The Learning In The Adolescence

The Learning in the Adolescence Manoel Huires Alves Before we go to define what it is adolescence. The adolescence is a very important period of training in the evolution of the human being, extending themselves enters the phase of infancy and the adult phase and representing a period of transformations or experimentations, where the adolescent search in the way the construction of the proper identity. However the adolescence is not a state, but a dynamic process, that is, is a period where a revolution of transistion in the life of the human being happens, having to be lived with naturalness and, in special, understood for the adults. Considered a phenomenon of psychological and social character, where the particularitities in accordance with vary the way that the being is inserted, the adolescence it starts with the puberty (physical and biological phenomenon) and finishes with the acquisition of a particular and independent identity integrating the individual in the space as to be social. Credit: Gina Ross-2011. Although having subdivided Piaget the intellectual development in four stadiums and fitting the adolescence in the stadium of the formal operations, that is enters the 11/12 years until the 15/16 years, in the current days this period of training passed to be considered a process each longer time, where if it does not think more to treat it as etria band and yes as a form to deal with the subjective events of its existence. To educate an adolescent nowadays is not easy task. By the way, never it was easy to educate a social adolescent, being, therefore challenge for educators and professors in the acquisition of mechanisms that assures to the adolescent the access to the school and politics that fights the pertaining to school evasion, a chronic problem in level of Brazil, thus promoting, for being basic, the permanence of the same in the school. It is in the school that occurs the diverse types of learnings, relationships or development of people, being, therefore a marcante institution for the life of the child and the adolescent. Perhaps check out Joint Commission for more information. .


However the man has each time more poludo the environment, mainly the aquatic one. of all the existing water in the planet, only 0.002% if finds available for the human consumption. On the basis of the described data, were looked to work the awareness in relation to the cares and the preservation of this vital element to the existence in our planet. The responsibility with the water starts with individual actions in house, in the school and in the community and with small attitudes of economy, being thus, she is necessary to the conscience that makes possible urgent actions front to the wastefulness of this valuable liquid. One of the objectives with the application of the project was to construct to social values, knowledge, abilities, attitudes and abilities directed toward the conservation of the water, public easement of the humanity, essential to the healthy quality of life and its support. Other intentions had added for the Project ' ' Water that I want gua&#039 to you; ' , as: to recognize the importance of the water in our lives; to identify to the adequate use of the water in our day the day; to recognize the situations where the water is harmful to the health; to identify the universal rights of the water; to develop the creativity, imagination and critical and responsible attitudes, related to preservation of the water; to identify the importance of the water in the human body; to form multipliers in the cares with the water and to acquire knowledge educating of that the amount of available drinking waters to the human consumption is limited and must be saved and be preserved. 2 DEVELOPMENT the water consumption in the world comes if raising in frightful way, mainly had to the increase of the population in the world. This will be able to bring many problems and difficulties as the rationing of water for the people, the increase of industrial costs for the necessity of underground water exploration, among others as much, therefore this consumption if relates to the water candy, that is a scarce natural resources.

Online Nursing Degree For Busy Nurses

Many of those working in the medical or nursing care, without doubt, the industry knows that free time (time to relax and call your own) is a luxury. In this sense, work in very demanding jobs: both in terms of the jobs they do and the hours they spend at work. However, many would like to advance their careers. To do so, they almost always need time to study. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. is the source for more interesting facts. But as we said, free time is a premium nurses – How can a nurse to combine study with work, when there is (a) so little time available, and (b) change the time schedule for work Fortunately, with the advent of the Internet, one of the best answers for nurses is to conduct an online degree program in nursing. Today a number of renowned institutions nationwide are offering accredited degree programs online education specialist nursing students to meet the growing needs of the nursing profession – such as the LPN, AD and BSN programs. All of these online degree programs nursing afford nurses the opportunity to continue their education (and hopefully her career) without losing any work or disrupt your personal life – beyond, of course, the time to study! So, if you are a registered nurse, or recipient of social care, and are seeking new career options, or simply to learn and understand more about the profession you work, why not consider some of the benefits of attending a line of nursing curriculum to broaden their professional responsibilities and career options as well as being able to: – To continue to breastfeed or take care career – Set your study schedule to fit your schedule work – Communicate with your fellow students through email and chat rooms – study security environment of your home – no need to attend conferences of the night – More information on the management side of daily nursing care and the provision of nursing care side – Keep abreast of the latest developments in As the nursing profession can see, the online degree programs of nursing are designed to provide nurses with a unique blend of advanced nursing business, and management capacity needed to better manage the rights of the current care of health. .

The Routine

Beyond these illnesses that encircle our society since the passed centuries, other partner-ambient and individual factors as conditioning for the life of people exist or children. For a life healthful of the adolescents they can carry through a good pertaining to school feeding, I contend nutrient adequate for the growth and corporal maturation, as well as the sexual one, affirmed for the manual technician of promotion of the health and prevention of risks and illnesses in the suplemental health (BRAZIL, 2010, P. 41). Among others factors we have the tobaccoism as dependence for adult young thousands of that at risk put its proper lives and possibly of other people, thus having difficulty to carry through solutions for its problems, to resist the temptation to smoke (BRAZIL, 2010, P. 51-52).

