Many Pastors, Few Sheep

All were behind the leader. They treated him with kindness and, after the conference, wanted to approach him. Is a man of God told the woman smiling at his side in his chair a Aqui we want muchoo . He left the place with a conviction: “You know what I want to be in this life-church pastor, said. Adalberto a part of a theater group who preaches in the streets.

Use art to share the Good News. One day on his way to a meeting, he confessed: “I thought that the issue of unemployment in Santiago de Cali reaching unsustainable limits. I’ll talk to church officials to consider allowing me to be pastor. On the other hand is no longer available trabajo.a “two isolated events with one common denominator: the misconception that being a pastor is the most important in the church. Everyone wants to be on stage, in view of all, few want to be sheep. Defined in his mind a simple scheme: shepherds are those who are recognized, sheep are led. Big mistake. The responsibility of the pastor a Given the growing concern of the syndrome of the a pastoritisa characterized by an excessive desire of many Christians to be pastors or pastors, associate that label with a special status that brings certain privileges or special reconocimientoa, it important to review the perception of the pastoral role he had the Lord Jesus: The Bible relates that: a Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and all dolencia.36 Seeing the crowds, he had compassion on them because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without PASTOR (Matthew 9:35, 36, New International Version) a is evident in the Son of God and should emerge in whom we proclaim his disciples, at least three distinctive characteristics: first, to share the Good News outside the church.

Via Panamericana

Finally, with his claws, made the cross but in reverse and was the only way to loose. When the father returned to find the devil loose pass and cross in the stone. Myth of the Cerro de Lerma in Lerma, Cauca is a symbol of the region's hill, so high that stands out and is visible from the Via Panamericana, between Popayan and Pasto. This is a sacred place where there is a nature reserve with a variety of monkeys. Its inhabitants say that during Holy Week, Friday, at 12 pm, on the hill opens a door to the inside and I could take an object without delay, as contrary to contract diseases and fears. The Myth of the Valle del Patia In ancient times, the Patia Valley had no vegetation. Everything was covered with water to form a tranquil lake, whose shores lapped the foot of the central and western mountain ranges. In the water danced variety of multicolored fish, full of joy and from the top of the mountains, the inhabitants of the earth recreated his eyes watching his aqua green.

Every day, when the sun stopped in the middle of the sky, the birds in the central and western cordillera They agreed to change the range. Then they flew over water, singing rhythmic tunes that gave rise to bambuco patiano. The birds were to intersect a beautiful polychrome, so that the soul of the lake is filled with emotion. But evil has always existed. It is not known where they came from two big gray monster with a huge trunk full of sharp teeth and thousands of feet.

Skin Protection From The Sun

In the summer all the women want to have a beautiful bronze tan. How to achieve it and it does not harm the skin? We know that the rays of the sun increases efficiency, resistance to colds and the body is activated production of vitamin D. But it should be wary of the sun if there is a chronic disease in the sun, they can develop rapidly and cause complications. Excessive sun exposure and sunburn can cause active development of melanoma, and accelerated aging. Even if you are only 15, with a long exposure to the sun without proper protection, aging processes are already active. If you are always well tanned, and there were no complications, and others – that does not mean that the skin can protect itself from harmful influences. If you still do not use protective equipment, it's time to start doing it. On sunscreens should always factor SPF – he said the level of protection from the sun.

A variety of sunscreen for face and body can be ordered through the online cosmetics store with delivery in Moscow. What are the basic rules of sunscreen?. The first and most important rule is that sunscreen should enjoy everything. The lighter the skin, the greater the protection factor against UV rays must have the cream. Even children need to use such a cream. All funds are applied for 10-15 minutes before the sun and are updated every 2 hours.

Just 11 am to 4 pm, it is better not stay in the sun – this is the period of maximum solar activity. When you have acquired the desired shade of tan, even when it does not give up the use of UV protection. Various means for protection from the sun can be purchased online store cosmetics with delivery in Moscow, it is cost is significantly cheaper than if you buy everything in the store. All creams contain substances that contribute to the regeneration of the skin, protect it from premature aging, as well as substances which do not allow to enter harmful rays deep into the skin.