Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings – a perfect opportunity to design different rooms. They are widely used for decoration of bathrooms, corridors, kitchens, hallways. Quality suspended ceilings not only allow the use of recessed lights and lay in zapotolochnom space communications. Beautiful modern finish is a real decoration of apartments, offices, shops and showrooms. Cardiologist shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. However, to suspended ceilings have served long enough to choose good panels and suspension system. Production of even the most honest manufacturers can cause problems if you do not give due attention to this issue as the mounting rack ceiling. Kinds of suspended ceilings suspended ceilings are open, closed, and gapless.

In addition, a separate mention should be made Italian and German designs. Will Blodgett. Suspended ceilings Open presuppose wide gaps between the panels 15-16 mm, designed for installation in their decorative inserts. Suspended ceilings have closed the gaps of the same width, but they take the form of deepening and closed the same color as the main panel. Reiki ceiling gapless type, as its name implies design, are attached to each other closely. The ceilings of Italian design have mesh panels with rounded edges and the edges of ceilings German rectangular design.

But regardless of the types of panels and the presence or absence of decorative inserts, installation of all types of suspended ceilings is performed about the same, in a certain sequence. Main parts needed for assembly for the assembly of suspended ceilings require the following components: near-wall corners, traverse, adjustable suspensions and the panels themselves. When installing the system open to this set interpanel added decorative inserts.