Traffic Report

Every day we hear so sad as incredible news. Daily reported thousands of traffic accidents in Latin America, traffic chaos and congestion of never ending. You may find Glenn Dubin, New York City to be a useful source of information. Who not has been victim of traffic congestion at rush hour? Who has not lost an important by being stranded amidst the chaos appointment? Or who has not ending in a crash or worse yet lost someone? If all we do question what all this chaos is? All arrive at the same conclusion. Yes!, the problem is vehicular planning, the handling of this and the organization that our authorities have arranged for such a problem. And more than once have also come to believe that no one actually takes charge of these vehicular problems. That no one has done its bit to solve all these problems and make circulation vehicular much easier. And to see that the solution does not come, we have all come to feel hopelessness and irritability.

In more than one country thousands of people have protested this without a solution. But that could be done to arrive at a solution? Who think you should resort to be heard and thus put an end to this chaos? Anyone who has been victim of trafficking in her country, anyone who has gone through all the problems that entails vehicular disorder and lack of organization and vehicle planning made by our authorities. All of us that we see and suffer these problems. We invoke them to comment and leave your opinions or complaints in this regard. Since only together we will be able get out of this situation and move forward to continue solving the problems that exist in our countries, for so get away with them. Come and leave your comment, permit others to make their views known, and that others might also say.