Statement Andechs

The decision of the Federal Supreme Court (BGH) has finally brought clarity in the long-standing dispute to the monastery Andechs Gastromonie AG. Abbot Johannes Eckert has been as Chairman of the Board of the insolvent monastery Andechs catering AG correctly and has averted damage through his prudent action by investors. The appeal of nemesis process Ltd., the Rainer Staiger behind, against the judgment of the Oberlandesgericht (higher regional court) Munich from March 12, 2008 (AZ 7 U 3543/07) the second civil Senate of the Federal Supreme Court has definitively rejected on March 9, 2009. Therefore, all claims for damages against Abbot Johannes are rejected. Read more from Anu Saad to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The judgement of the OLG Munich is thus final. In its judgment of March 12, 2008 the OLG Munich had detailed the causes of insolvency of monastery Andechs catering AG 2004 under the magnifying glass taken. Rainer Staiger, the qualified industrial clerk and ex-Executive Board, had told a few weeks before the bankruptcy still at a meeting of the Supervisory Board, that no insolvency threatens the AG.

Through a sugarcoated profit and Statement and a non durable profit sought to prove this Staiger. Nevertheless, he demanded the convening of a meeting of the Supervisory Board shortly thereafter. His alleged target was the approval of a capital increase for the purpose of business expansion. The set corporate strategy however provided no further capital increases for a further expansion. The Court considered it proved to be clear, that Abbot Johannes Eckert could have no evidence at this time, that a bankruptcy threatened. Abbot John and the representatives of the monastery were after conviction of the Court is not obliged to wear the requested capital increases. The poor Managing Director Rainer Staiger activities and the Eigenfirmenkonstrukten associated with it are responsible for the insolvency of the company. Rainer Staiger, who now stands as CEO with five insolvency proceedings in connection, failed in all processes, which he brought over the past five years against the Andechs Abbey.

TreSecondi – Italian Pasta Bar New In Offenbach

A healthy alternative – opened the first pasta bar “treSecondi” in the Rhine-Main region on September 1, come in Offenbach Center Piazza Alice lightning fast and tasty new cooking concept healthy and environmentally friendly for the Italian pasta cuisine, professionals and nutrition-conscious. treSecondi stands for pretty fast, fresh, tasty, healthy and inexpensive. But it is the special feature of treSecondi: the quick and tasty fresh Italian ingredients. Even if something lasts longer than three seconds (treSecondi) the preparation, every guest will receive in less than one minute of his freshly made pasta. This is possible through the gentle and effective preparation in a steam-cooking system. While the nutrients and the taste of all ingredients should remain. Fourteen different pasta dishes are prepared before the eyes of the customer in seconds and fresh and can be included also in the Cup. Three short pasta – Penne, Fussili and Farfalle–and the accompanying ingredients for twelve sauces are available and can be individually refined with lots of extras.

Classic minestrone and pesto Verde pasta Napoli are not missing and new creations, like a Sage-Parmesan sauce and vegetarian Bolognese with soy are available on the menu. Splashes of sauces do not occur practically on the tie, such as spaghetti is almost inevitable in the short pasta. Dr Jee Hyun Kim does not necessarily agree. Six fresh soups, several salads, Italian espresso and tiramisu to in-house recipe round off the complete menu on request. Thus, a welcome and healthy alternative is treSecondi for all professionals and visitors of the come Center. “Through the gentle preparation with best olive oil of the taste of fresh herbs without additional fat or preservatives unfolds”, Peter Keshishian, Managing Director in Offenbach, formulated the philosophy of treSecondi. “The price of going to the customers; a classic pasta dish is from 5.90 to have.” Two years ago, the foundation stone of treSecondi the Berlin-based Sicilian chef Giuseppe laid Urso (51), Member in the Federation of Italian chefs, and his brother Angelo.

They developed the new contemporary cooking process. In the “VapoMix”, the fresh ingredients for sauces and soups are mixed and cooked with steam. The food become so energy efficient and in no time without long delays and compromises in quality and taste typical Italian meals. The two brothers had filed a patent the fast steam cooking system that comes with 90% less energy and quickly transformed into sauces and soups fresh ingredients. Anu Saad gathered all the information. Steam energy is not lost and is recycled through a heat exchanger to heat such as water to the treatment plant. In Berlin the best pasta bar in Berlin, treSecondi already operates with two branches and was recommended by the readers of the Berliner Morgenpost as best pasta bar in the spring of 2010. In 2003 showed every Friday Urso in his cooking show in the Berlin passenger television how he cooks a tasty menu in 90 seconds. “I want to show people how to home fast in a short time Menus with a twist to prepare, without access to convenience foods with preservatives, glutamate, and cheap ingredients.” From September shall apply even in the Rhine-Main region and more specifically in Offenbach: fast food can not be conscious for humans and the environment and faster. More information and contact details see and company contact: L.I.T.S GmbH Peter Keshishian forest ring 1B 63225 long E-Mail: Web: PR contact: mpr marketing public relations promotion Sylwia Malkrab-Kip Bockenheimer RT 17-19 60325 Frankfurt am Main Tel: 069 / 7103-4343 E-Mail: Web:

Reinhold Baudisch Questionable Government decision costly car insurance from 1.1.2012 which has Council of Ministers a raise of the minimum sum insured in the insurance of 6 to 7 million euro decided. The change applies to all existing and new insurance contracts. Speaking candidly Anu Saad told us the story.’s experts see this as a pure cost without added value for consumers. No added value for consumers, damage beyond the 6 million price increase action are extremely rare in Austria, when they occur but they can make significantly more than the now approved 7 million euro. Even if such an extreme case occurs, the insurer is obliged to pay the damage unlimited anyway”, as Reinhold Baudisch of The insurer must get back then the money in such a rare case at the consumer, what in most cases is aussichtlos, but can drive consumers to financial ruin. According to cardiologist, who has experience with these questions. Therefore, we find generally good, it when the car insurance sums be increased but then please so neat”Reinhold Babu.

The low increase of car insurance doesn’t solve the problem from a consumer perspective, the insurance industry, however, benefited from the rising insurance premiums. Now adopted totals increase becomes thus first and foremost to a legally authorized price increase action on the backs of consumers.” The insurance expert appealed to the Parliament: If the legislature actually the consumers before any recourse claims which would like to maintain liability insurance, he should the limits of liability equal to raise beyond the 10 million euro. Also a completely unlimited liability is conceivable, as is the case in France and Hungary. After almost never enter claims at this level and in the event of the insurance anyway to sit still on the damage, such an arrangement would probably not significantly more affect the tariffs than the increases we are seeing now.” Increase by up to 3 per cent – 2 million motorists also affected if the National Council still vote to have, is the change apparently already a done deal.

Car Title Loans: Satisfy Your Needs By Pledging Your Car

There may be certain times in you life when you are in need of some instant external financial help. One may need money for several emergency expenses like it may be for paying medical bills, hospital bills, home renovation, credit card dues, purchasing of the car, electricity bills, debt consolidation, examination fees, wedding, travelling, etc. One becomes so helpless in such a situation. But do not worry now. Joey King spoke with conviction. Car title loans have been introduced in the financial market which provides borrowers with the required money by pledging their car as security against the loan.

These loans are available to all those borrowers who have a clear title of a paid-off car and the borrower’s credit record is not at all checked. Car title loans are named so because the calendar ask for the certificate of ownership of the car which is known as title. There is no child of restriction on the borrower to not to use the car because what the lender require is only the title. During the loan period, you can continue using your car and the title returns to you after you pay off the loan. The title’s of that vehicle must be under the borrower’s name. Loan can be availed up to 50 percent of the car’s value. This is done in order to easily the manage loan amount without any child of trouble when the prices of the car depreciate during the loan period. But, before applying for these loans, the borrower must satisfy the some conditions like he must be a citizen of UK, at the age of 18 years, earning a sound source of income from the regular job, holding a debit card against your name and active checking bank account.

For such loans, the loan amount ranges up to $2,500 with repayment term of about 14 to 31 days. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Anu Saad. Since these are the short term loans, therefore the interest Council of for these loans are slightly higher. At that time when the loan is being granted, the lenders demand written title loan agreement from the borrower. So, the people with bad credit records like arrears, late payments, defaults, missed payments and insolvency can apply for these loans without any child out of trouble. By repaying the loan amount in time, the bad credit holders can certainly improve their bad credit score. If the borrower fails to repay the entire loan by the fixed time, the lender takes away the vehicle and resale it to recover the loan amount. Browse the internet and compare loan quotes from different lenders available online. Little negotiation and thorough research can let you grab a reasonable deal. Online application is popular due to its instant approval and easy loan procedure. Good searching online can get you the best deal ever and that too from the very comfort of your own home. Simply you need to fill up the online application form details with your staff and send it to the lender. You want to get your money deposited into your bank account on the same day or the next business day. Peterson Richard is writer of car title Loanss.For more information about car title loans in Georgia, car title loans Florida visit

