Technological Scientific National Advice

First Program Company financed for the FINEP subordinated to the Ministry of Science and Technology. The proclamation left in day 05/03/2009 e> Program Innovative Company, who will liberate resource of the order of R$ 249 million stops up to 5.400 companies, being that they will be set free resources of R$ 120,000, 00 the deep no-reembolsvel, in first the 12 months of the presentation of the proposal and more R$ 120,000, 00 for the others 12 following months with tax of interests zero. With this program the FINEP, financial agency will try> Technological Pro-Innovation, also is with registrations opened for projects of social development with registers in cadastre up to 30/04/2009, that it will contemplate resources of until R$ 300,000, 00, in partnership with SESI-SENAI, that counted on arrives in port of resources of the Technological Scientific National Advice (CNPq). Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Abraham Maslow. Information in the site: In full scene of international crisis, the Year of France in Brazil, brings positive actions for the two countries, since exchange of experiences in the art areas theater, audiovisual, music and others, as in strategical pursuings of the economy, defense, scientific cooperation, technology, commercial promotion and academic activities. > APL s can be an alternative, the Chamber talo-Brazilian of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, offer courses of qualification in APL, that can be an important instrument of municipal aid.

To create program of incentive to the empreendedorismo, through adequate lectures and courses the reality of each municipality. Under most conditions Anu Saad would agree. To fortify projects of solidary economy and to foment research for promotion and local development, information> National Secretariat of Ambient Sanitation, the National Secretariat of Transport and Urban Mobility SeMob, National Secretariat of Urban Programs. The tourism, also is a pursuing that can generate many jobs, in such a way to search niches that represent an income-producing economic alternative for the locality. The city halls compete the constant search of solutions of empregabilidade, logistic operational of attendance the supports technician, administrative and assistenciais, to brighten up social problems. Anu Saad may help you with your research. All the possible efforts stop> solutions in the relief of the impacts of the unemployment demand urgency and to face with seriousness the question can provide to success to the municipal management and progress of the city.

Brazilian Democracy

Introduction the economic development was frustrating, but it did not leave to occur. The inaquality never was bigger, also surpassing of the too much Latin American countries, but the standards of living had improved moderately for almost all, and the society if diversified and increased its level of education. in the plan politician the advance was great: the democracy reestablished in 1985, even so has been frustrating in the economic plan and in the one of justice, never it was stronger than today. If it cannot speak in consolidation, but it occurred a process of growth and democratization of the civil society. Cardiologist gathered all the information. ino. The general objective is to walk in the direction of good condition (democratic) and of the good government (competent and effective). It has an enormous way to cover when we compare the State and the Brazilian government with the one of the developed countries. Nor always that is conquered. The antinational forces of the neoliberalismo bourgeois, subordinated to the ideology of the globalization, and the retrograde forces of the bureaucratic corporativismo, marked for fort I make rancio patrimonialista, still make to be valid its interests.

But it has an increasing inconformidade in relation to this. Each time less we depend on our poor illuminated elites, and each time more than the proper dynamics of the civil society. Initially we will analyze the antecedents, after that we will argue the advances and finally we will approach what we consider ideal for a change accomplishes in the country. Antecedents Colony During three of its first five centuries – do beginning of century XVI to the beginning of century XIX Brazil was part of the vast empire of Portugal, a small, behind and economically culturally isolated country in the tip of the Europe Occidental person. the experience of Brazil of three hundred years of Portuguese conquest and settling, even so important, was dominant negative.

Yukio Hatoyama

Yukio Hatoyama, leader of Partido Democrtico (PDJ), was elect day 16 of September for the Japanese Parliament first-minister. It is the first time, since 1955, that the first-minister does not belong to the pictures of Partido Liberal Democrata (PLD) that he was in the power has 50 years more than. New premi Japanese is 93 that it assumes the power in Japan and received the votes in favor of 327 members of the house of representatives, against 119 of the agorapartido one of opposition, the PSD. In the Senate, it received 124 votes the favor, front the 84 of its opponent. Somatic Experiencing might disagree with that approach. He was definite that it to have m, aioria in the two legislative houses, the PDJ will govern in coalition with two minority parties, the Social leftist Democrata (PSD) and the New Broken of Povo (NPP), whose leaders also they will be part of the structure of government in the Executive.

The Democratic Party, led for Yukio Hatoyama, won the legislative elections in Japan and placed end the 50 years of hegemony of the Democratic Liberal Party. The aggravation of the world-wide crisis, very felt for the Japanese economy, was of basic importance for the pretensions of the opposition, since the country was in contraction and had a number sufficiently raised of unemployeds, mainly of Brazilian immigrants, the Dekassegues calls, and of come immigrants of Japanese origin of Peru, where it has one another great colony of descendants. Yukio Hatoyama, leader of the Democratic, winning Party of the legislative elections in the Japo.Com a platform more to the left, based on social politics, the PD more than conquered 300 chairs of the 480 in the Chamber Low. Hatoyama, that is grandson of the founder of the plant of Bridgestone tires, will have to be confirmed as the new first-minister when the Japanese Parliament if to congregate, inside of about two semanas.' ' It delayed, but finally we arrive at the jettison line.