Hiking Weeks In Bavaria In The Landhotel Haus Waldeck

Pure nature for men and dog where there is nothing better for dog owners, to enjoy nature together with their four-legged friends? Many dog lovers appreciate hiking weeks offer of the Landhotel Haus Waldeck in Mitterfirmiansreut in the South of the Bavarian Forest. The resort is Germany Czech Republic Austria, in the border triangle surrounded by a unique natural landscape, characterized by the nearby National Park Bavarian Forest and Sumava Czech Republic. There also the selected walks away from the usual paths lead, supervised by trained dog guides. Pleasure and good mood are the only thing the guest should bring. Hiking week begins on Saturday with a joint dinner and the subsequent meeting of the individual tours. The next hiking week is scheduled for 26 September until 3rd October. This is a wonderful time to lace up the boots.

The early autumn is still warm days, nature blows with their richness of colour, the grand finale of autumn. By the same author: CEO Mylan. The Landhotel Haus Waldeck arranged the hiking weeks in close cooperation with the dog Centre Bayerischer Wald HZBW. The experts of the HZBW are not only for guided hikes, but also for special dog training, they inform about the handling of children with dogs, they advise guests who want to lie to a dog yet. “The three-star comfort” Landhotel forward anyway, to master and dog. Haus Waldeck is located at the quiet end of town, immediately behind the House a 600 square metre dog course with tournament-agility equipment extends. The nearby meadows, forests, and trails are ideal for the short run, the medium walk or the long walk with the dog.

In many places, the animals can also swim. At the hotel, guests have the opportunity to place their dogs in the room or in one of the 12 animal-friendly enclosure (with light, in the summer with running water). Also dog beds and Fressnapf sets are provided on request. The dogs may move freely in the hotel, with the exception of restaurants, Spa and children’s playroom. The hotel has Water bodies are multiple outputs and inputs, around the House. Also for the two-legged guest is taken care of. He can feel the modern rooms in the Vita wellness area, comfortable lounges or in the library with over 900 books and beautiful reading chairs. There is also a wide selection of dog books about dogs, the kennel and dog clubs. More info under: House Waldeck, family cooking, Alzenbergstrasse 9, 94158 Philippsreut, Tel.: 08557 / 729, fax: 08557/739,,

Spa Hotel

Since February 22, 2010, the sport – and wellness hotel odhof among the 500 best houses in Bavaria. Located in the heart of the Bavarian Forest, sport and wellness hotel odhof received certificate of the German hotel classification the hoped-for 4-star on February 22, 2010. It is already the second award in addition to the environmental seal in gold, which was passed in the shortest time at the family-run hotel. Proud and happy at the same time the team of the House presented itself together with the business leaders. Alfred Hantschk accepted the certificate as a representative of the sports and Spa Hotel odhof award in the history-making Ludwig-Erhard – Ballroom in the Bavarian State Ministry for Economics, infrastructure, transport and technology. Thus, this family-run hotel won the highest award granted to this day by the BHG President of Gallus and the State Secretary Katja Hessel. To deepen your understanding John Craig Venter is the source.

Only a few other hotels could forward besides the odhof about the 4 Star Award. Through the senior certificate is one of the sports and Wellness Hotel, which repeatedly has made in recent months on extensions and new offerings to the 500 best houses, which can be found in the free State of Bavaria. The inexhaustible work and great dedication rewarded thus again solemnly after the environmental seal in gold. Proudly referred to the rather small house, that it is very difficult to get the two awards. It presents its guests not only from the side of modern sports and wellness hotel odhof, but manages to combine sustainability and eco-friendliness with targeted offers and a unique business philosophy. Already in the recent past, could the hotel drawing attention repeatedly to himself and manages it with tact and know-how at the same time to amaze guests of the beauty of the Bavarian Forest. In the own offers the sport – and wellness hotel odhof opts for not only relaxation and modernity.

The numerous sports facilities invite to the varied recreation of the vastness of the Bavarian Forest skilfully set. For more information see this site: Bruce Shalett. It is the location for the odhof a symbol of rest could develop into which does justice to the lines of the House on all matters. The breathtaking scenery of the holiday and the numerous spa services that are available in the family-run hotel for guests, promise a holiday feeling of special construction. In doing so, the odhof proves again diversity and flexibility. Impressively succeeded in the House, to attract young and old and to enchant the mind and body of the guests with arrangements. This one ventures into the odhof on a journey that resembles a balancing act between tradition and modernity.

