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With a few simple clicks to publish their book. FIT, healthy, beautiful advertises the book with an extensive media package. FIT healthy beautiful strengthens the book project with active sales and marketing efforts and ensures a very good visibility through search engines. Partners of FIT healthy beautiful are: 1Doktor, active woman, Aktiv Radfahren, pharmacy, medical Atlas, Autoundmobiltv, bike sport news, surgery portal, FOCUS health, happy MOM, info health, Miomedi modern mobile, lunar calendar, natural health magazine, online horoscopes, portal of eye medicine, portal of women, portal of skin, portal of children, portal of Orthopedics portal of the psyche, portal of beauty, portal of dentistry, cycling road, beauty and medicine, SonnenNews, Tivital, Velo total, Vitafeel, hiking, Wellness Beauty info, wellness and relaxation. Bestselling author (suddenly diabetes) Jutta Schutz writes for FIT healthy beautiful (book series): LOWCARB world travel. Their recipes are suitable also for diabetics (type two). Juicy pork with salmon – recipe South Sea pork neck once quite different – with woman contactor, visit a culinary world tour meeting place is this time the dream destination South seas. Pork and salmon for (4-5 persons) ingredients: 250 g smoked salmon (cut into 2 cm slices) 800 g pork neck (cut into 2 cm slices) 800 g large leaves spinach (wash, let drain) salt, pepper preparation: 22-inch squares of aluminum foil cut (as are meat slices there) and with a thick layer of spinach leaves show on a slice of meat.

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Appendix: Vegetables or salad. The author is author, journalist, psychologist, lecturer, and former diabetic (type two). As self interested party motivated, she writes books that inspire and special insider knowledge Convey (diseases, diabetes two, low-carb nutrition form). On this subject, she published successfully several Advisor. Her motto: Low carb – it’s the next generation of cooking. food/juicy pork with salmon recipe suedsee.html to the book: Low carb journey around the world – low-carb specialties from all over the world (FIT healthy beautiful) – low carb is not a new diet but a food revolution that is varied and also very good. There are provable studies since the year 1940, that you can cure a variety of diseases by a low-carbohydrate diet. Low carb is an English term and translates as little carbohydrates.” We eat too many carbohydrates, our body burns less fat, decrease good HDL cholesterol and triglyceride values increase. To do this, there are 152 low carb recipes from around the world in the book. Number of pages: 176 ISBN: 978-3-8424-0084-9 binding: paperback size: 16.5 cm x 21.0 cm release date: 04.03.2011 – print-book – 13.49 EUR Christine Erdic Christine Erdic company information: Christine Erdic is a freelance journalist and writer also. The German writer living in Germany and in Turkey. Professionally she teaches in Turkey of German for students (tutoring), she are language training at the University and makes translations for Turkish newspapers. Publishing see more tredition.