The Informal Economy of Venezuela

Who does not understand a look, will not understand a lengthy explanation. Constantly INTRODUCTION current government Bolivarian Revolutionary chaired by Lt. Col. Hugo Chavez Frias, said that the informal economy in the country will disappear, since the government with its socialist ideology, is committed to providing opportunities to work and avoid further increase poverty and the information economy continuing to give all the cities that make up the country. Read more here: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. Unfortunately this is not a reality and the country’s informal economy has increased, just walking through the main cities of Venezuela and is not expected the large number of hawkers leave a lot to say this, for what it represents and affects the business sector organized, productive enterprises in the country.

Such a situation must be corrected, the government take the necessary measures to prevent the increase in street vendors who survive through the informal economy continues to affect the country’s economic reality GENERAL, CONSIDERATIONS, IMPACT Political uncertainty currently facing the management Venezuela President Hugo Chavez has caused many effects, which have significantly affected the business sector, where many companies have ceased operations, some closing their activities, others with low productivity as a result of uncertainty, risk the government’s actions, especially given what has been very significant as is the exchange rate policy. All this is what we said Jose Aguilar has continued generating informal activity, and not only among the poor and traditionally undeserved, but among young people each year are added to the labor market and before formal salaried employees who have been forced to jump socio-economic status in a process of downward social mobility.