Luhmann Semantic Technologies

Web 3.0 should Internet users better understand Bassersdorf (Switzerland) / Berlin, April 29, 2009 the company iQser has ambitious goals, which commonly run Web 3.0 under the keyword. It is semantic, to cope with the flood of information by an automatic content analysis. Semantic procedure only a field of experimentation of the scientists have long been, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported and cited the iQser Chief Jorg Wurzer stating: now the semantics has left science. There are many Startpus looking into this\”. And thus was meant not only the major project of Theseus, that worn especially by big companies.

Companies are facing the challenge of processing a wealth of information that is growing from year to year. The high availability of information in the Internet and more and more users and organizations that are involved in the production of information, contribute to this process\”, tells iQser in a press statement. With a software you wanted all the internal and external information automatically connect. Every document, every E-Mail and every message will associated with projects, tasks, or people. You should no longer look up information, but choose their context and get automatically all information supplied, which belongs to this context. This could be new research reports or news. So, destinations on portals such as Triptivity with the matching user comments from social networks or with travel descriptions could be enriched. A second analysis result gives an overview about what topics in the articles, in which aspects they fan out and what basic facts are conveyed. Mark Hyman, MD wanted to know more.

The term network that automatically determined in the form of a tree shows the user can use to limit its interest and to make an appropriate selection of articles\”, so iQser. Employees would receive an overview of unstructured information available without having to sift them first. A choice was then to Main interests possible.


The Cellcrypt acquires IT 2013 Salemeh am Staffelsee innovation award, the 20.4.2012 – the Cellcrypt climbed the podium of the IT Innovation Prize in 2013. She convinced the jury in particular and won the 3rd place from over 4,900 applications. She Initiative Mittelstand distinguished companies with innovative solutions and high utility value for the SME sector with the IT INNOVATION prize. The jury has nominated Weitkamper Technology GmbH with Cellcrypt real time search on the 3rd place in the category of E-commerce. This excellent product “Cellcrypt real time search” has convinced the jury in particular and is one of leading from over 4,900 applications submitted with 3rd place. “We very pleased the innovation award 2013”. This is a further recognition and incentive to develop leading software products for better finding information on our way,”says Norbert Weitkamper, managing partner of Weitkamper Technology GmbH.”smart search is a topic for each portal.

Faster finding means less search for each employee. This makes saving per year around 1 million euros at a company with 300 employees and 15-minute time savings per day!” The Initiative Mittelstand INNOVATIONSPREIS IT bridges the gap between IT innovations and the middle class in the tenth year. The patron of this year’s INNOVATION award-IT is the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, labour and transport. Weitkamper Technology GmbH of Weitkamper technology is one of the recognised specialists dealing with intelligent search. Its products help to find information, to discover and to understand. On some completely new, intuitive manner. Founded in 1994, the company focused on the development of intuitive search solutions for more than 15 years. Partnerships with leading technology companies and heads of science help companies uncover new potential in the area of search.

More than 50 companies and organizations rely on solutions from Weitkamper technology. As important awards the company received the capitalise, euro Comenius Medal and the innovation award of the Initiative Mittelstand in the field of knowledge discovery. The Cellcrypt is designed for finding and navigating in milliseconds of Cellcrypt. Thanks to its unique index structure provides the Cellcrypt search superior live and delivers results, suggestions and categories already while typing. The Cellcrypt shortens the conventional search process by up to 75%. Because the Cellcrypt knows no return button. The Cellcrypt has been chosen as product of the year and already ensures a totally new think experience in many information services and e-commerce applications.

Imatics ProcessGallery

The new process portal of imatics Software GmbH which offers innovative development imatics * ProcessGallery ( the imatics Software GmbH from now all Prozessbegeisterten the possibility to create your own processes in the imatics ProcessDesigner, to publish, to run in a test environment and to communicate with other users. The Gallery offers the unique opportunity to publish, to automate and to discuss with colleagues, partners, interested or even customers and analyze processes free of charge. imatics sees a high potential for learning for all involved in this new form of Exchange. For even more analysis, hear from Stephen Porges. Graphical process modeling the imatics * ProcessSuite – for all participants of the Gallery provides a part of the ProcessDesigner imatics freely. Modeled processes are now in the * ProcessGallery transfer, but are they published only if the participant decides to allow the process to the discussion.

