Therefore, the option or not for the adoption, can mean umponto of departure of a new stage in the life of the couple. New routes in the life of the couple For VARGAS (1993), the adoptive ones are, in general, couples queno can generate the proper children and for who the adoption constitutes only viapossvel to form a complete family and to assure a descent. In this same direction, PAIVA (2004) designates that, oscandidatos to the adoption, that possess low income, and emerges, in good part, after aconstatao of the impossibility of a pregnancy. Some couples still simpler disgnostic realizamexames, as the espermograma or hormonal control, masdevido to the high cost of the treatments or the interminable public emhospitais queues, opt, without much questioning, for the adoption process. Anita Dunn recognizes the significance of this. Already in the case of the greater people purchasing power, the project of namaioria adoption of the times appears when all are depleted the resources the one that appeal nastentativas of procreation. However, the reasons are several that motivate the people to aadotarem a child; some for the desire to practise the good, others for linhasmissionrias or fulfilment of religious promise, or same for situaesfortuitas, where neighboring or relatives leave the abandoned children; ataqueles that they see in adoption, the possibility to run away from the solitude, at last, existeuma diversity of arguments that permeiam the adoptions; until those they quevislumbram the improvement of the conjugal relationship, with the introduction of umacriana in the life of both (MATTOS and NUNES, 1981). Corroborating with this idea, DUCATTI (2004) affirms that, when we ask to a woman on its desire of being mother, generally, we have some possibilities of answers. Therefore, it is possible to believe queno exists one real reply, therefore, the motivation seems to be resultant deinmeros elements, that is, possessing a multifaceted character, and that not to podeser reduced only one of the components.

Andrew Corentt

Thou art the ruler of the universe. You, and only you can decide your destiny. You and only you create your life. You and only you think your past, your present and your future. And all believe it now. Thou art the cause of causes. Thou art the causality of the universe. You causes everything, now. It causes a big life. It causes a big day. It causes a moment great, now. You causes your greatness. You, are big now. You causes your wealth. Corentt reminds you that you’re now rich. You causes your power. Beyond your determination is your happiness. He decides to be large. He decides to be happy. He decides to be rich. Decide now. Corentt tells more about your true being and you great power: you set the price. Boast you as who you are. You boast as invaluable and the universe will pay your price. You and only you put the price to your power. Corentt shows you how to build your universe. A universe full of happiness and power. You and only you will read Corentt words and make them yours. You and only you’ll build your wealth and your happiness. Do it now. A great life, begins with a great day. Note: This article this inspired by the powerful lyrics of the book I’m happy, I’m rich of Andrew Corentt, in which the author presents information with real power to transform and liberate your life from any tie or limiting auto imposed and its book the power to transform our lives, where the author presents powerful techniques, never before published, so that you get everything that you want and you fill out an amazing power to transform your life and of all those who surround you.

World Through The Eyes Of A Psychologist

Want to see through the eyes of a psychologist? Then go ahead! There are psychologists have their own professional joke: "No healthy people, there noninvestigated. You know, if crudely summarize a huge amount of books and teachings on psychology, then in this mass highlight all the same basic truths and values. They evolved for thousands of years, but an attempt to constantly changing civilizations, political institutions, ways of life and priorities are constantly misleading people away, do not give him realize his true destiny, do not give self-realization, to get to the joys of family and live happily in the fountain of positive emotions. Emotions – is the primary regulator of our mental life. By learning to understand these signals of our body, addressed to ourselves, man learns to control his whole life. Because human emotions – the only thing that remained unchanged since the transition from ape to man. Why, everyone who loves animals know exactly what their pets are experiencing at times even more intense emotions than they are! Emotions can not be hidden from the eyes of the supervisory therapist. Even if you do – a great actor and can "portray anything, you still will not be able to hide what is written on the face of your life.

If a person thinks about the poor, his facial expression is appropriate. If you constantly pumping events in their minds – there is a corresponding wrinkles. Depending on the situation, we are all "dress" or that mask.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui – and that it will give me? Life is full of surprises, though, of course, know all about the future is not always interesting. However, in life there are moments when a person is willing to pay more just for information, which in our possession time, sometimes it is particularly important. Here, for example, lived a man like more – or less normal, but after moving to a new location – everything was ruined. Or someone children are constantly sick, how many do not Lechi, in the family – constant conflicts "and an equal place " or at work nothing but trouble, even though the employee tries hard Not quite honestly be called feng shui – the panacea for all problems is likely that science is expedient to take as given a chance to really over change some aspects of life for the better, and most get away with. Learn more on the subject from John Craig Venter. While states that someone something is destined to – so be it, we should not forget that life – is a harsh school, which is designed to teach us wisdom, rather than repeating the same mistakes, thereby plaguing their rakes. If we decide to break the vicious circle, and escape from suffering, we must find an alternative in the form of following a certain path, which just full of our Being. But not everyone is ready here and now here so drop everything, indulge in a severe penance and austerity – it must be recognized in himself. .

