Health Medicine

For more imperfections that the system can present, it takes care of many of its objectives considered with excellency infuriates of some particular accords, as projects that aim at the Attendance and Maintenance of Health of the Woman, of the Child, campaigns of prevention and control of illnesses, as AIDS and Diabetes, among others. The SUS can be faced as a worthy project and that, guided with commitment and ethics and, still, with aid of the proper population, it only tends to improve and if to become reference in the country and the world. It is enough to search in countries not so distant thus to find great differences in the way of action of the government before the health. Inside of this context, a next step important to be taken in favor of the society would be the implementation of one public politics for the Pharmaceutical Attention. Although this being one of the inherent abilities of the druggist, and only of it, many, for reasons that run away from simple quarrels, seem to forget that its main mission is to provide the pharmaceutical attention? responsible provision of related cares the medicines with the intention to obtain resulted definitive that improve the quality of life of the patients, or still of the oath that had made to always guide, to prevent and to be omissive to the evil and does not pass and to execute the administrative functions exclusively and of dispensao of the medicine. What if it does not argue is that the problems most common in the farmacoterapia easily are decided with the intervention of a professional with farmacolgico knowledge. Between them, the necessity of the complementary medicine patient (46%), not the adhesion to the therapy (18%) and the subteraputica dosage (11%). The action already has legal basement since the National Medicine Politics of 1998 and already it is regulated by RDC 44/09, however few are the establishments of health and the proper SUS that had incorporated the service to its patient users/. It is to have of the druggist to guarantee that the medicine, essential to many, is not the causer or supplier of curses to they consume that it. To adopt the Pharmaceutical Attention as one Public Politics of Health in Brazil is more than what only another act legal, a nation is a step more in the guarantee of the quality of life of all.


Sound estos challenges to give gracias is auction to producir al aged sensible since lost, exclusin, dificultades, dependence y soledad, all of estos aggregate el un impact being horrendo pozo su new form to live deeply ella great life el un yo ola since Words clave: ancianos, pie diabetic, amputacin, sentimientos life, challenges, los. Nurse, After Graduated Health Publishes and UTI, Mestranda of the course of Gerontologia – University Catholic of Braslia/UCB; Head of the Nucleus of Nursing of the CS/SES. Email: Pedagoda with Full licenciatura in History, Filosfia and Matemtica; Master in Psychology of Education Graduation in Psychology for the University of Gottingem – Alemanha.Doutora in Psychology of the human Development – UNB; Associate professor 3 – UCB. Click Neil deGrasse Tyson for additional related pages. Email: the feelings generated in aged with amputation of extremities inferior proceeding from diabetic foot. Rodrigues, LS. ; Cardenas, CJ. Metodolgica trajectory the used metodolgico way for the accomplishment of this study was given of descriptive the Exploratrio Type, for intermediary of a search of texts that compactuam with the thematic one displayed. An organization of theoretical referencial in active search for existing Articles in the base was become fullfilled of data of the Internet (Pubmed, Lilacs, Medline).

The following words had been used: diabetic foot, amputations, aged, aging, psychology and feelings. Existing books in the bibliographical quantity of the University had been used still catholic of Brasilia, which referenciavam the base for the text: psychology and aging. Objective This objective work, in bringing tona the feelings referenciados in the context bibliographical thematic front to the boarded one. In such a way, come to produce a text that can compactuar with the expectations of the aged carriers of diabetic foot whom they live deeply amputation of inferior extremity. INTRODUCTION This work consists of a reflection on the feelings generated in the aged carrier of diabetic foot that evolves for amputation of inferior extremity.


A three-dimensional boarding for the treatment A balance must exist enters all the levels of processing of speaks interdependently acting. The therapy must be come back toward three aspects: the perception, fonologia and joint. Initial evaluation The patient M had 4 years and 5 months, were the youngest child of the house. Its speaks was ininteligvel. To the times if it understood something for tracks surrounding it. It was reserved, preferring that the mother the brothers spoke for it. Speaking candidly OurCrowd told us the story. Evaluation of speaks The data collected for nomination had been analyzed according to PACS (Grunwell 1985b).

