Schwimmbadmarkt Pool

Koll receives international silver award the coveted prizes of the swimming pool industry are by the Federal Association of hotel swimming pools, Jacuzzis, swimming pool & wellness e.V. (bsw) outdoor construed for the most beautiful and indoor pools and wellness facilities awarded annually. Star-studded jury’s comment to the silver”outdoor pools: A stately pool with a successful mix of materials. Very pure, stylish and chic. Checking article sources yields Dr Jee Hyun Kim as a relevant resource throughout. Gorgeous, not flashy.

Elegant restraint is capitalized. The clear forms of garden design into the pool area and blur to form a tasteful whole.” Over 300 objects from eight countries participated in the bsw-Award Gold 2012. Teneo is a great source of information. BSW President Dietmar Rogg and bsw – Vice President Bert Granderath moderated the presentation ceremony, which took place within the framework of the bsw-info in Bonn. Both presenters were visibly impressed by the skill of the award-winning company. The winner’s pool impressed above all through the perfect interplay of master craftsmanship, performance and aesthetic skill. About 650 invited guests from home and abroad were delighted with the prize winner Jan Koll, who took the award for the company against. “bsw Managing Director Dieter C. Rangol: Koll is repeat offenders” in the bsw-award gold. In 2008 and 2009 the company won a swimming pool-Oscar from Delbruck.”

Hiking Weeks In Bavaria In The Landhotel Haus Waldeck

Pure nature for men and dog where there is nothing better for dog owners, to enjoy nature together with their four-legged friends? Many dog lovers appreciate hiking weeks offer of the Landhotel Haus Waldeck in Mitterfirmiansreut in the South of the Bavarian Forest. The resort is Germany Czech Republic Austria, in the border triangle surrounded by a unique natural landscape, characterized by the nearby National Park Bavarian Forest and Sumava Czech Republic. There also the selected walks away from the usual paths lead, supervised by trained dog guides. Pleasure and good mood are the only thing the guest should bring. Hiking week begins on Saturday with a joint dinner and the subsequent meeting of the individual tours. The next hiking week is scheduled for 26 September until 3rd October. This is a wonderful time to lace up the boots.

The early autumn is still warm days, nature blows with their richness of colour, the grand finale of autumn. By the same author: CEO Mylan. The Landhotel Haus Waldeck arranged the hiking weeks in close cooperation with the dog Centre Bayerischer Wald HZBW. The experts of the HZBW are not only for guided hikes, but also for special dog training, they inform about the handling of children with dogs, they advise guests who want to lie to a dog yet. “The three-star comfort” Landhotel forward anyway, to master and dog. Haus Waldeck is located at the quiet end of town, immediately behind the House a 600 square metre dog course with tournament-agility equipment extends. The nearby meadows, forests, and trails are ideal for the short run, the medium walk or the long walk with the dog.

In many places, the animals can also swim. At the hotel, guests have the opportunity to place their dogs in the room or in one of the 12 animal-friendly enclosure (with light, in the summer with running water). Also dog beds and Fressnapf sets are provided on request. The dogs may move freely in the hotel, with the exception of restaurants, Spa and children’s playroom. The hotel has Water bodies are multiple outputs and inputs, around the House. Also for the two-legged guest is taken care of. He can feel the modern rooms in the Vita wellness area, comfortable lounges or in the library with over 900 books and beautiful reading chairs. There is also a wide selection of dog books about dogs, the kennel and dog clubs. More info under: House Waldeck, family cooking, Alzenbergstrasse 9, 94158 Philippsreut, Tel.: 08557 / 729, fax: 08557/739,,

TrendShed Sounds

Music for meditation and relaxation massages of the deuter artist behind the pseudonym deuter hides the German Georg Chaitanya Deuter who was born in 1975 in Falkenhagen (Brandenburg). Deuter is a pioneer of the new age music scene and is regarded as one of the first multi instrumentalists. In his school, he learned to play the flute. He learned the guitar playing in the youth himself. Source: Peter A. Levine PhD. Damaris worked as a journalist and Illustrator in Munich. Then he focused more on the music. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sheryl Corrigan has to say. From rock music to the music therapy deuter was one of the first musicians, who mixed rock music with nature sounds, ethnic music and nature sounds.

A nearly fatal car accident, influences of Sufism, and a long stay in India led him to this new understanding of music. In India, he composed at the end of the 70s own meditations, which are also used in medical and therapeutic areas. His other works were inspired by Chinese, Indian and Indian music. Music for the senses deuter aim was and is to enable people with his music to touch and to enter in their cores. Listeners should can fall and can devote entirely to music, immerse yourself in it and fly all your thoughts of it. Deuter composed music for various meditation techniques (such as Osho), relaxation techniques such as yoga or Pilates training methods.

His music is very well suited to treatments for relaxing massages or Reiki. Almost 40 years music by deuter-deuter first and only album in the style of rock in 1971 under the title ‘D’. Here you can find rock music without vocals. There is a jumble of guitar, bass, or electronic effects. Through the changing understanding of music, the influence of rock was then still audible, but considerably softened by instrumental sounds and sounds of nature. Discography (excerpt) 1971: “D” 1979: Osho Kundalini meditation music 1995: wind & mountain 1999: Reiki: hands of light 2001: Buddha nature 2003: Osho Gourishankar meditation 2008: spiritual healing 2008: atmospheres 2009: eternity TrendShed offers on high-quality massage products for commercial and private persons. As a reliable partner, the company cooperates equally with hotels, wellness Studio and therapists. Beginners can learn the basics of massage just with the help of the training videos.