Carpathian Mountains

The first and certainly the loudest picture – the film is James Cameron's 'Avatar'. He wrote the script for the film as far back as the early 90s last century. The plot of the film online short: Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a veteran of the Marines paralyzed legs, sending razrabatyvaet natural resources on the planet Pandora. By virtue of the fact that from thence the circumstances altogether bad for the person, the researchers brought to operate through Avatars – special clones, with the creation of which were connected by dna and aboriginal men, calling Na'Vi. Reborn in the form of avatar, Jake can walk again. His mission – to destroy the Na'vi, which became the main obstacle to mining the precious ore.

But a beautiful Aboriginal Neytiri save Jake's life, and this changes everything. Jake is taken in by her clan, and he learns to be one of them, which includes a variety of tasks and the passage of numerous ispytaniy. The film is not less well-known film adaptation of a story by Nikolai Gogol Wii to watch online. Tity of rooms tells about the early 18 th century. Cartographer Jonathan Green performs scientific journey from Europe to the East.

Passed through Transylvania and breaking the Carpathian Mountains, he finds himself lost in among the impassable forest hamlet. Only freedom case, and dense fog could bring it in this damned place. The people living here, not unlike any hitherto unseen traveler. These people have to fend for themselves from the rest of the world's deep ditch, naively believe that they can protect themselves from evil, not realizing that she had long ago moved into their souls, and only for a chance to escape. By the way first screen version of 'Wii' was released in 1967, and soon she turns 40 years. Then the film with Varley and Leonid Kuravlevym starring named 'The first Soviet horror film' and won in the domestic box office 13th place (which is also symbolic). Oh, and the third painting that I'd like to tell called Sherlock Holmes. From famous and not like anybody Guy Ritchie. Film about greatest in the history of the detective Sherlock Holmes, who along with his faithful companion Watson enter the fray, demanding real hard physical and mental training, because their enemy is a threat to the whole of London. Watch movies online for free and be happy.