Holistic Proposal

The concept of "Holos" means all and refers to the understanding of reality is not divided, sees culture as a universal flow impermanent, it can not be captured by linear thinking of the fragmented and mechanistic paradigm. But as with the great changes, this new vision has been to make its way slowly between resistance, criticism, power struggles, breakdown of values and goals as among the dogmatism and scientism. But already now two strands come together in science, scientists working from an integrated view of the Kosmos and those who still defend the position mechanistic and fragmented. This change is being hastened by the extreme situation which man lives and the planet today. Conflicts, wars, predation, risk of extinction as a species, an urgent claim that a new position out of humankind. Dr.

Gallegos said "it takes a quantum leap that we only give a comprehensive insight of the world." And this gives their proposal. The holistic approach of Dr. Gallegos back together what at the time in the eighteenth century was separately: linking science and spirituality and evident that man needs both. But the holistic approach, not designed to break above and forget or deny different positions, the interesting thing is that it transcends and includes staying with the best of each proposal. Go the opposite as complementary and thus can integrate what is apparently the opposite. His position is that otherwise enriches and motor development is the harmony, not conflict. The result is individual and social peace and supports the perennial philosophy and quantum physics.