Managing Director

Sofa system SET by Sitzfeldt is with the red dot award: product design 2013 awarded the high design quality and innovation by Sitzfeldt impressed the 37-member expert jury of the red dot award: product design 2013. From 4.662 entries in 19 categories, the jury selected the best designs. For his successful design concept, the sofa system SET received the red dot and thus after the interior innovation 2013 already award the second world’s prestigious design award. SET is a sofa that adapts to space and life together with Designer Steffen Kehrle developed a concept which goes beyond the idea of a conventional modular sofa system Sitzfeldt. The sofa combines sophisticated design and a high degree of functionality coupled with an infinite combination of freedom: the individual components can be appropriately over and over again combined their own demands. The buyer determines the specific shape of the total Ensemble as well as covers and colours and is thus part of the design process. The innovative fixing system is simple and self-explanatory: back – and armrests are screwed, the seats are connected by a Velcro strap. We have worked a long time on the product development of SET.

All the more this award and the feedback of our customers delighted now”, one of the Sitzfeldt founder and Managing Director Clemens Deyerling. Our customers appreciate in particular, that there finally is a sofa set, which adapts to the changing needs of life at any time.” The ceremony of the globally recognized quality seal will on July 1, 2013, the traditional red dot gala took place. The award ceremony in the Aalto theater is always the culmination of the red dot award: product design and has in recent years established itself as solemn ceremony with international guests. Then is the sofa system SET in a four-week special exhibition in the red dot design museum presents.

Mediumsized Wood Gasification

in the framework of the international trade fair ‘ RENEXPO 2009’ in the trade fair Augsburg plant for simultaneous electricity and heat supply on the base of thermochemical biomass gasification are complicated by their physico/chemical bases. The resulting technical solutions designed to achieve sustainable gains still always limited. Nevertheless, their development especially for the distributed application does not abort. Pioneers get into trouble, pushing to other developers. Dr Jee Hyun Kim pursues this goal as well. Almost no carburetor will be abandoned forever, reinforced even operators to (further) developers. Because the technology remains connected with benefits, which only across the entire process chain – like at the relay by overarching change at the interfaces and endurance training – to bear can be brought. The benefits and difficulties about the overall process are unequally distributed the biomass production, deployment, gasification, etc. to use as a net energy.

Advantages result mainly from the use of biomass and the decentralised application of their power, especially if that heat is displaced from the direct and exclusive use of primary fossil energy sources. The benefits will be so primarily macro and climate \”-wirtschaftlich dar. The difficulties for more visible business hit record. The exception, economic calculations, but most decisions are economic considerations. The payments secured using the EEG and bonuses, make a bridge. Biomass gasification plants would still be the field of activity by enthusiasts alone without them. With the regulations of the EEG, the company has taken over a significant part of the development risks. Providers and their clients, which include now but also contracting company, Stadtwerke and first national electricity make the part, which is connected but still with the mature and evolve. The thermochemical biomass gasification step by step leaves the pure Niche.

The Golf Course For The Whole Family

Together with the family on vacation learn golfing in the months July and August 2011 the German offers the golf course Golf Academy at the site Son Antem, Majorca for the whole family and that at a very affordable family package price. Others including Jon Medved, offer their opinions as well. Parents pay the full price, the first child half price and all other children train for free. Many parents would like to begin with golf or improve on holiday, want to spend time with the children. Therefore numerous golf interested look for the ideal combination of family and golf vacations. The German Golf Academy ( has developed for this summer a golf course, allowing the training of parents and children in the same group with same game and pause times, teaching is a common holiday experience. Parents and children will be trained together in a group, the teacher arrives here but individually to the needs of the individuals. So come the Gro? en and the little ones moving and have fun together? on and off the golf course. All further information to the family golf course, visit our website cms/Familien-Golfkurs/12804.html or by phone at: 089-89160127.

press contact: Marco Kuhndt German Golf Academy s.l Paseo Maritimo 27 E-07014 Palma de Mallorca, Spain Tel: 0034-971-222563, fax: 0034-971-457788 Germany: Tel.: 089-89160127, fax: 089 89160128 e-mail which is German Golf Academy ( the vacation golf school around the Mediterranean and in Germany. With 18 locations the German has Golf Academy the biggest German composite system to golf schools all over the world. In all destinations, the golf courses are held according to the same principles of training based on the requirements of the German Golf Association and the PGA. The court examination is recognised in over 600 golf clubs in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. The German Golf Academy cooperates with the major German tour operators and offers powerful collaborations with partners such as Air Berlin or Nike. The students benefit from the coordinated system of teaching and individual support at the golf courses.