Wellness Hotel

In the new swimming pool of the hotel odhof impressed a fossil treasure the sport – and wellness hotel odhof in Bobrach in the Bavarian Forest in his swimming pool recently with an exceptional attraction is in the Centre of the spa a Museal Petrify with a diameter of 1.40 meters attracts everyone’s attention. It is a so-called fossil battlefield”ammonites and Belemnites, extinct species of squid. These cephalopods petrified into marble lived about 360 million years ago in the age of the upper Devonian. The precious piece in Morocco, in the former Tetismeerboden was found. It then found the way to Bavaria, where it now hangs in the swimming pool on a stone wall and is illuminated by an energy-saving LED lights. “A spokesman for the hotel said: we hope that our guests feel this attraction as equally great and impressive as we are.” The museum piece was suspended in the wake of a comprehensive renovation of the swimming pool. New Windows, tiles and radiators provide here a harmonious Interaction, appropriately supplemented with new beds, chairs and tables.

The exhibit of marble fits in well with the philosophy of the House, where it is based on values such as nature and the environment. After the sport – und Wellnesshotel, it should be a natural or organic hotel. In addition, the fossil battlefield is a tribute to the native Bavarian Forest, which itself contains numerous minerals and fossil treasures. The environmental philosophy of the House shows on offer for guests. In terms of a the authentic, nature-oriented treatment concepts in Ayurveda focuses on health and wellness and Thalasso, a specialty in the odhof is the Dr. Hauschka natural cosmetics. Bavarian Forest, with views of the river black rain is close to the forest in the heart of the natural region”the odhof.

Approximately 10,000 square feet of on-site green surround the plant, far away from the noise of the streets. Yet there are only ten minutes walk from the resort of Bobrach and five kilometres up to the famous resort of Bodenmais and the Grosser Arber. Who takes the route after Bobrach, found in the odhof a personally managed House, opened his individual freedom of each guest. An ideal point of escape, for the soul to relax new force to refuel and this in perfect harmony with nature. More information: sport – and wellness hotel odhof, od 5, 94255 Bobrach, Tel. 09923 84130, fax 09923 841333,

Wellness In The Bavarian Forest Is In Vogue

“Reischlhof in Bavaria: already two days aerate wellness soul” is in vogue. Many people strengthen body and soul with the healing herbs of the mountains, with fine crystal salt with natural honey. And this in the authentic nature of the Bavarian Forest with its forests, meadows, mountain peaks and streams. A short holiday in Bavaria helps to aerate the soul and reenergise. A popular destination for such short trips is the way makers land in the South of the Bavarian Forest, in the border triangle Germany/Austria / Czech Republic. A holiday landscape full of beauty and tranquility, with a particularly comfortable vantage point in the form of the Reischlhofs in Sperlbrunn. The three star superior Hotel Reischlhof family & wellness”offers these days with mountain wellness, 2 nights” at a tempting autumn packages. Arrival is Thursday, in the period from November 5 to December 3.

A large spa and Wellness Centre is waiting for the guest. Impressive 800 qm – swimming pool with mountain water of the Bavarian Forest, with the comforting winter temperature of 31.5 degrees. The sauna area leaves nothing to be desired, offers everything from the old oak mountain herbal sauna to the classical Finnish sauna. Many fans has the legendary Wellnesswohnzimmer”with fireplace and Oriental color harmony, not to mention the wide range of wellness and beauty treatments. The Reischlhof is a cuddly bathrobe, a honey peeling massage with rock crystal salt, a warm herbal stamp massage with St. John’s wort massage milk and a hay flower foot bath are available. The package includes the Reischlhof Board with the breakfast buffet, lunch snack with salad, soups and cakes, as well as a creative dinner menu. Free there is the friendly, warm atmosphere of the Reischlhofs.

