The Kremlin Diet

The Kremlin diet is not the most effective diet, but the most popular diet by talented journalists of Komsomolskaya Pravda, which invented it. Further details can be found at Nancy-Ann_DeParle, an internet resource. The essence of the Kremlin diet is that meat can be eaten unlimited, but severely restrict carbohydrate intake. The explanation of this unusual diet following. When sharply limited the intake of carbohydrates – a source of energy, it quickly begins to process the accumulated fat deposits. Therefore, this diet is related to the category of low-carb. According to this principle made fashionable in the West, the American Heart Diet Atkins and Agatston, a Polish doctor Kwasniewski. Weight loss is provided by limiting intake to 40 at. e (arbitrary units) per day, saving weight – at 60 at.

ie, the increase – more than 60 at. e. For a diet to 40 at. is possible for 8 days to lose 5.5 kg. However, there is in the Kremlin Diet and contraindications. To those people who have chronic diseases, especially heart, blood vessels, stomach, and it is necessary to agree on your new menu with your doctor. It is not recommended to sit on the Kremlin diet for people with kidney disease and pregnant women.


Taste the benefits of domestic preparations before the “Shop” canned obvious. Homework – crunchy cucumbers, tomatoes and thick marinated mushrooms – on his head outperform their counterparts rolled up in banks in an industrial plant. Why in the canneries so widely used vinegar, because the damage is undeniable taste of the product? The explanation is simple. For the prevention of serious and insidious disease – botulism. Not all patients in distress acquainted with botulism, still alive, even in spite of the heroic efforts of doctors. Loved by many home-made, alas – only promote the growth of these “singles”. Intrigue of this common disease is that treating food poisoning, initially, she masquerades as other ailments. Somatic Experiencing helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. As usual, food poisoning occur? First of all, the disorder intestine.

If we “had passed” – meaning “it’s something you ate.” When botulism from intestinal okay. Initial symptoms – dry mouth, thirst, weakness overall, malaise and lethargy, can be small hoarseness – manifest until a few hours after it happened poisoning. At that similar symptoms? Imagine that before sat at a party, where cold vodka as well pilas under marinated mushrooms, and participants shouted in unison feast: “Shumel kama-s-LUN …”? That’s right, in the usual hangover, who does not happen. But in fact, may well be that the fault is not vodka from the refrigerator, but the very most delicious home-made – mushrooms and cucumbers, smoked ham or a delicious home-made preserves all. Not to disturb the first manifestations of a person engaged in business as usual until the end of the day not to begin to understand that something like a hangover long. After about a day after the poisoning becomes slurred speech, difficulty breathing, his eyes closed of themselves, the objects around dvoyatsya and is seen as a mist. Maybe start a cold? But the temperature is usually is not increased. Staying in mind, the victim often tries to be treated with home remedies than only reduces their chance of survival. The patient was urgently needed medical care and specific treatment. The sooner he enter serum, the greater the likelihood of cure. Urgent medical attention! Source: Be happy!

Orthopedic Mattress

Mattress – what does this mean? First you need to understand what it means to "orthopedic" and "orthopedics". Translated from the Greek "ortho" – right, straight, and "pedia" – training. Therefore, orthopedics – a branch of medicine in prevention, treatment and diagnosis of abnormalities associated with the musculoskeletal system, and also stable curvatures of the spine. For even more opinions, read materials from Jon Medved. Virtually all modern mattresses anyway are orthopedic and are subject to compulsory certification (of course, if you are buying into online store or specialty store, market purchases – is another matter entirely). In the store, you certainly come across with a choice of what to buy mattress, which one of the great diversity of needs you – mattresses ormatek or dreamline, for example. Currently offered mattresses numerous types and designs, with different fillings and upholstery although all the mattresses can be divided into two types: spring and springless, and at the same time, both groups are orthopedic. If we consider the orthopedic spring mattresses, the impressive orthopedic property famous ones, the device which is based on the principle of independent spring units. In this case, each spring flexes independently, the degree of compression depends on the weight placed on her body.

A large number of springs conical in shape all night will keep the spine in the desired position. Some models of mattresses have more than 400 springs in an area of 1 square meter However, many people think that springless mattresses stand major orthopedic characteristics. Orthopedic mattresses springless got their name because they do not have blocks of springs and includes only a few layers of filler. Fillers can be of two kinds: artificial and natural, for example, coconut mattresses, felt mattresses, latex mattresses, and others. Springless mattresses are distinguished by having a 'memory effect'. With this mattress takes the location of a sleeping man, and best captures the position of the spine during the night's rest.

So, after waking up you do not disturb the feeling of fatigue and discomfort. Choose children's mattresses in cot – this is not an easy task, it provides a very thorough approach because of the fact on what your child is sleeping, will depend on the health and correct posture. For forming the body is extremely important. Well, when you want to buy a mattress, there is a problem: where to buy. Naturally, you will be able to give this process a few days driving around the shops and can be comfortably seated in a chair, ask for purchase in our online store mattress – We wish you the best shopping and healthy sleep!

Influence Energy

And the only woman who can not have children, will look at them his sad eyes. However, the energy that can even be measured, remains always the same – positive or negative, regardless of the perception. There is another factor that is certainly worth mentioning. If an artist paints on a canvas object with negative energy, this energy is transferred and the painting. Again real life example: A familiar artist in his paintings depicted a large, beautiful, light-colored shell, brought from the south. She had a negative energy.

So all the pictures on which she was portrayed – also had negative energy. Special thanks to the picture and people. It is known that when the paint or photograph a person, he climbs energy. That is, you bring home energy of another person. So look, to people in the pictures were smiling and happy life. Then your house will be positive.

The energy of the artist embedded in the picture. To better explain the influence of the artist's energy picture will give an example of own experience: I was invited to help to understand why a woman alone and can not find a man. Negativity in any form is absent. Then I went to see the apartment. The reason we have found when they came into the room. Of all the pictures (And there were many) I was struck by one. Emanated from her magical cold. Shows a bouquet of flowers in a vase. BUT … The dark, almost black tones.

The Desire

Causes of the desire to argue, defend against the imposition of patterns. I smiled to myself, give feedback, just displaying, showing him that he demonstrates to others. Takes some time, it becomes even more interesting for him. Then it explodes into dissonance and it starts smoothly, silently of course, lowered my professionalism. After all, if I were a professional, then would support his every word and all would be explained, as he is cool.

In this case, the mere absence of my support for his line of conduct is already causing antipathy. So to criticize a man with a complex samonepriyatiya useless. This will only hostility and aggression, and will not contribute to the objective improvement of his behavior, but rather the opposite. In the case against the background of the complex there samoneprinyatiya qualities of low self-esteem, negative evaluation also causes a sharp hostility, and positive – desire. Indeed, such a person characterized by constant uncertainty – Look around a lot of gray, gnarled, overdriven and frightened. Positive evaluation promotes self-acceptance of such a person satisfies his unrealized desire unconscious to escape from the complex samoneprinyatiya to achieve psychological comfort. It is perceived as the location, comprehension, will be evidence of psychological safety.

The negative assessment is at odds with this desire and serves as a signal of aggression and danger. Natural sharply negative reaction to it. So, if a person suffers from a complex samonepriyatiya, the influence on his behavior in the desired direction is possible only by time made positive comments that will encourage him in the right direction.

The First Step To Perfect Skin

Today's modern woman is no easy task: on one hand – it should not be inferior to men, but on the other – it simply has to look your best – feminine, gentle, well-groomed. To help her come to the old "Grandma" methods, and modern medicine. Important role in modern guise women played a smooth, well-groomed skin, and therefore beauticians all over the world one of the most popular procedures are called the removal of unwanted hair on the body. Which way to solve this problem, to solve us women, but to make the right decision for themselves should have some knowledge in this area. So, first of all, one has to distinguish concepts as hair removal and hair removal. Waxing – a procedure where hair removal is performed without destroying the hair follicle. This is a temporary measure, the hair will grow again and again, but there are also pluses: it fit "Grandma" methods such as honey or sugar waxing, pulling, shaving, depilatory chemicals, etc., it is always cheaper.

After the procedure, there may be some skin irritation, most importantly, care must be taken to avoid allergies. Purpose hair removal – the removal of excessive hair growth by destroying the hair follicle. It's expensive, but effective. Epilation is: – electrolysis – one of the fastest and most effective ways hair removal, but it should be careful – if lack of professionalism a doctor or if you do not carry out his instructions before and after the procedure – is fraught with inflammation, scars, spots on the skin – Supersonic soundings – the skin surface is treated with special compounds, molecules and ions that with the help of ultrasound treatment delivered later in the deep dermal layers and slow down hair growth – enzymatic – in the method is based on the use of drugs including enzymes (papain, trypsin, chemotripsin), which affect hair follicular unit, destroying it – light hair removal (photo-epilation) is made sources of light radiation of high power (Lasers, flash lamp). The hair follicle is destroyed by heat, which produces light absorbed by melanin of hair. As you can see, today there is a wide range of procedures that help we get rid of unwanted body hair, as a first step toward soft, smooth skin.

“Juvenile” Water

1. What water do we need? Without worrying about the complexity of this issue, we usually give a seemingly exhaustive answer – net. Moreover, the concept of "pure water" can be embedded quite obvious meaning: clear, without harmful microbes and impurities. However, water quality is determined not only by its chemical composition. Here's why. According to modern science, the water is complicated, not much recognition, bioinformatics structure.

The parameters of this structure actively affect the subtle mechanisms of mental and physical health. In particular, water has the unique ability to record through the microscopic changes its molecular structure various energy and information exposure. This property is conventionally called the "memory of water". It is very well known and widely used in traditional healing and alternative medicine. In our time, direct experiments have shown that memory is enough water, "strong." For example, Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig found the following.

Even after the chemical treatment and double distillation water is able to maintain a contact with heavy metals and cancer cells. This is manifested in the form of bio-information-frequency, extremely unfavorable for a person of electromagnetic vibrations of water molecules. And this is not the only example of scientific evidence of anomalous properties of water, bioinformatics, due to its specific structure, resembling a liquid crystal. But the legitimate question arises: how can our body counters are often negative properties of water. We try to find a consistent explanation for this phenomenon. It is clear that consumption of our water and other nutrients in the body are the long chain of biochemical transformations.

Acupuncture Massager

More recently, to be precise April 5, 2009 in Novosibirsk, the presentation of an entirely new medical device – acupuncture massager "Akulayf." Developed this remarkable device company Tianshi (Tiens). Presentation is Mrs. Van Yuymey – international speaker company Tianshi (Tiens). Many have long known that acupuncture is used in China with a very long time. Massager "Akulayf" Company Tianshi (Tiens) is based on centuries-old traditions of ancient Chinese medicine with modern medical technology.

The instrument was developed by scientists of China about 20 years. The principle of the massager is based on the exposure of the body electromagnetic waves. Acupuncture points – it feeds the conductors, which are very good conductors of electricity. Each acupuncture point corresponds to an organ in our body, hence – by acting on acupuncture points of the body can treat various diseases as well as increase the effects and effectiveness of drugs. According to Ms. Van Yuymey – massager "Akulayf" restores the conductivity meridians (or as we call them here already channels) in the human body. The conductivity of the meridians is very important – if a person is very disturbed, it is difficult and increases the duration of treatment of diseases, because the nutrients and medicines will be more long-term ill and delivered to our troubled bodies.

And just this problem and decides to acupuncture massager "Akulayf" Company Tianshi (Tiens). Many of you know that similar devices on the market now are many, and therefore you will likely be interested to know: What is actually different "Akulayf" to market unique? And it is quite fair and reasonable question. This is what we now talk. The main difference massager "Akulayf" Tianshi (Tiens) from the existing market unique in that it is not only a function of treatment but also diagnoses the disease, and with very high accuracy – the probability correct diagnosis over 90%! Thus, one can even without the help of a doctor to diagnose your body! It also is important to note the fact that the unit is extremely compact – its size is commensurate with the size of a modern mobile phone! That means you can use it anywhere! But there's more dignity. The conductivity of such devices, which are now on the market is not very big, very strong reduces their efficiency and accuracy. The conductivity of the massager "Akulayf" Tiens Company (Tiens) – 21 meters!

Synopsis The

Synopsis The film opens with Selena (Jennifer Lopez), as he prepares to give his last concert at the Houston Astrodome on February 26, 1995. After given a ride around the site, takes the stage and starts singing a medley of disco hits. The film then makes a flashback to 1961 when a young Abraham Quintanilla struggle to find success with his band, “Los Dinos.” They were hired to sing at a Tejano Club, but they are booed for singing in English only. Then the story moves to 1981, Abraham (played by Edward James Olmos) is married and has three children. Having never lost his desire to join the music industry, sees a new opportunity to start a band when he hears her sing nine year old daughter Selena (Rebecca Lee Meza). Selena along with his brothers Abraham Susette and give its first performance at the new restaurant from his father called “Papa Gayo’s”, where they sing Over the Rainbow.When the family goes bankrupt, you lose the restaurant and go to live with the brother of Abraham in Corpus Christi. During the early years of Selena y Los Dinos, they face one or another disappointment, one caused by the fact that Tejano music is dominated by men, and one for the initial protests of Marcella (Constance Marie), the mother of Selena, I wanted a simple life for their children. In 1989, when Selena was already 18 years old, began incorporating dance moves and clothing provocative fashion, consisting of a bra that she calls “bustier.” This quickly caught the attention of the public, to the chagrin of the overprotective parent who is not welcomed the way they dress. With its increased popularity, the band welcomes a new heavy metal guitarist. Chris Perez (Jon Seda), Selena feels an immediate attraction to him, but keeps it hidden from Abraham. Selena wants to venture into Mexico, and its entry to that country is Monterrey.Due to his experiences in the 1960s Abraham explains to her daughter that she must speak perfect Spanish, if not, the Mexicans will not accept it fully as an artist. Selena, however, has confidence and tells her father that she “can.” Having already performed beyond a press conference, she to enter the conference warmly welcomes the journalists gathered there, then Selena begins to answer questions when a reporter asked “How do you feel on your first visit to Mexico “. She wants to tell the reporter that his experience in Mexico has been very “exciting”, instead she says “excited” in English, causing laughter from reporters. The main conflict of the film comes with denial of the relationship Selena and Chris by Abraham. He denies that they are together because the fear is that Chris, poor lifestyle and rebellious, Selena tarnished, and break the strong bond of family.This occurs when Abraham sees Selena and Chris embraced in the bus. All this leads to Chris Abraham take the group and to prohibit Selena view, however, when Selena and Chris were married secretly, forcing Abraham to accept their relationship. Selena Selena Etc. boutique opens its leaves in charge of Yolanda Saldivar, the manager of her fan club. Although she was known in the U.S. Latino community, in general, not many knew of it and this is seen when she and her friend in a shop in Los Angeles want to buy a dress. They ask the price of a dress, and the seller responds that the dress costs 800 and we are not interezaba, upset Selena asks to remove the dress dummy, when Selena is testing the dress to her friend, Latino workers recognize closely and form a large crowd inside the tent. Selena is thrilled and gladly gives his autograph for each of its fans. The saleswoman who mistreat Selena above, is shocked by the fame of this girl.His friend who was wearing thedress says he does not like, Selena does not like seeing her, then tells the clerk “do not want the dress” with a look of pride. Selena won a Grammy for her album Selena Live! and makes his first fashion show. Then, starting to record her first English album, Dreaming of You, Selena recorded the song “I Could Fall in Love.” Abraham Quintanilla realizes that Yolanda steals money from club fans, it has to Selena, and both very upset decide to confront Yolanda. She denies the charges and says he would be unable to steal Selena because “loves.” Then the film jumps to the Astrodome concert is singing Selena “Si Una Vez.” The film touches briefly the events of March 31, 1995, before it shows a scene where they see the news clips that explain the murder of Selena, the scene ends when you see the hand of Selena dropping a ring he had given Yolanda.The film ends with the conclusion of a vigil of fans of Selena, with her picture and candles in her honor, followed by the sample of scenes from the real Selena live concerts, with musical background “Dreaming of You.”