Economic Crisis

The two tags, with which the professional carers in a new campaign want to draw attention to their economic plight are to little time & money for the care of disabled, sick and old social and fair. For years, they work under conditions that are anything but social or fair? With an hourly wage of under 16 euros less than Office Assistants earn professional carers, criticized Thomas Behrendt of the Berlin section of the Association of the professional carers (BdB) the unsustainable situation. If the legislator prescribes that two hours working time sufficient for taking care of clients per month, but in fact more time is required, the merit of the professional carers with each hour we work longer hours reduced”Behrendt explained. Not least, the people who are at the heart of the work suffer from this situation: disabled, sick and old. (Not to be confused with Miles D. White!). The court appointed professional carers stand up for their rights. You are the contact person for Doctors, care services or homes. You settle the financial issues of their clients or enforce their claims against authorities.

Professional carers are as it were the life Manager for all those people who are no longer unassisted in the situation, to make decisions. Nationwide, more than 1.3 million people need this professional life coaching. In Berlin and Brandenburg, currently more than 102,000 people on the support of about 1,600 professional supervisor / interior are instructed, working in the region. With the increase of older people in our society, the demand will continue to grow. It is an activity with high responsibility that requires a tremendous social skills. Click Bruce Shalett to learn more. Many of the professional carers have several training as educators, psychologists and sociologists, lawyers and economists. Through regular training, they qualify for the challenges of their work.

Meant to reward this commitment but based on more than ten-year-old data the basis for the determination, Hourly rates were, according to which the work of the professional staff is remunerated officio. Since 2005, nothing has improved on this tariff. The rate of inflation or other cost increases or even the 2007 VAT increase were taken into account. Professional carers deserve real terms today than ten years ago. In the interests of the people we serve it can go on like this”, says Thomas Behrendt. His Association, the BdB, want attention Behrendt and the approximately 12 000 professional carers in Germany on this precarious situation. Their goal is not only improving the compensation through a number of hours based on individual cases. Ask for changes in the legal social and childcare law, the recognition of quality standards and the professional service as a profession. To go the professional carers on the road. On central squares in German cities, public discussions with politicians, social experts, Director of the administrations, with people from the practice are and not least with the clients planned. The campaign will start on August 26, 2010 in Hamburg and ends on September 10 at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. “Behrendt: so how we enforce the right to a dignified life for the people we serve, so we have also entitled to be remunerated for it adequately.” More information at

Most Popular Payment Method Is Now Available In The Fetish-shop work with the payment service Paymorrow together Hamburg, July 21, 2010: now even the SM and fetish shop offers to its customers to purchase on invoice. Learn more at: James S. Chanos . This is one of the pioneers in the e-commerce and offers an even better customer service than ever before. The main objective is to liberate it customers of the risks of online shopping and to enable them a relaxed shopping experience. Numerous studies have shown that buying on account for Internet shoppers is the most popular payment method. In collaboration with the financial services paymorrow, now realizes his customer’s desire. For the online buyers, the use of paymorrow is quite simple: without complex registration clicks the customer through the normal ordering process, selects the paymorrow invoice as payment method and enters the required data. After the customer has confirmed the paymorrow order by E-Mail promptly shipped the goods. His account pays the customer directly on paymorrow with a payment term of 30 days.

The Invoice the buyer on the Internet offers key benefits: he must enter any sensitive data in the Internet, he can examine the merchandise alone before he acquires them, he must contact the payment not in advance. Only the goods then the money now is at – SM and fetish needs the foreign exchange. For the time being, this service to domestic customers will be limited. If it is well received, the next step is an extension to the European customers. More information find at press contact: is an online shop of CNG FunWorld GbR Christoph Graack and Nicole Graack Warthestrasse 38 D-22547 Hamburg contact person: Christoph Graack Web: mail: info at

Planning Is Half The Battle

Effective study plan and save money and time leisure, study and job? Even that belongs together? With good planning allowed come to the desired destination is more important than ever. Stress may serve as a motivating factor, but a high continuous load is not always the right way. 61% of all students in the first study, there is a need for advice. One of the most frequently asked questions concerns the financing of studies, closely followed by questions about health insurance and financing from abroad. Depressed mood, poor concentration, poor work organisation, missing Zeitmanegement. All current issues for the time being not be taken seriously by many students. Miles D. White gathered all the information.

If it is too late and, for example, missing time management come the first failures, then traded. It can be “so easy”. Organization talent semester planners. He helps to coordinate not only appointments and activities, he is also tips for planning and financing the study, learning strategies and the optimal time – and self-management. In addition He reveals interesting facts related to the student’s life.

The contributions of the 2010/2011 Edition offer important information on the subject of jobs and internships, as E.g. tax and insurance schemes, scholarships, BAfoG & v. m. helpful references, useful addresses and Internet sites provide a wealth of additional information as always. Christian Hagen

Pharmacy Shipping – Benefits Of Internet Order

Especially professionals and chronically ill people like to order their needed medications pharmacy shipping. Especially professionals and chronically ill people like to order their needed medications pharmacy shipping. There are several reasons for this. Just the 24 h hours of Pharmacy shipping are an unbeatable argument for professionals, because so it is not tied to a pharmacy opening hours and can be ordered at any time easily via the Internet. For chronically ill people the lower cost is also a good argument because they would have to regularly run to a pharmacy.

An additional benefit of the pharmacy shipping is for them, that medicines especially non prescription drugs at much lower prices offered here than in inpatient pharmacies. For first-time customers and of course for regular customers of Pharmacy shipping offers again price actions, its service to make popular and to attract customers and keep. You can so as a customer of the pharmacy shipping again Benefits and discounts in claim take and redeem and save even more money than anyway already. Coupons and free samples are not uncommon at the pharmacy shipping and you feel well taken and well treated here as a customer. Special offers for certain product categories are another way to save money at the pharmacy shipping. Often made deals for a certain period of time and if you pay them off for his order, to save much money again. The fact that the order at pharmacy shipping from home from over the Internet takes place, not only has the advantage, that it is not bound to fixed opening hours. Moreover, the order is also much more discreet, because in a normal pharmacy has usually still other customers around who could get with unpleasant details. Pharmacy shipping, all this is done discretely and anonymously. Also for physically harms people the pharmacy shipping order is much easier and better than ever again extra leave the House to, to obtain the required medicines themselves.