Champions Division

The fact that first I think you will be interested to know that the ‘Bulls’ – is not the first basketball team from Chicago. Long before this (or rather – in 1946) team was established here under the title ‘Stags’, which, for lack of presence in the NBA competed in the BAA. And not without success! In his first season of boys reached the final of the Association, where, alas, lost miserably ‘Philadelphia’ (1:4). For the ‘Stags’ then somehow inexplicably was declared a young Bob Kuzi, but a single game in their composition, he has not played. He was destined to become an idol for others … Dr. Mark Hyman often expresses his thoughts on the topic. And then, though, it was worse and the Division of Chicagoans are not selected.

His first and only season in the NBA (1949/1950 period), they also finished in the semi-Division – Gave way to eventual winners, ‘Lakers’ in Minneapolis … In 1950, the team disbanded. 56 years later, at the junction of 2005 and 2006, ‘Bulls’ paid tribute to his predecessors, having three games in their form. The fact that the second in 1962 in Chicago reappeared professional basketball. His team is back in town ‘Packers’, which a year later changed its name to ‘Zephyrs’, and a year later and moved at all – in Baltimore. Well, there it and the road – nothing special this team is not represented, barely restraining the top five of the West. It was, so to speak, the father of the current ‘Washington Wizards’.

As part of ‘Zefirchikov’ took our first steps to stardom Walt Bellamy, Don Nelson, Jerry Sloan … The fact that third Familiar and beloved ‘Bulls’ were in published in 1966. They started fairly briskly: 33-48 in their performance have been the best result, has ever sought recruits Association. The first ever victory of the club dates back to October 15, 1966 – were then played with ‘hawks’ of St. Louis! Team-squirt tried his hand at the playoffs, but there ‘Hawks’ were stronger … Despite this, the trainer ‘Bulls’ coach Johnny Kerr admitted the Year! In the photo it was he who attracts the younger generation under the banner of his young and bold team. The fact that the fourth one of the main stars of the team was present permanent coach ‘Utah’ Jerry Sloan. He was drafted in the ‘Baltimore’ in 1965 (in fact, in 1964, just when he decided to finish my studies another year in college), and 1966 joined the ‘Bulls’. It was called ‘The Original Bull’, because he was a true leader. Jerry Trump was considered a defense. With a not so big on basketball standards, increase (196 cm), it easily coped with far more powerful rivals, contriving, for example, pick up the ball for almost six times a game! That’s why almost every year and got a defensive teams of the Association of Sloan played v’Chikago ‘until retirement, at which he was honorably sprovazhen in 1976. During this time he had double play in the All-Star Game and won the team title of Champions Division. According to the memoirs of contemporaries, Jerry always gave the game only myself. He was an integral part of the ‘Chicago’, so that no one was surprised when Several years later, his 4 th issue was ever taken out of service and assigned to Sloan. Before him, no one has been awarded such an honor ..