To have good conditions of health she is necessary that the pertaining to school community, not only changes the conditions of life, but also its form of living objectifying excellent welfare lives deeply social and of its body. The world-wide organization of the health, affirms that the tobacco is the main cause of cancer in the world. (BRAZIL, 2011). Since the people must look the good proper conditions of life for itself, for another side, the state makes use of favorable politics to attend these people, affirmed for the health department. function of the ministry to make use conditions for protection and recovery of the health of the population, being reduced the diseases, controlling the endemic illnesses and 14 parasitic ones and improving the monitoring the health, giving, thus more quality of life to the Brazilian (BRAZIL, 2011). It is interesting to remember, that schools and communities must be taken care of by these politics of assistncias the health as well as for its recovery and orientation for the prevention. Another factor in the condition of the routine of young, that affects the pertaining to school income and thus also taking the desistance of the pertaining to school frequency it is the precocious pregnancy (GOMES, 2011).

Holistic Education and Happiness

International Foundation for Holistic Education Holistic Education Master of holistic education and learn to be happy for, Carolina Colorado Gaeta, 2009 T he purpose of making a reflection on my learning to walk in the holistic education is the theme that occupies me my study of the Master of Education Holistic. Much has been made the subject of education, and there is countless literature on the subject, but highlights some of the points of the texts of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, of the Master of Holistic Education. I say the items "I could rescue" as it is very extensive and deep subject and much reflection, and holistic education that talks about human consciousness, educators in a spiritual sense, that is, providing the education, the evolution of consciousness towards wholeness. I think that consciousness, spirituality, community, quality (but educational), the perennial philosophy, etc. are terms that were not related to education.

As far as the word has been confused with the processes administrative, which are very distant from the process of educating in the classroom. The process is inclusive holistic education from the perspective of multi-multidimensionality, which aims to integrate the different parts of the educational process, from individual consciousness to the spiritual. Speaking of awareness is not referring to the process of educating, but the consciousness of the teacher to discover our true spiritual nature, waking up to the genuine inner spirituality. The inductive learning can be used to implement, integrate and evaluate knowledge of a subject or to acquire or discover original proposals in solving problems.

Holistic Proposal

The concept of "Holos" means all and refers to the understanding of reality is not divided, sees culture as a universal flow impermanent, it can not be captured by linear thinking of the fragmented and mechanistic paradigm. But as with the great changes, this new vision has been to make its way slowly between resistance, criticism, power struggles, breakdown of values and goals as among the dogmatism and scientism. But already now two strands come together in science, scientists working from an integrated view of the Kosmos and those who still defend the position mechanistic and fragmented. This change is being hastened by the extreme situation which man lives and the planet today. Conflicts, wars, predation, risk of extinction as a species, an urgent claim that a new position out of humankind. Dr.

Gallegos said "it takes a quantum leap that we only give a comprehensive insight of the world." And this gives their proposal. The holistic approach of Dr. Gallegos back together what at the time in the eighteenth century was separately: linking science and spirituality and evident that man needs both. But the holistic approach, not designed to break above and forget or deny different positions, the interesting thing is that it transcends and includes staying with the best of each proposal. Go the opposite as complementary and thus can integrate what is apparently the opposite. His position is that otherwise enriches and motor development is the harmony, not conflict. The result is individual and social peace and supports the perennial philosophy and quantum physics.

Holistic Education

Years later, establishing the International Foundation for Holistic Education and in 1993 performed the "1st International Conference" which was attended by 22 renowned people from different countries and cultures where we could talk about the new holistic vision of world. Ramon Gallegos has written several books being awarded the "Book of the Year 2001." The paradigm of education has changed significantly through history, from the dogmatic education, through the mechanistic science until a new holistic vision based on the principles of unity, completeness, quality development, and learning trandisciplinariedad. The holistic view is based on the principle that everything in the universe is connected, that we are united to the other and non-human forms around us in a complex web of life and from the point of view of the perennial philosophy is great chain of being. In the book, Holistic Education, Gallegos mentioned that reality is composed of holons with reference to what being a whole in one context, while some other context and form a set of holons holarchy. This model calls Holarctic Wilber has clarified many aspects of holistic processes from the perspective of new science and making progress in building a general framework for the study of the Cosmos.

The essence of holistic education is an integral non-dualistic perception of reality that involves a spiritual intelligence and a permanent search and creative consciousness is a kind of universal flow. On the other hand, Dr. Ramon Gallegos said the consequences of having lived for centuries under a model based on the principles and values of mechanistic science, consequences which we live today as the destruction of natural resources, pollution, disease and corruption to name a few.