In last the thirty years, many and diversified action come being implemented to fight the racism that during centuries was developed in our way. In this direction, one constructed excellent spaces that had had important advances in the anti-discriminatory fight. Not obstante, these actions are not still enough for ' ' desconstruir' ' all a negative representation that historically is constructed on the afrobrasileiros blacks. A pertaining to school environment, as well as other spaces of the society, consists in a place where the ethnic-cultural differences – or of another nature nor always they are respected. They frequent propagate in the medias news articles that point with respect to the constant existence of practical and actions that fortify the discrimination and the ethnic preconception in the schools. Moreover, studious that they analyze the didactic books indicate the absence, in this instrument, of contents and activities that stimulate the critical thought. For these scholars, books I contend acrticos contents and mechanical activities are one discourage to the criticidade it pupil. Beyond the discriminatory denunciations practical in the pertaining to school space, it comes being also attributed the inefficiency of the didactic book, (or at least some of them) the existence of subordinate social papers carried out by black personages and the presence of racist esteretipos. It is common, in didactic books, the example of a book of 1 intitled series ' ' Nordeste' ' of the author Maria Ceclia Rego Avila Person, much used in the decade of 1970, representations of composed families for father, mother and two children (a boy and a girl), whites, enjoying of a luxurious house in the farm or the city, representing perfectly the happiness ideal created by the Americans. Added to this family ' ' feliz' ' she appears the employee domestic: a black woman, badly dressed, of apron, with a cloth moored in the ready head and to serve ' ' gentilmente' ' that family.

Luteinizante Hormone

Andres Blacksmith, Juliana Meron, Priscila Alcantra, Simone Thomazini.graduandos in medicine veterinary medicine 7 period. INCIDENCE OF LIGHT IN the FARM the light represents one of on factors to the nature, responsible for the control of biorritmo of the birds. Thus, phenomena as migration time of reproduction and change of penalty consist factors related with the light presence. The manipulation in fotoperiodo, in position and cut birds is one of the most powerful tools of available handling to the producer avcula. (QUINTO LANA, GERALDO ROBERT. Poultry keeping 2ooo) the frequency of the ovulao is determined basically by two factors, genetic and the exposition of the birds the natural or artificial illumination. The genetic factors are intrinsic of each ancestry, already the illumination factors can be adjusted and be adapted to get the maximum of productivity of the lots.

The light has fort influences in the hormonal production of the reproductive agencies of the birds. The light penetrates in the ocular globe and stimulates hipfise to produce responsible hormones for the reproductive process (foliculoestimulante Hormone – FSH and Luteinizante Hormone – LH). (Padovan Adilson) the beginning of the position can in advance or be delayed; the position tax can be influenced and its modified interval; s quality of the rind can be improved; the size of the egg can be optimized; penalty and the alimentary efficiency can be maximized by the appropriate supply of a luminous regimen. However, an excellent project of fotoestimulao, for universal application, cannot be defined, because some parameters of production that are influenced by fotoperiodo, as so great of and I number of eggs, are correlated of negative form. The producer will have to choose the fotoperidico project that will go to optimize its profits. (QUINTO LANA, GERALDO ROBERT. Poultry keeping 2ooo.) The females need one fotoperiodo short in the phase of growth, followed of one fotoperiodo long in the reproduction phase.