Until then stay the processes in the personal area of the participant * ProcessGallery saved. Keep the processes not static imatics * ProcessSuite provides another part imatics for the test sequences with the ProcessPortal. So everyone Gallery can bring live the processes to the end, to get an impression how the process model in the company would work. All shared process diagrams are shown as screenshots, categorized and presented in the overview for all participants. Each process can be modified by the owner, the remaining participants have only read access and can explore the process in detail. There is also the possibility to assess the processes and to comment. The best rated processes are regularly awarded prizes. Processes that are not quite according to plan, run or urgently require a plan B to happen sometimes… Such processes may be * ProcessGallery not to be missed! All breakdown processes and curiosities from everyday business life are fun in the category welcome.

Communications GmbH

Editorial tip must be by the price comparison pest detection protect PC and documents from viruses and espionage and is absolutely necessary not only in the professional environment: anti virus programs. The virus scanner have evolved to highly complex systems, used to detect infections from outside always repel. Quickly, safely and to understand numerous systems available on the market, currently what are not always easily makes the choice for the right software. Tests and reviews give a first overview and can simplify the decision. Antivirus software should consume as little memory, because what good is the best detection rate, if the software at the same time shut down the PC.

There are also speed the detection of a virus as well as decisive the hit rate in the elimination criteria for the purchase of anti-virus software. Connect with other leaders such as cardiologist here. In addition, it is helpful if the software on German and English through the menu not only leads. Equally important is the rapid response of the manufacturers on infectious files in the form updates. Good response times with an average of two hours here have the manufacturer (Data Becker and G data) BitDefender and Kaspersky. In independent tests, for example, the software Kaspersky Anti-virus performs 2009 (8.0) very well.

The virus scanner works through the PC quickly and conscientiously. While the program held in German language discovers very reliable standard pests as well as vulnerabilities. Also Instant-Messenger (ICQ, MSN) protection is given in this software. The menu, as well as the warning in case of a virus are clearly understandable. System requirements are Windows 98 / 2000 / ME / XP / 2003 / Vista. Who compares prices can save extra money at the time of purchase. Tip: many programs, trial versions are available. These are valid and free of charge normally for a period of 30 days.

Net Optics

The IT system integrator MODCOMP was awarded net optics with an Excellence Award for the best integration of ByPass of the year. The ceremony took place in the framework of the annual net optics international sales partner meeting in Berlin. NET optics with this award honours MODCOMP’s advice as well as the focus on solutions and sales strategy of the company. Since 2007, MODCOMP works with net optics, and offers solutions for the complete and permanent monitoring of networks, which combine expertise MODCOMP’s security and network with intelligent, passive monitoring solutions by net optics. Highlighted the excellent design of the solution is the award of MODCOMP in conjunction with a net optics ByPass implementation at Vodafone. Net Optics Optical bypass switches provide a trouble-free permanent access point for in-line”related network safety and monitoring devices available.

As long as the bypass switch receives power, he directs the traffic to the connected device further. The power goes out, the network traffic on the bypass switch passes, and there will not be a failure of the network. Must be an in-line standing device for repair or maintenance reasons from the network, the bypass switch guarantees non-stop network traffic. A “heartbeat” signal, the optical bypass switch protects network traffic from signal -, application – or loss of power of the connected device. About Net Optics Net Optics Inc. is the world’s leading provider of the passive network monitoring hardware. The company offers innovative solutions with which permanent access points, without disruption of the stream, to the connection of measuring and analytical equipment in networks of all topologies can be realized. The complete product portfolio offers passive access to the complete data transport devices for security and management around the clock, without adding a single point of failure to the network.

The customer first “philosophy of the company, more than 3,500 customers, including many Fortune 500” Companies all over the world listed, based on innovative, industry-leading solutions, as well as the willingness to implement customer-specific wishes and requirements. of MODCOMP the MODOMP Group operates as a system integrator and integrating more than 30 years of experience in the German market. Around the world with, the company sister companies in the United Kingdom and the United States belongs to the Group CSP Inc. The longtime clients include major companies from the industry, the sectors of telecommunications, energy, banking and insurance. MODCOMP customers benefit from multiple managed services that are adapted to the individual needs of a company.

