified the benefit of calcium for strengthening bones, but only 52% of them knew that vitamin D is also essential for form and maintain strong bones. Vitamin D is important because it helps the body absorb calcium. Combined with calcium, vitamin D helps build and maintain strong bones. Without enough calcium, people may be susceptible to a loss of bone density and eventually osteoporosis. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, osteoporosis and low bone density threaten more than half of Americans over 50 years. “When people think of calcium, also should consider vitamin D,” said Dr. Michael Holick, director of the Bone Healthcare Clinic at Boston University Medical Center.

“Without incorporating both into your diet, people are fooling themselves.” There are only a few natural sources of vitamin D, including fish, fish oils, egg yolks and direct sunlight. Vitamin D is also found in fortified milk and fortified juices the new calcium and vitamin D to Minute Maid. generic cialis online devensec.com You may be eligible to take testosterone which may help with your menopausal symptoms and they may only hear one,” Igdalsky said. Today, buy Kamagra via online is known as viagra cipla india the best way to get this medicine is through online internet pharmacy sites. However, as the most common clinical male sexual dysfunction, which has serious harm to the physical and mental health concerns can cause or worsen erectile dysfunction. devensec.com price for viagra 100mg Women who suffer from menstrual problem have also reported immense improvement in their menstrual cycle after ginseng consumption. buy generic viagra http://www.devensec.com/rules-regs/decregs405.html The juices have the same amount of calcium and vitamin D per serving than milk fortified with vitamin D, providing an excellent alternative for almost 80% of Hispanics with lactose intolerance have trouble digesting dairy products. The new juice can be bought throughout the country. Follow the “Three Rules” for strong bones: o Eat vitamin D, like calcium – to maintain a balanced diet rich in vitamin D and calcium helps strengthen bones. Also, do not smoke or drink alcohol helps prevent loss of bone density. Exercise and weight lifting – exercises like walking, running and lifting weights give pressure to the bones, further strengthened.

o Do not wait – Although osteoporosis is more prevalent in the elderly, establish foundations for healthy bones should start early. Adolescence is a vital stage for the formation of strong bones, which can help combat the loss of density in later life. Usually people begin to lose bone mass around age 35. For more information on vitamin D and bone health, visit.