Dedicated to my new family: Peloni. I love you. Some differently than others. Definitely make this entry without images, there are plenty already out there. I raised doing it for days, but I am afraid I am unable to order everything chronologically. Occupational hazard. That said I will write a barrage of feelings, realities, appraisals, gossip and touching. . To start copying my friend Alberto Fernandez Otto, that you all know very well, but I’m really sorry, its definition of IFEMA, where someone had the bright idea of moving this fashion show is: morgue. I have nothing more to say about the space. . Being backstage, thongs, illuminators, rimmels, bodies and Nespresso is cool, especially if your function is to give orders to staff and whether the staff that “order” are models (great casting the EGO of this issue) as much best. .It was fun all the subject access, the first two days (Thursday and Friday), I could access everything, my Friday was V for inside and outside. The third day only let me enter backstage, never had happened, and why I am strongly contests, parties and festivals notaries. The fourth day kising could only enter the room, thanks to my good work with bartenders, DJ and assurances of this space. All this for not locating Marietta, friend and head of international press, the fifth day gives me a piano PRESS was (and am) FREELANCE Andres Jota, a marvel you! This does not mean that every day doing what he gave me the win. To what extent is serious CIBELES . In the parades I say little: Jose Castro is God, besides trendr a be cibeles image abroad and not David Delfin, who I was, I mean they were wrong and designer for my designer was wrong to separate gateway. Physical tests might include blood tests cialis pharmacy for checking your testosterone levels, blood sugar (for diabetes level), and cholesterol level; blood pressure (BP) check, the rectal exam for checking prostate condition and examination of penile and testicles. Hypersensitivity reactions may not be experienced by all patients with MoM hip devices but they need purchase cialis online to be aware about all the safety parameters in order to maintain the safe distance from all the adverse conditions like headache, dizziness, sleeping disorder, confusion, seizure or sudden change in the weight proportion then your medical advisor should be informed to help you out in this. I cialis free sample recall about eighteen months ago a discussion with a friend who told me that she was buying her third home -as a first home buyer – and she was not planning to live in any of them. As per research, intake levitra samples continue reading for more info now of best herbal herbal pills for men is found to be very beneficial in athletes for improved physical performance (dilating blood vessels brings more blood with oxygen and nutrients to the muscle cells. Not giving them.Antonio Miro is perhaps because I liked only boys, now well Loquillo and Nacha pop (can not remember what it is called and pass in google search) could have stayed at home. My friend Carlos Diez amaze and thank the organization that put the last to leave us a good taste in your mouth. You’re a 10! Amaya Arzuaga, from the screens I saw was special, for better, for me. Lo de LaRANCIA (so called because of usual and not looking out the corner of the eye if the fence) has no name. Nor has it as a redhead named Anke Schl der. I also like to parade in Madrid and Alvarado Berhayer Elio not need a wheelchair to go out and greet, not more! who are behind this man who want to squeeze when in the ICU Even so, being what it was, cool. Best of all: the designers of EGO, some better than others, but all professionals and very good people. Creativity is not lacking, but one of Cybele should “brainstorm” on them. .Regarding the models (men women): I think the casting of blond abusive Austria, Belgium, England, Romania … We are in Spain, this very well that our fashion is universal, but because they want the race was put espa olitos fashion or Juanjo Oliva Kina Fernandez alone identified with Nordic / as and albino / as. More brown, darker, more Spanish. In both men and women. Cortajarena Jon is very good but I do not understand because it raises so many passions and things. Madeleine is the ostia. A kiss from here Sarah – Cristina – Willy – Alex – Jan – Julienne – Fran – David vazquez – Aaron, we became real friends. The last two I found out they were not supermodel 2000 was not until three days after what you told me quote, I’m very angry not to recognize the celebrities, some people have that gift, but I can be talking to Maria Teresa Campos two hours and ask that he does. Gossip, one of the models had to change his surname to be the nephew of the Windsor family, yes yes, your aunt is Fergie, I’m not sure if real or subnormality protocol unreal.