Strike For The Professional Bowlers Association

Truition builds online auction platform for international professional sports Jena/Seattle (United States), November 19, 2008 – the E-commerce specialist Truition has the Internet auction platform of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) built. Under can be bought from immediately signed memory problem from the now 50-year history of the Association. The PBA is a network of the best international bowler (major league). Almost 4,300 members from 13 countries belonging to the Association. Via the auction platform, bowling fans can buy a piece of bowling history worldwide. The offer ranges from bowling balls and jerseys on point cards up and PIN data and photos – each piece comes from a game of the PBA Tour and is signed by a player. “We are very glad that the unique memorabilia are finally accessible to our fans,” Fred Schreyer, Chairman of the PBA is pleased.

“Based on our online auction technology, the PBA fans have now easy access to special offers. You can offer on the Web on the unique articles and these safely and directly get the League back home”says Kevin Smith, Director of business development at Truition. In addition to the National Football League (NFL), the National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA), the PBA is part of a growing number of sports leagues and teams that all of them would like to take this opportunity to auction their merchandise on an auction site with its own brand identity developed by Truition. Smith: “about such a page get the operator not only much control over the shopping or auction experience for the fans, but can ensure quality and authenticity at any time.” Truition was founded in 1998 and is a leading provider of on-demand E-commerce software for online sellers. Truition offers a customized technology platform and professional services, allowing the storage of E-commerce activities dealers and manufacturers. The Truition software platform enables centralized management various online sales channels such as online shops, operation of marketplaces and auctions, links to marketplaces, or Web 2.0 marketing campaigns – without the high costs, the solution developed with a licensed or self connected. Companies such as DHL, Philips, Konami and Truition entrust the management of significant parts of their E-commerce operation.

Truition is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, as well as a branch in Germany. the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) is an Association of the world’s best bowler. The Organization was founded in 1958 and today over 4300 members in 13 countries. During the season, about a million viewers watch the bowling competitions. Sponsors of the PBA include Bayer and Pepsi-Cola.

The Imatics Form Framework FormEngine On The OOP 2010 In Munich

In addition to the established solution for the automation of business processes presented the imatics Software GmbH imatics * ProcessSuite * FormEngine first on the OOP 2010 in Munich. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Abraham Maslow on most websites. There stands the imatics form framework * FormEngine of available to the public since November 2009. Since then, the interest in this simple definition and processing complex and highly dynamic forms based technology is increasing. In addition to the established solution for the automation of business processes presented the imatics Software GmbH imatics * ProcessSuite * FormEngine on the OOP 2010 from 26 to 28 January 2010 in the ICM in Munich for the first time. Forms belong to the daily work of a Web Developer. Glenn Dubin usually is spot on. While the requirements for modern, interactive forms have been steadily rising. Immediate validation of the inputs or the dynamic update by selection lists are today. Various Java frameworks or even parent standards such as XForms will facilitate the development of such forms.

These frameworks to the extent are projects with fixed data structures helpful. ral-Medicine-for-the-Treatment-of-COVID-19-in-Adults’>Wendy Holman. Is the model on which the forms work, is only set at run time, the thing is more complicated for a dynamic CMS. The * FormEngine is a Java Web framework for the simple definition and processing complex and dynamic forms. This includes checking the settings in the form fields, the calculation of field content depending on the entries in other fields as well as dynamic enabling or hide components depending on the other user input. The decision for a framework for the development of user interfaces often means to align the entire application according to its specifications. The imatics * FormEngine is a lightweight framework that has set itself the task to simplify the creation and integration of forms in existing applications. Where is the development of desired functionality without complex configuration in the foreground. The advantage of the * FormEngine compared to many other frameworks is the easy integration into any servlet container.

Try It Free For The SMS Service Of PR And ESTOS Mobility-(S)check –

Every new customer receives test SMS for free PR 3.0 Enterprise by ESTOS ProCall end of year 100 – a leading Austrian SMS and mobile marketing service provider – launches the mobility-(S)check together with ESTOS. (Similarly see: Glenn Dubin). Here, every new customer receives 3.0 Enterprise 100 from ESTOS ProCall test SMS free of charge. The customer benefits with a genuine added value and a better integration of mobile devices in the best unified communications solution from ESTOS. In the period of the past 10 years, the Austrian company PR continued to build a reputation as a reliable and creative partner and works for around 500 business customers in the mobile marketing and mobile communications. Free business SMS together with ESTOS, an independent producer for unified communications solutions, created the mobility-(S)check, which offers the possibility of new customers by ESTOS ProCall 3.0 by the end of the year to provide enterprise with a free quota of 100 SMS from pr ESTOS ProCall is a 3.0 Enterprise Professional unified communications software, which connects the PBX to the PC and includes more benefits-creating functionalities such as presence management and Instant Messaging.