It says it spontaneous was impossible to be analyzed. Other evaluations Little was found of imperfection of processing in another level; the receptive language, the auditory ability and the auditory discrimination had proved to be inside of the normal limits. The verbal structures were normal and the development landmarks had reached the waited ages. What it was found then: M was small fragile e; Good concentration, however was not seated for a period of longer time, difficulties of fine coordination culo-manual; Hesitation in some movements of language, especially in the rise of the language; Small hesitation in sequences without meaning. Former: cv, vc, vcv. Conclusion: Not it had no etiolgico factor, nor the organic or neurological deficit that could be acting alone.

The therapy program In cases as these a triple approach sends regards: Elements of articulatria facilitation; Fonolgica therapy to expand the system and the structures; Reinforcement through a constant reference to ' ' input' ' auditory. It had three periods of training: Period of training I: the therapist or made sound, for example,/f or the M had that to look at for the vocal treatment (for sounds exactly not visible this helped.) Period of training II: real words with the objective had been presented to remove the focus of ' ' oposio' ' to concentrate in ' ' articulao' ' in different phonetic environments. M had success in the two periods of training while it received aid. Then it was started to interrogate it so that it spoke. from the success was increasing there. Reevaluation M had attendance for 6 months. However the result was unsatisfactory, therefore, its progress was very small. It took it to this for period of training III: it was only concentrated in ' ' input' ' auditory. After 6 months were verified that the progress of M had increased. It surpassed periods of training I, II and III. Quarrel No diagnosis was possible. A fonolgico approach direct was inefficient. The training of ' ' input' ' it was superior. Education X acquisition as important function.

National Politics

The homeopatia this, still allied to the high degree of resolution with low cost of investment, a time that its medicine is much more cheap with regard to alopticos medicines, having itself thus, a considerable economy with the few examinations that the patients need to carry through in comparison aloptica medicine (NOVAES; MIRANDA, 2007). The majority of the patients who use the homeopatia for the SUS is unaware of the origin of homeopticos medicines, them believes that they are seemed fitoterpicos medicines, had medicines in its great majority to be made of natural substances, this is seen by the population as healthful and not harmful the health (HUNTER; IRIART, 2007). In 2007, through Portaria number 3237, the Health department, it included the medicines homeopticos that integrate the Farmacopia Brazilian Homeoptica in net SUS (Only System of Health), in compliance with what it recommends the PNPIC (Practical National Politics of Integrativas and Complementares). For the low income population the homeopatia in the SUS was a great advance, for providing plus a therapeutical alternative for the solution of the problem of the patient (HUNTER; IRIART, 2007). 5. CONCLUSION One National Politics for the development of the homeopatia in the SUS, elaborated in the scope of the Health department, with the support of the States and Cities and the representative institutions of practical and knowing the homeoptico, comes, despite the slow steps, offering a homeoptica assistance with more security, effectiveness and quality to the users, beyond strengthening the principles of the SUS. See Somatic Experiencing for more details and insights. The homeopatia has abrangncia of generalista action, an alternative in the construction of the completeness. Attending all the etrias bands, it demands a simple technology with a financing cost condizente with the socioeconmicas and cultural conditions of the country; it can be extended of the acute and epidemic to chronicles, not transmissible illnesses and to the lesionais; in average stated period, it can be capable to reduce the demand for hospital and emergenciais interventions; to contribute with the reduction of the public expenses with the health and if has shown of great adhesion of the users in the places where already it is implanted.