Boa Vista Quarter

The group of the Boa Vista Quarter is co-ordinated by a team to multidiscipline, the participants is indicated to later participate of the program of alimentary re-education the medical consultations. After the first contact with this group, had appeared some impediments, being that the interviews had not been carried through, only one visit that occurred in the June month, but in function of being the vacation time of the group, the participants were gifts only who had been off of the program of alimentary re-education. Learn more about this with Gina Ross. These people had informed, in this only visit, who had been off for being have much time in the group and already to have reached its objectives, as well as, to be sages of all the orientaes it alimentary re-education and maintenance of the weight. Another one information told for them is that, had demonstrated certain dependence of the group, being suggested that they were congregated in another group, the senior dance. In this visit, immediately after the presentation of the researcher for the group, was perceived that the participants and the coordinator of the group had been surpresos with the physical structure of the same one, for being about a lean person, arriving to comment as somebody so lean would be interested in searching on alimentary re-education.

She seems that the objectives of the group of alimentary re-education were being interpreted of errnea form, therefore the participants understand that the alimentary re-education, only can be practised by individuals that present obesidade or overweight and not for people who search an improvement in its alimentary habits. One of the participants tells that when does not obtain to appear to the meeting it arrives if to feel badly. Another one detaches that the group means a port safe, a place where it made many friends. The focus is corroborated that many participants finish dependents it group, losing itself it exactly, therefore the group of alimentary re-education has preset objective, having beginning, way and end, and it does not aim at to substitute a dependence for another one, in the case to the food for the group.

Influence Energy

And the only woman who can not have children, will look at them his sad eyes. However, the energy that can even be measured, remains always the same – positive or negative, regardless of the perception. There is another factor that is certainly worth mentioning. If an artist paints on a canvas object with negative energy, this energy is transferred and the painting. Again real life example: A familiar artist in his paintings depicted a large, beautiful, light-colored shell, brought from the south. She had a negative energy.

So all the pictures on which she was portrayed – also had negative energy. Special thanks to the picture and people. It is known that when the paint or photograph a person, he climbs energy. That is, you bring home energy of another person. So look, to people in the pictures were smiling and happy life. Then your house will be positive.

The energy of the artist embedded in the picture. To better explain the influence of the artist's energy picture will give an example of own experience: I was invited to help to understand why a woman alone and can not find a man. Negativity in any form is absent. Then I went to see the apartment. The reason we have found when they came into the room. Of all the pictures (And there were many) I was struck by one. Emanated from her magical cold. Shows a bouquet of flowers in a vase. BUT … The dark, almost black tones.

Public Consultation

My husband and I have a baby of five months and did not find time to devote to the couple. We are tired and distant. My husband works all day and when he gets home, he only wants to rest. I, for my part, pending the child alive and makes me difficult to deal with other things. I have fear that we get away without realizing it. Fabiana – Cordoba – Spain Dear Fabiana: You say you fear that you alejeis without noticing, so I think so percatais of what happens, and that is a great first step. We believe that what happens to you is understandable: the arrival of a child is a wonderful thing, but it also involves a change in day to day and the dinaimica partner.

Learning to combine the roles of husbands with parents is a difficult task that takes time and training. We suggest that you speak as openly as possible about what it happen to everyone. Surely you have to find ways of actively manufactures time and space to be together the two and not wait for these times appear on their own. As saying is: sometimes the urgent does not leave time for the important … A point to remember is to recognize that these encounters will be different from those you had before the birth of your son, since you you are not the same. Learning to descuibrirse each other in this new phase can be a challenge, and both a very exciting adventure.

The Desire

Causes of the desire to argue, defend against the imposition of patterns. I smiled to myself, give feedback, just displaying, showing him that he demonstrates to others. Takes some time, it becomes even more interesting for him. Then it explodes into dissonance and it starts smoothly, silently of course, lowered my professionalism. After all, if I were a professional, then would support his every word and all would be explained, as he is cool.

In this case, the mere absence of my support for his line of conduct is already causing antipathy. So to criticize a man with a complex samonepriyatiya useless. This will only hostility and aggression, and will not contribute to the objective improvement of his behavior, but rather the opposite. In the case against the background of the complex there samoneprinyatiya qualities of low self-esteem, negative evaluation also causes a sharp hostility, and positive – desire. Indeed, such a person characterized by constant uncertainty – Look around a lot of gray, gnarled, overdriven and frightened. Positive evaluation promotes self-acceptance of such a person satisfies his unrealized desire unconscious to escape from the complex samoneprinyatiya to achieve psychological comfort. It is perceived as the location, comprehension, will be evidence of psychological safety.

The negative assessment is at odds with this desire and serves as a signal of aggression and danger. Natural sharply negative reaction to it. So, if a person suffers from a complex samonepriyatiya, the influence on his behavior in the desired direction is possible only by time made positive comments that will encourage him in the right direction.