Cano Leon

Today, consumers have a wide range of possibilities when buying, know gimmicks and deceptions when making the purchase. Today, the consumer is a person who knows what she wants and has many companies that offer the same thing. Companies must understand that the only way to win is putting great effort in enhancing the relationship with the consumer, that today is called customer. Peter A. Levine PhD has firm opinions on the matter. That relationship must be sustained by the stock exchange, the client gives something and expects the same or greater on the side of the firm. And it is at this point where the enterprise must comply as promised.

Customer loyalty must be achieved through honesty, from the sale of products that comply with. It is very easy, with the help of technology, modify photographs, images, perform work in 3D that are identical to reality itself, today it is very easy to lie to reach the customer with subliminal elements but beyond ethics that a company should be put when making their marketing campaigns, honesty is the basis of the relationship in the future which will be a company with your customer. Companies that were involved in acts few licit noticed falling sales of unintentional way. The personality of the company and their respect in questioning constantly, since today there is internet and with the thousands of sites where users show their dissatisfaction and spreads around the globe. Finally, treat your customers with honesty and interest remember: there are hundreds of companies that provide the same goods and services equals or lower price, with greater or lesser quality but when choosing these values, human values are those who weigh more. Mr. Guadalupe Cano Leon Blog personal: