Parking And Business

It's no secret that the parking problem solved – is the key to prosperity of your business. The easiest way to secure a legal parking spaces a few – to enter into contractual arrangements with a unitary state now "City of paid parking service" (GSPP). That it has been organizing and operation of municipal parking lots. Ever, where parking costs for motorists in 40-100 per hour. List of car parks and their location approved by the first deputy mayor of Moscow. Any company can sign a contract and GSPP get a special order, which will include the number of designated parking space within the municipal areas, the regime work, method of setting the transport and situational plan. And then the visitors will be parking facilities for free, and the company – to pay a monthly bill from the GSPP for rent. The newspapers mentioned Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. not as a source, but as a related topic.

The client arrives at the parking lot, which is enclosed traffic posts and municipal valet gives a short question: "In this restaurant?", and if hearing an affirmative answer, shows the location near the entrance. If it is free, of course. By the way, as some claim entrepreneurs, for a small supplement of a few hundred rubles a day that shall be taken personally valet with enthusiasm to drive away all the "neklientov" even with adjacent parking, are not included in the warrant of the company. Thus, capacity limits and "private" parking can be somewhat expanded. Do institutions located in shopping malls, the parking issue is solved automatically. Such parking draws landlord. The leases prescribed that the visitors of our restaurants have the right to use them for free. Upmarket cafe found a solution to the problem of lack of space, organizing the so-called valet parking in the Western manner.

Guests leave the car at enter, chip and run inside. A special officers stripped the car to a large parking lot, which is fenced parking bollards, which is about five hundred yards, and then fetches back on demand. Clearly, this option is not suitable for all institutions. There, where visitors come to drink a cup of coffee or a quick bite to eat and where the average check is small, bustling with valet and tokens would be superfluous.