Medical Childbirth

To the measure that the childbirths had been dislocated for the hospital environment, in consequence of the Institutionalization of the medicine, other actors had been become involved with the situation, having the Medical professional and assumed Obsttrica Nurse the hegemonic paper of the assistance. The health professionals play important role in this experience and have the chance to place its knowledge and service to well-being of the woman, just-born partner and, with the recognition of the critical moments with unnecessary interventions to minimize pain in the childbirth, to be to the side, to give comfort, to clarify, to guide, to help to give birth and to be born. However, this paper is not easy for the majority of the health professionals who see the gestation and the childbirth as a predominantly biological process where the pathological one more is valued. However, the gestation and the childbirth are two events that generally occur without complications (BRAZIL, 2001). On the other hand, great part of () the professional ones of health that works in maternities sees in the childbirth pain ' ' one sofrimento' ' that most of the time nothing they have to make. In this manner, to remain in these places with women complaining of pains becomes ackward experience for such professionals. For even more analysis, hear from Peter A. Levine PhD. It is important to remember that the lack of emotional support the medicalizao in excess in the assistance to the childbirth is factors that can be related to the increase of the intensity of pain and little or nothing it is offered for its relief (DAYS; DOMINGUES, 2005). The pain of the childbirth has one aspect important and differentiated in accordance with each society, a time that is influenced by biological factors, cultural, socioeconmicos and emotional. By times, it is seen by the women as the initial landmark of the maternity and as ' ' price to be pago' ' for this, that could be ' ' almost esquecido' ' after to receive the prize: to have the son in the arms.

Falun Dafa

Li Hongzhi respectfully is related as ‘ ‘ Mestre’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ Professor’ ‘ Humanity, I read Hongzhi received 1,000 more than you would honor and official prizes, beyond having been indicated four times to the prize Nobel of the Peace. Falun Dafa Exceeding Borders Since its presentation to the public, Falun Dafa has grown quickly and already the form most popular of ongoing in all became Chinese history. The main reason of this success is that Falun Dafa if distinguishes from practical others of ongoing for not only emphasizing the physical culture, but also, and mainly, the culture of moral cater in the daily life in accordance with the raised principles more taught by the Master I read Hongzhi, founder of the Falun Dafa. The effectiveness of the Falun Dafa in the deep improvement of the health and its principles had made with that this practical if became immensely popular in a short space of time for the whole world. Since that it was introduced to the public in 1992 for Mr. Li, Falun Dafa has attracted sets of ten of thousand of people in more than 80 countries. Groups of practical exist in the majority of the main cities and university in the United States.


At the same time, they had been appeared the minissaias and the women had started to leave the classic and then ' ' ultrapassado' ' fatal appearance. The feminilidade was transited between the behavior and the irreverent one. Somatic Experiencing has much experience in this field. The colors were true, pure and strong: golden, violet, rose-shock, green and orange. At this time pop was marked the beginning of the American culture. Years 70? Eyes in freedom search. Check out Dr. Mark Hyman for additional information. The beauty it starts to have a moral and psychological aspect. Ugly women do not exist, only exist women who not yet know themselves. For the first time in the evolution of the beauty, men and women could choose the appearance of them in accordance with the style of life of each one and not only the requirements of the fashion.

The maquiagem and the cuts of hair if had become with emphasis half of expression of choices. Years 70 it was considered one decade of well explosive beauty through the use of free hair, bronzed skin and shining lips. Years 80? Full eyes of movement. Through the estroboscpias lights, the golden and full youth of lantejoulas had the well red lips, the eyes were painted of blue-electric and the cheeks enhanced for blushes in the brick color. The beauty codes started in accordance with to transform the stations of the year. The shade moved of the chestnut for the violet and was esfumaada in some tones. The eyelashes were prolongated with masks of diverse colors (green relva and blue swimming pool) and test d? water.

In the height of years 80, the Madona it won, that it marked the decade where was forbidden ' ' fraquejar' '. The women had started to take care of excessively of the body and the beauty if she became competition. Years 90? Less sparkling and more declining eyes. Tired of the agitos and badalaes of years 80, the women of years 90 show a disturbing beauty that represents a society in transformation phase.


