Accurate Reporting

But it is quite possible that this person does not exist or he does not know that a director organization of the provider. As I said earlier, ephemeral, usually short-lived, and people who use them, it is necessary to periodically create new and new companies. Therefore, any ephemera, is likely to be newly registered organization. Of course, and any ‘white’ company when something has just been registered. Therefore you should not refuse to work with the supplier on the sole ground that it was created less than a year ago. Another thing, if you are already a long time working with the same people, but the entities they represent are changing all the time. Say, once every six months or once a year these people ask you to sign a contract with another company, begin to exhibit on behalf of the account.

If no intelligible explanation of such action on their part does not arrive, the conclusion is obvious – the supplier changes the ephemeral. What else? Accounts with such companies are only open in ‘suspicious’ bank. That is in the bank, which in some circles is known by the fact that deals with some kind of illegal transactions, such as cashing or illegal withdrawal of money abroad. Know that the bank ‘suspicious’ can only be from people who have been exposed to it, or at least heard about it. But, in principle, if only by the supplier is only open to little-known bank, takes a position in the second thousand in the ratings of Russian banks – this is cause for suspicion. Probably, this company – just a ‘cesspool’ of the bank. Further, if you make some mistake in the documents, such as issuing the document not the form or make a mistake in the figures, the normal contractor necessarily notice it and ask you to correct the documents. Ephemeral, as a rule, are not interested in the quality of the documents to her, and their defects, it just does not pay attention.

Since paying taxes and to provide accurate reporting, it is not going to, it is not necessary and maintain records of any tax or accounting. So, primary documents it does not need. This is – another opportunity to test whether a supplier of ephemeral or ‘white’ company. Enough to send her an act of reconciliation of payments, allowing it a small mistake, just a few rubles. If the provider has a full authentic records, he noticed the error and inform you of the discrepancy data act with the data of its accounting. One-day, which does not lead credible account, verify your data is not with anything and no reason, and she will sign any more or less authentic act of reconciliation. You can also ‘to detect an error’, try to retroactively change primary documents of the past quarter. Normal contractor in such a situation would be angry, because he will have to amend the record, and possibly re-take the statements.

Germans Rights

Often in our lives, unfortunately, we are confronted with a situation where the newly purchased product stops working. The abundance of low-quality products, the pursuit of cheaper goods, both from consumers and from the sellers and many, many other factors, which we all know. But the main problem is not the point, and that we, the consumers do not know what to do in this situation, ie trite not know their rights. This successfully the seller of goods and services, which, incidentally, more often, too, are not particularly versed in the laws and interpret them in their favor. All this leads to poor quality of service. We, the consumers complain indignantly, but the situation has not changed. And never change, if we do not know their rights and learn to use them.

Resting recently at a European resort, heard from other holidaymakers story about why the Germans at all resorts are respectful. It was at the three pools. Each of them was different water temperatures, and it was indicated on the signs next to each basin. Russian swimming, happy. Alexa Demie shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. German goes with my thermometer. Measures the temperature in each pool – it does not meet the specified on the label. German goes to the hotel The water temperature correct for 10 minutes. And what happens when a Russian demand to resettle them in rooms with non-working air conditioning? Everyone knows So the Germans are, they know their rights and are willing to defend them in court. "They have a perfect legal system!" – Tell you.