Necklaces And Collars

The French word translated as collier collar. The history of modern necklace is rooted in the Middle Ages. Necklace worn by slaves brought from distant lands by the Crusaders from the Crusades. But, since slaves in the majority were beautiful, they wanted to have the neck collar symbolic – more than decoration, symbol of belonging master, and loving owners were happy to pamper and beautify their concubines. Later beautiful collar necklaces were worn favorite knights, and even kings, cat necklace has become a fashion, but the original meaning was forgotten.

By that time, necklace turned into an elegant necklace with a pendant or without pendants, clasps the woman's delicate neck, which gives a woman a fragile, helpless look. In the history of fashion have been many periods in which necklaces, collars then oblivion, they re-ascended to the top of fashion. One of the legislator of fashion, which reintroduced collar necklace in fashion was the British Queen Victoria. Victorian women prefer tight-fitting neck decoration, which the British gave the name of chokers. In the 20 century, new life collar gave Great Mademoiselle Chanel. She thought the collar – riding chic and recommended it as a complement to the little black dress. In times of Chanel collars were transformed into an elegant velvet, silk, Leather belt with decorating the front.

Boa Vista Quarter

The group of the Boa Vista Quarter is co-ordinated by a team to multidiscipline, the participants is indicated to later participate of the program of alimentary re-education the medical consultations. After the first contact with this group, had appeared some impediments, being that the interviews had not been carried through, only one visit that occurred in the June month, but in function of being the vacation time of the group, the participants were gifts only who had been off of the program of alimentary re-education. Learn more about this with Gina Ross. These people had informed, in this only visit, who had been off for being have much time in the group and already to have reached its objectives, as well as, to be sages of all the orientaes it alimentary re-education and maintenance of the weight. Another one information told for them is that, had demonstrated certain dependence of the group, being suggested that they were congregated in another group, the senior dance. In this visit, immediately after the presentation of the researcher for the group, was perceived that the participants and the coordinator of the group had been surpresos with the physical structure of the same one, for being about a lean person, arriving to comment as somebody so lean would be interested in searching on alimentary re-education.

She seems that the objectives of the group of alimentary re-education were being interpreted of errnea form, therefore the participants understand that the alimentary re-education, only can be practised by individuals that present obesidade or overweight and not for people who search an improvement in its alimentary habits. One of the participants tells that when does not obtain to appear to the meeting it arrives if to feel badly. Another one detaches that the group means a port safe, a place where it made many friends. The focus is corroborated that many participants finish dependents it group, losing itself it exactly, therefore the group of alimentary re-education has preset objective, having beginning, way and end, and it does not aim at to substitute a dependence for another one, in the case to the food for the group.

Falun Dafa

Li Hongzhi respectfully is related as ‘ ‘ Mestre’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ Professor’ ‘ Humanity, I read Hongzhi received 1,000 more than you would honor and official prizes, beyond having been indicated four times to the prize Nobel of the Peace. Falun Dafa Exceeding Borders Since its presentation to the public, Falun Dafa has grown quickly and already the form most popular of ongoing in all became Chinese history. The main reason of this success is that Falun Dafa if distinguishes from practical others of ongoing for not only emphasizing the physical culture, but also, and mainly, the culture of moral cater in the daily life in accordance with the raised principles more taught by the Master I read Hongzhi, founder of the Falun Dafa. The effectiveness of the Falun Dafa in the deep improvement of the health and its principles had made with that this practical if became immensely popular in a short space of time for the whole world. Since that it was introduced to the public in 1992 for Mr. Li, Falun Dafa has attracted sets of ten of thousand of people in more than 80 countries. Groups of practical exist in the majority of the main cities and university in the United States.