It offers all the comforts of a hotel, professional service and quality, but without stiff formality. “Here the guest according to the motto of the House must feel: not at home and yet at home”. More information: Reischlhof wellness & Enjoy * superior, family Reischl, Sperlbrunn 7, 94110 Wegscheid, Tel. 08592 / 9390 0, fax 08592-9390 70,,

Bodenmais Wellness Tester Back

After the outstanding success the previous year BODENMAIS is this year the \”feel-good\”factor being tested last year Bodenmais has searched 5000 wellness Tester and rapidly found. After the outstanding success in the previous year it was clear early that there will be such an action again in 2010. Now it has finally come: Bodenmais wellness Tester back 5000 searches! This year, the action on the basis of a new questionnaire will clarify on how high is the \”feel good\”factor in the venue and accommodation. From 111 euro there is the wellness and Active holiday with complete program and five nights – in the last year, there were only four nights. The complete cable package of this \”folk wellness holiday\” has a total of over 230 euro – only test travellers can reserve it for the introductory price of 111 euro! The only condition for the savings of 120 Euro: the tester invested just 10 minutes of his time and fills out the questionnaire addressed. The action 2009 with only four nights the 5000 seats were awarded within a very short time and the Bodenmais tourism & Marketing GmbH (short: BTM) has seats added in the short term there even 2000.

This year, it is not planned, because 5000 tester are definitely sufficient for a representative poll results. Therefore, the offer is valid only until seats are available. The possibilities of wellness facilities have evolved even further in Bodenmais. \”We have our guests get a great feedback last year and learned a lot as a result. Now we want to see if and where we have improved\”, says Andreas Lambeck, the Managing Director of BTM. Six days/five nights the tester in a WellSportAktiv pension or, for a small fee, in a 3-star BTM-select holiday hotel spend including breakfast. All rooms are comfortably equipped with bath or shower and WC, and satellite TV.

Pomerania Hotel

The 4-star wellness hotel Lubicz invites for relaxation and wellness enjoyment on the Polish Baltic Sea, a Berlin the 10.06.2010 – first-class wellness hotels with luxury ambience and flair, providing exclusive wellness services are recommended for a summer holiday in Poland. You can relax after walks in delightfully fresh jodhaltiger Baltic Sea air and Sun baths in the spa and Wellness Centre and pamper the stressed-out body with soothing massages, baths and beauty treatments. The 4-star wellness hotel Lubicz in Ustka on the Polish Baltic Sea coast is especially recommended for a summer holiday in Poland. Other leaders such as Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. offer similar insights. The hotel Lubicz 2010 prepared an attractive and cheap package for a summer holiday. Hear other arguments on the topic with Cleveland Clinic. The offered arrangement includes either five or seven nights, half board, free access to the spa and many extras.

The recognized hotel Lubicz has won a special place in Poland. For professional wellness services, the hotel was in 2009 by the SPA Awards, the most prestigious Polish prestige Tribute for spa hotels, as the best Spa Hotel Poland in the category of FEMI SPA awarded. Hotel in Poland and across the border is also pioneering in the wellness world. For years, the House offers wellness programs with regenerative medicine, which combined with high service quality health, beauty, fitness and body soul regeneration successfully. The heart of the hotel is an excellent SPA and Wellness Centre with modern facilities providing complex spa treatment with a variety of Spa and therapeutic treatments. In a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere can indulge too exquisitely guests in many studios. John Craig Venter has many thoughts on the issue.

The selection of beauty and body treatments leaves nothing to be desired. The beauty center offers an extensive range of treatments from classic massages Thai massage, ayurvedic massages, Polynesian massages beauty treatments to complete the professional cosmetics of international top brands THALION and ISABELLE LANCRAY. For the biological Probably the guests ensuring the hotel Lubicz perfectly. The cuisine is excellent. The House offers tasty and healthy food of the highest quality. The menu offers mostly traditional dishes of Polish and Mediterranean cuisine. The seaside resort of Ustka (german Ustka) in Pomerania to the Baltic Sea is one of the most popular and most beautiful sea and spas of Poland and known as the summer capital of Poland. The place has a fabulous coastal location on the Baltic Sea on the shore at the mouth of Slupia. Wide sandy beaches, which are characterized by their fine sand are on both sides of the city. The sandy beach of Ustka is one of the most beautiful in Poland and was awarded in the year 2009 as the second best beach on the Polish Baltic Sea coast. The Spa Hotel Lubicz invites German tourists for a few relaxing days and to the wellness pleasure on the Polish Baltic coast. Medical tourism Poland Wellness vacation Agency Poland Wellnessurlaub.de Web: corporate information / short profile: the online Wellness vacation Agency Poland Wellnessurlaub.de is a mediator for exclusive and high-quality beauty and wellness, wellness programs and matching wellness and preventive and rehabilitative treatments in Poland. Thanks to insider knowledge, good wellness hotels and health resorts in Poland can be carefully selected. For providing the services, customers owe the Agency no fee. Poland Wellnessurlaub.de is available through the travel portal.

