Intelligent light easily and safely there is via the Internet platform now the possibility of online ordering intelligent lighting solutions for the upscale living environments. are not just light in the foreground of the offer, but the man with his individual needs. Following the philosophy of the company, are the aspects of light quality and timeless design clearly in focus. Lunen. Not light, but the man and the appropriate light to his needs are the focus of As a result, offers the internationally oriented online shop ostensibly also not simply compiled conglomeration of light, but accompanied the interested of his individual needs starting gradually to the right light. Because only the right light can create the atmosphere that conveys human well-being and can thus make a contribution to his health. Light takes its customers on hand for greater well-being and health and introduces first in the most important criteria of a healthy light design and what are to be considered: Glare, brightness distribution, illumination, light colour, colour rendition, etc.

detailed and well illustrated informed of the most important conditions of a reasonable and healthy lighting. information service spans a wide arc in and clarifies mediated on the differences between room light, zone lighting and mood lighting, informed about the different types of lights, an overview of the main types of lamp with all its advantages and disadvantages, give an opinion on questions of security, installing and lighting control. Easy access offers its clients easy structured access to their individual lighting design: Interior lamps, outdoor lighting, or accessed by the manufacturer directory. The Interior lamps simply enables the access of different room types. divided in eight rooms, all with their different Light requirement profiles. The right light for living room, bedroom, dining room, nursery, study, bathroom, hallway and kitchen. Here click on the schematic furnished room zones such as Chair, sofa or dining table, automatically receives an overview of the relevant lighting solutions.

Wall Mirror – Made In Germany

Customised by mirror made in Germany online order stylish mirror when the renovation is now complete, and the apartment has a completely new flair, then you want to look on the new apartment only once proud and show them the sweetheart of his entire family and all his friends. Often you get the feeling, that any important detail was forgotten but the last tour at once. Check with Dr Jee Hyun Kim to learn more. A great accessory, which gives the finishing touch of the apartment, is not easily found, because finally, it should be something unique. Wall mirrors, extra produced by the designer, so the apartment is a great pre show piece for friends and acquaintances are particularly suitable in this case. Because in the past it was often not easy to find corresponding design mirror the MELIOR GmbH is specialized on the production and distribution of custom-designed wall mirrors. The creative mirror shop offers unbeatable prices wall mirrors in all conceivable variations at the online shop.

In addition to exclusive models for the bathroom with optional Led, fluorescent or Halogen lighting is the visitors also have lots of great ideas for the living room, the floor or the kitchen. So are specially created wellness oases in the own House, making each room a very special experience. On request, all mirrors can be customized to measure for the customer in direct sales so that everyone gets his own individual piece, which is guaranteed in any other apartment. The creative mirror shop places an emphasis on sustainability. So the products are fair traded and produced in the Federal Republic of Germany. Every customer gets a real piece of design “made in Germany”, which plays in a magical way with the light and creates a very special atmosphere in the home. By using high-quality materials is a durable piece, which will give a lot of pleasure the customer for many years. The functional design creates the perfect accessory in conjunction with modern and energy-saving lighting elements for each area of the House.

Because all products are shipped nationwide shipping, no customer also must worry about hidden costs or other pitfalls. Confidence is written large. TV is therefore the ideal partner when through a creative accessory a modern touch to the apartment. You can finally never have enough mirrors. It’s worth stopping by!

3D Optics

Just as gift 3D wooden images are ideal, because they are something special. Where do you get nowadays still gifts that were made in loving hands work? Wood as a material: 3D wood pictures wood is a wonderful material, which is all sorts of design. It is also used to house building in the craft, toys and tools, and as a basis for pulp and paper. Furniture, tableware, accessories – from everyday life is not wood. The material has a tradition… At least if one believes that a 3D image of wood by Dieter cod ( in the hands, you will notice the elegance and simple beauty of the material, for young and old people can not evade the artfully crafted miniatures. Wooden images in 3D the wooden images of Dieter cod are an in-between of Arts and crafts, toys and interior decoration.

The craftsmen carving larger and smaller spatial compositions, which can be hung on the wall like a painting made of solid wood. The three-dimensional elaborate works of art interiors of farmhouse parlours, workshops and garages, kitchens, pharmacies and bakeries – show all loving and designed in detail based on old models. But the wooden images, like for example 3D appearance Bauernstube varnished ( product_info.php/info/p390_3D-Holzbild-Bauernstube–lasiert–38×26-cm.html), are not children’s toys, but have decorative character. When the carefully crafted foreshortening appears, which is an amazing space experience the appearance at a shallow depth of about 5 cm. The gift for all occasions: 3D appearance Bauernstube not always is it easy to find a gift for a certain occasion.

A wooden image can fit on many occasions when otherwise as alternative would keep only flowers or chocolates… The wooden images from the workshop of Dieter cod are versatile: whether from natural wood or glazed, in small format, slightly larger or filling the wall, that’s all doable. The 3D images of the wood shop ( shows how versatile can be a wooden image.