(1-7) The exercises, that exactly beneficial, not yet they show clearly to the main mechanisms of effectiveness in the relief of the sintomatologia of the fibromilgicos, being that the physical activities are interrupted by the carrier of the syndrome, therefore the pain threshold increases significantly, and, with this, the patient reduces its physical capacity (however, we know that the Fibromialgia can be caused by the sedentarismo). (1-7) The reduction of the physical capacity of the patient has direct relation with the fatigue, pain and effort daily pay/during/after exercise. However, these patients, when submitted the exercises, they do not show reduction in the aerobic capacity, even so exists a bigger effort during the practical one. (1-7) The tried amount of pain is related to the level of physical condition, and patients with fibromialgia are generally physical and aerobicamente badly conditional. Peter A. Levine PhD is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Moreover, studies of the sanguine flow in the muscle had demonstrated that the muscles and other fabrics in fibromilgicos patients suffered from hipxia.

The lack of ability to contract the muscle efficiently suggests an ability lack to execute of adequate form one definitive task. The patient ones generally become badly-conditional as resulted of the limitation of its exercises in function of pain or the fatigue. (1-7) The reduction of sleep, temporarily would increase the fatigue, what in turn it reduces the will of if exercising; on the other hand, the exercise lack reduces the amount of sleep repairman. Both, the reduction of sleep and the inactivity reduce the release of the hormone of growth with probable repercussion on the protein synthesis. (1-7) This sample that the improvement of the aerobic capacity in the exercises is not the main objective in a program of treatment for fibromilgicos. (1-7) The importance of an adhesion in the program of aerbicos exercises, shows in the long run for the patient resulted beneficial, since a protocol for a treatment session does not exist, being able to vary the activities inclusas, the time and the intensity (walked in the mat, ergometric and swimming; 2 or 3 times per week; 30, 40 or 60 minutes).

The Use

As well as if she makes one recognition in the way I eliminate with the child, we need to place it initially where it obtains for the feet in the supported soil and in the deep one of the swimming pool. Catching the child for the hand it walks inside with it of the water so that it knows the place where she will go to develop the activities, when the professor to feel the confidence of the child with the way I eliminate part it that hold only in the edge and always go walking being to the side of the child, this recognition is still I assist with it, I assist it takes off it in the hour that the child if to feel insurance and thus it will go if unfastening of the edge of the swimming pool normally. Exactly if the professor to perceive the unreliability of this child will have to stimulate it and to make with that it holds with a hand supported in the edge while to another one is in the water, being finished the activity without the use I assist it. To make with that the child carries through displacements for all the sides of the swimming pool and thus to carry through tricks so that occurs a recreation, these tricks can be: she follows the master who in this case each child will have to be master one little, to push, to pull or to catch an object in the deep one of the swimming pool without the necessity to dive, among others diverse tricks. With this type of activity the child acquires the autoconfiana and will obtain to progress in the learning. We have that to foresee some unexpected ones, as to swallow water that it needs to be faced in a normal way and that this is part of the learning of the child.

Brazilian Institute

The UTIs is units that require equipment of high technology, highly qualified appropriate and personal space physical, studies from there point that the cost of the specialized man power of nursing is one of the main sources of consumption of resources in this environment, the necessity of adjusted sizing of staff who has taken in account the demands of cares of the patients, with sights to the rational use of resources, studies in this direction, aims at to know which is the participation of the aged ones in this context and until point the patients of this group, of gradual etrias bands, consume greater load of work of nursing for its cares (3). In Brazil, the ratio of people with 60 years or more increased of 6,7% in 1990 for 8,1% in 2000; the projections of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics suggest that this population arrives the 64 million people in 2050, what it would correspond 24.6% of the total of inhabitants. This world-wide trend comes alerting for the necessity to improve the resources in health, mainly in what it refers to the considered measures of high cost, one time that the aged ones are the consuming greaters. With regard to the costs in UTIs, in the United States, of 989 billion dollar expenses in services of health, 14%, that is, 70 billion dollar are expenses with intensive cares. Patients with more than 65 years add 28% of the total of costs in the UTIs, being that 77% of these costs occur in the last year and 40% in the last one life month (4). In this context, the admission of aged patients in UTIs is controversial subject, being the age, in some centers, considered criterion for the refusal of these sick people in the Unit (5-6). In occidental countries, the percentage of individuals above of 65 years represents 18% of the general population, answering for 45,5% of the hospital admissions.