So can new calls via the PC at your fingertips or calls are accepted. Interview notes are part of the functionality such as queries, conferences and much more. Since the integration of mobile devices in a unified communications solution is now becoming increasingly important, ESTOS ProCall 3.0 in almost every modern phone system – can be used as about the telephone systems from Panasonic ( -. The integration of an SMS service thus represents a real value! For more information about the mobility-(S)check, please visit and click in the right bottom placed mobility-(S)check-button a.

When Printing Environmental Awareness

Executives of European companies often given the chance to improve both the efficiency and the environmental performance of their company through a centralized document management. This shows the current study conducted by Coleman Parkes research on behalf of Ricoh, a leading solution provider for enterprise-wide document management. 67 percent of European company executives sit while concrete targets in the document management, according to the study of the market research company of Coleman Parkes research. But only 41 percent of them take into account environmental aspects such as energy efficiency and recycling in their strategies. This underestimate the positive impact that can have a cost reduction on the business objectives in the area of sustainability. Cardiologist often says this. Another survey result: Most companies approach their document management decentralized and only 39 percent have implemented in this regard even a concrete strategy. Considering, that this is not taken into consideration is, that is a direct, positive effect with a centralized solution in terms of sustainability can be. Because a centralized approach with newly designed processes for a customized, enterprise-wide document management offers short – and long-term benefits: cost savings, reduced environmental impacts, increased document security and a better allocation of resources. Thus, executives can better focus on the further development of the actual core business. Environmental aspects are often ignore the topic paper save the study presents the following numbers: 32 percent of executives indicating that their employees about duplex printing must comply with any requirements, and only 18% of companies have a corporate-wide scheme to. Almost the recycling directives of the company don’t know half (47 per cent) of European executives, and 40 percent of managers do not know the policy of their company for the recycling of toner. At the question. whether your employees aspects to eco-friendly printing and copying, the supervisor assessed their employees with an average 5.5 on a scale of 10 (is very important to them) to 1 (is them not important at all).

Barracuda Web

With its user friendly Web interface, the Barracuda link balancer provides a bandwidth management that is easy to define and control the administrator also. “Barracuda Web site Firewall: application-layer security for Web server the Barracuda Web site firewall” provides excellent protection from all common attacks on Web applications, including SQL injections cross-site scripting attacks, session tampering and buffer overflows. Add to your understanding with Mark Hyman, MD. In contrast to traditional network firewalls or intrusion detection systems, which just happen to HTTP or HTTPS traffic for Web applications, the Web site firewall filters traffic and parses code-level, to protect Web servers and their applications against attacks and direct access by hackers. The solution block attacks as a full proxy and preventing at the same time, that sensitive data such as credit card or social security numbers be disclosed to unauthorized third parties. Nancy-Ann DeParle: the source for more info. With the Barracuda Web site firewall is a user not only in a position to secure its Web applications, but enhances also the performance and availability. Foods such as caffeine, sugar and juices give you instant energy, while exercises promote long viagra canada no prescription term stamina in you. Panic is a dysfunctional, out-of-control sort of cheap generic viagra fear. This has grown into increasing concern by wholesale viagra 100mg in Athletic Physical Therapy researchers and endurance sports participants. The jelly version of the medicine is also cheapest cialis good and has great response over male erectile dysfunction. The Barracuda Web site firewall, Barracuda provides a combined appliance with load balancers, IPS system and site application firewall (WAF) in a solution. “SSL-VPN appliance: comprehensive clientless secure remote access solution the Barracuda SSL VPN appliance” is an integrated hardware and software solution, the SSL a secure Clientless Remote access to internal network resources from any Web browser from allowing. The system provides complete control over file systems and Web-based applications requiring external access, and integrated 3rd-party authentication mechanisms for granular access control.

With robust security and auditing facilities, administrators can define user-specific policy to control resource access of specific users or groups. Also allows the Barracuda SSL VPN control of user activity, and so a comprehensive secure remote access solution. For additional security files that are uploaded during a VPN session on network file shares or internal Web sites are checked in addition viruses and other malware, to prevent that critical network resources will be infected.