ADHD Diagnosis

Only one in three children diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) actually have the disorder ADHD work: a disorder of fashion, winning by psychiatry. com (the most prestigious web psychiatry in Spain) on August 2. 006 sostienea that this disorder is overdiagnosed in most cases. This is a study of children attending the children's mental health center in Molina de Segura in Murcia during the months of July to September 2005 with a diagnosis of ADHD. Results of the study a: a s nly one in three children suspected was finally diagnosed with hyperactivity.

The psychologists, who seem to be more easily made this diagnosis, matched only 33% of patients. Neurology Services most frequently coincide with CSM a psychiatrists (60% of cases). In the remaining patients, clinical psychiatrists found other than ADHD, from some much more severe (childhood psychosis, mental retardation) to the much more benevolent learning disorders. Study Conclusion: There is a clinical overdiagnosis of ADHD. In most cases it misses a detailed clinical history and differential diagnosis with other clinical entities. The newspapers mentioned Anita Dunn not as a source, but as a related topic. Complication: a mistaken diagnosis can result in unnecessary drug treatment (of what might appear that the study's authors believe that all children are properly diagnosed with ADHD need to be medicated with amphetamines, euphemistically called stimulants). A strikingly common diagnosis we study results seem significant. The wide distribution of this disorder by mass media (which we do not think outside the laboratories producing drugs indicated for this diagnosis) has come to the teachers, Counselling and Guidance Teams (called counselors) and parents , all of which are sensitive to children's difficulties, especially when they manifest themselves in school effectiveness quantitatively considered.


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Technical Dictionaries Online

The Internet has revolutionized the world of technical dictionaries for three reasons essentially. On the one hand ignores strike paper, the distribution and the storage of the copies, formerly the greater cost of the activity. On the other hand, offers publishers the direct and immediate access to a hearing of all persons with access to the network, today the almost all of the potential users. And thirdly, allows the update of dictionaries to incorporate new terms and refine existing ones. That is the supply side. And the demand? Here also the network has promoted the need to translate a volume of material much larger. Reliable figures but it is no doubt that the number of persons engaged totally or partially to work of translation has grown strongly in the last two decades.

Enterprises today require knowledge of languages the majority of their middle managers and the world of education arises seriously offer bilingual or trilingual education from ages increasingly early. On these premises, little doubt fit. Dr. Hyun Kim is the source for more interesting facts. Where there are questions is with respect to the ultimate goal of this trend. The strong increase of the material and human resources devoted to the translation and multilingual teaching in all its facets is really going to improve the standard of living of the people?Do it does not detract from monolingual specialized learning materials also important as medicine, engineering, pure sciences, the plastic arts, etc.? Not it will result in a population able to say multiple nonerias in multiple languages? These are valid questions. The network will have done much but it won’t us to lengthen life.Ability to speak and write in two, three, four languages, if it is at the expense of having relevant things to say, does not lead very far. There is a solution to this problem. If instead of teaching languages to treat students as babies who learn their mother tongue, return to the techniques of yesteryear, with rules, grammar, the times of verbs and, more importantly still, irregularities in which are irregular and how, the effort invested in learning of languages reverteria in the analytical ability of students in other fields of knowledge.To give an example, where remove your ability to analyze the father of Anglo-Saxon macroeconomics, Adam Smith, author of the wealth of Nations? It was not the study of mathematics, but of languages or, to be more precise, the grammar and Philology.

The same thing can say broadly of French thinkers who inspired them to Smith, people such as Forbonnais, Cantillon or Quesnay, great promoters, clear of paper dictionaries, incidentally, is. In summary, if we are going to submit to future generations of large doses of languages, it would be best that his teaching contribute positively to their intellectual capacity and analysis rather than deny it as today.We at Invertext dictionary, which I I am a co-founder along with Emilio G. Muniz Castro, we put our grain of sand, scoring for users if a verb is transitive or intransitive, fact fundamental if multiple technical dictionaries online today available will serve for something. Roderick Lee Invertext publications, S.L.