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Changes Good afternoon, congratulations to the creators of this table can be very useful to present items in an elegant addition to being, I think, original creation of the wiki in Spanish. Please, please consider these comments from the technical standpoint of arms for improvement: Replace “Owner” and “entity” with “representation”: the armories were created to identify individuals, families and various entities for many centuries, but the concept property is more modern and is thus associated with a legal concept almost trademark we are not certain to dominate. MUHC armories are impossible to associate a property or generate controversy (Let the suits of Aragon) because as I say, by the fact they are so old, the same crest (heraldry) can represent several “owners” and “entities”.”Adoption” might have to come up with something better and that adoption is a term used legally … there are many armories to have a source or use “immemorial”, but for legal reasons, in more recent years are rehabilitated, altered or are adopted effectively for the first time. For example, the shield of Palos data more or less the fifteenth century, being derived from the house finch, but its recognition is of the 1990s. A user who deals with only the latter sources give this date skipping the first. “Crests, crowns, etc..”: I think it’s a mistake to specify as much detail these essential elements and ignore what is the heraldry (bone, which goes inside the shield). First, because theoretically all ornaments are grouped as the importance of external and superficial, in fact, actually are dispensable to comply with the identification of the “represented” and may even disturb this function because the use is aesthetic reasons or variables (as the ideologues).Essentially Furthermore, following Pastoureau and chains, the colors and figures that may be the geometric or furniture. Therefore, I ask to open the lines: “colors”, “figures”, “composition” and “external ornaments,” eliminating all others. The example of clubs would be: color (emblazoned follow): blue, silver, carnation, gules, gold, sable. Figures: ships, worlds, hands, bordure, waves. Ornaments: corona, parchment. For Composition refers to the distribution or allocation, ie if quartered, split, etc.. The ability to change buy cheap levitra sex is, as the case may be, the most normal. The testes are in skin sildenafil in india outside the body (scrotum). We are getting married next month, and our sex-life has never been better! The medication turned out to be simple to use, easy to administer, levitra 10 mg no side-effects and we can have sex whenever we want. The cost sildenafil samples of appointing them and the medical experts should guide them about the proper way of consumption of this drug. “Kind of armories” perhaps briefly include any “classification” may be based on those described in the book Foundations of heraldry of V. Chains and address various levels, weapons municipal pure weapons, weapons derivatives, and so on. this is basically to give an idea of classification, but this is highly variable and requires supervision on the basis of any author.I do not recommend more listing, because given the Tamanna through these articles, you can create a phenomenon of duplication of information, ie, the table gets to devour the written part and this goes against the spirit encyclopedic, I understand. thanks for the comments, greetings, – SanchoPanzaI Your message to the Insula de Barataria 20:31 28 Oct 2009 (UTC) Hello dear Sancho, the first to tell you that this profile is the original wiki, this one stems from the wiki in English, as you can see it has been copied more or less the same fields that had that model. On the other, we are on the sides, as would the Ripper (juas): agreed to put “Representation”. This I can do next, only have to change where we already have used it. We must look to that name instead of “Adoption”, if anyone can provide some idea please. This change is more complicated, because the change is much more radical and now if that would affect all those who have used the template.But maybe you could do this, if that is OK, remove all the lines of “Cimera,burelete, crown and visor and left alone to” ring “, do you think On the other hand I think it what you propose to put the lines “colors”, “figures”, “composition” and “external ornaments, and eliminate the” thunderous, decorations, orders, other elements and constituent parts “, where would to “theme”. “Kind of armories, on this point, I put what I say. I hope your answers. A greeting. Miguel ngel” fot grafo “Say what you want, kill 22:36 28 Oct 2009 (UTC) The structure of colors, shapes and ornaments is which he uses the work of Pastoureau Trait d’Heraldique, come on, the Bible of the subject. you know differentiate lemma Currency and cry more of the same (trap for newbies) but no problem, is included in ornament .– SanchoPanzaI Tu message to the Insula de Barataria 23:47 28 Oct 2009 (UTC) Membership do you put , a greeting.Miguel ngel “fot grafo” Say what you want, kill 23:51 28 Oct 2009 (UTC) Not necessarily now that you ask, simple “is beautiful” .– SanchoPanzaI Your message to the Insula de Barataria 00:03 29 Oct 2009 ( UTC)