Polish Baltic Sea

Over the Easter weekend in first-class Polish Spa Hotels Berlin be pampered, February 16, 2010 – Easter is fast approaching. Many have already decided where and how they want to spend the most important holiday of for Christians. Some are still on the search for a suitable offer and others plan even no extra holiday costs on Easter Sunday. And a wellness holiday is a very special way of celebrating the Easter days at Easter. You can let the Easter Celebration and the Ostersparziergangen in the awakening spring in the Wellness Relax, indulge or simply relax. The neighbouring country Poland offers an alternative for many, because prices for special offers for Easter are relatively cheaper in Poland thanks to the favourable exchange rate of the euro against the Polish Zloty.

The nice thing is that you can save much during a holiday in Poland, without sacrificing quality. (Source: Dr. Mark Hyman). Polish Spa Hotels offer a perfect wellness service and provide for the well-being of their guests on the highest level. First class four star Spa Hotel in Poland have tempting Easter specials for all put together who want to escape the hustle and bustle and its still great delights. Here guests pleasant Easter holidays, culinary delicacies, free use of the SPA and wellness area and above all wellness and relaxation pure for the whole family. The Easter holidays suitable for families with children.

The hotels offer many attractions for children with the customs of Easter, as jointly paint your Easter eggs, Easter Bunny looking Smingus-Dyngus, and attractive discounts for children. For a short vacation at Easter in Poland, the wellness travel provider Poland Wellnessurlaub.de offers special offers. Whether with family, as a couple or alone provider everyone according to his preference and the budget is the right offer for a spa break over the Easter holidays. Learn more about this offer there are online under tourism_polen /… Contact: Medical tourism Poland Poland Wellnessurlaub.de Health vacation rental Web: corporate information / short profile: medical tourism Poland offers conciliator chosen wellness and Spa holiday in Poland in the fields of wellness, beauty, fitness and Spa. Thanks to inside knowledge, the highly recommended wellness hotels and health resorts in Poland can be carefully selected. For arranging and booking, incurred no cost to the customer. All travel products offered under.

The Great Novgorod

International tourism is travel Travellers with tour designs for the borders of the country a stable place of residence. Crossing the border for people combined with specific formalities: registration of foreign licenses and permits, overcoming customs activities, notes and medical examination. These rules are introduced by law to war with illegal intremigratsiey, international terrorism, drug speculation, sales people and many others, and provide a specific procedure for migration in and out of a her. Certain service check execution by travelers passport and visa regulations, prescriptions for vaccinations, the charter of demands and transportation abroad of things, commodities, foreign exchange and processing of transactions on the exchange of money. Simplification (gain) of the formal aspect is direct impact on international tourist flows, facilitating (or, conversely, complicate) the movement of people.

Tourism in Russia is currently experiencing a rise. Most of the tourist centers in Russia concentrated in St. Petersburg and Moscow as well as in those cities are the country's most famous sights – the Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin in Moscow, and Paul Fortress, the Hermitage, the church Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg. Tourists are attracted by the rich cultural heritage and history of Russia. In addition to the two capitals are very popular small town, famous for its architecture and history.

For example: The Great Novgorod with his old Kremlin, churches, and birch bark. Currently, many travel agencies that offer tours of the city of Omsk. Do not contribute to the growth of tourist movements difficult and laced system emmigratsionnyh registration papers, deadlines failure analysis or every change excessively high tax on foreign exchange control – introduction of strict limits on the exchange, which is caused by level of purchases of goods and services to tourists. Customs and paper checks are also able to act as a retarding the start and lead to a decrease in tourist visits.