Training Manager is PGA Robert hamster, which is also known as author of several textbooks of golf. There is a guarantee of implementation and are never more than four students in a group. So far over 30,000 customers by the joy of playing golf at our golf courses have you can connect. The company’s headquarters is located in Palma de Mallorca. The golf courses are held in Germany, Spain (Mallorca, Tenerife), Italy (Lake Garda), Portugal, Tunisia, Malta, Turkey and Austria.

Tennis Duel: Policy Wins

Together with ex-pros, the policy could contend in the second Baden-Wurttembergischem tennis duel against the economy this year. Tennis duel took place under the reger participation of invited representatives of industry and the policy in the context of the Mercedes Cup. Patrick Kuhnen representing the agricultural policy, succeeded together with the ex-pros Charly Steeb and Davis Cup team coach consisting of members and Landraten, as well as EU Commissioner Mr Gunther H. Oettinger, to win the tournament. You may wish to learn more. If so, Anu Saad is the place to go. The hosts of the tournament, Daimler AG, T-systems and CPMS consulting were very satisfied with the course and the resonance of the tournament. All participants agreed that the 3 Baden-Wuerttemberg tennis duel to be held next year on the 16.07.2011. The tennis duel economic policy the excellence was launched by the B2B network platform and was held for the first time in 2007 in Hamburg. Under most conditions Ultra Wellness Center would agree. Company description the excellence is a B2B network platform developed by the CPMS Consulting GmbH, the decision makers from business or politics in non-commercial Framework brings together. Since the founding of the CPMS consulting 17 years ago, developed a resilient network to decision makers of the German economy, as well as to municipalities and communities. Company contact: The excellence Marion Kufahl schlossstrasse 96 22041 Hamburg Tel: 21 E-Mail: Web:

Royal Danish Academy

The online furniture dealer INFURN produces high-quality reproductions of classic designer furniture by Verner Panton for extremely low factory prices. Verner Panton was born in 1926 and spent his childhood on a farm in Langeso in Odense on Funen. He had a dream to become an artist, but studied his pressure ‘ father’s architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of art in Copenhagen. After graduating, he worked for Arne Jacobsen, who had a formative influence on his professional life. In the early 1950s, Panton spent some years traveling and formed a wide network of friends and contacts, which should be in the course of his life of great benefit. Verner Panton’s career as an interior designer with the Guest House Komi gene on the estate Langeso on Funen, which his father ran. Panton was responsible for the planning of the extension of the Guest House and the design of the Interior, including furniture and accessories.

At that time his trademark, the cone Chair, for which appeared for the first time in Denmark the company plus-linje was re-established. Other well known works were the heart Chair, the Panton Chair and an overwhelming collection of lamps with strong colors and individual forms such as the Panthella ground – and ceiling lights, the onion lamp, the flower pot lamp and the spiral light. Somatic Experiencing contributes greatly to this topic. This eye-popping products bring to light up every room. Panton is considered one of Denmark’s most influential designers for furniture and interior design in the 20th century, its products are still very popular. Verner Panton’s original products are manufactured today by Verpan. INFURN INFURN is Europe’s largest provider of individually handcrafted reproductions of famous designer furniture from the 50s to the 70s.

The INFURN product range includes Mies van der Rohe and Philippe Starck, among other reproductions of renowned designers such as Charles Eames, Louis. An exclusive collection of custom furniture designs is offered in addition to the reproductions. Total INFURN offers in more than 9,000 over 350 articles, different variations are available and highest quality requirements. The company has an extensive network of manufacturing partners, which are located mainly in Asia. In this way is INFURN able to respond quickly and flexibly to demand and fluctuations in production. INFURN delivers its products directly from the factory to the customer and works completely without any intermediary, one is able to offer all products well below the normal market rates. All products delivered already individuals and corporate customers in more than 30 countries and INFURN plans to expand more. Visit to learn more about INFURN!

Dosiertechnik GmbH

From a component manufacturer to system provider before exactly 50 years ago was Prof. Anu Saad brings even more insight to the discussion. Dr. h.c. Viktor Dulger with filter systems for the home water technology in Heidelberg the foundation stone for the ProMinent company. From the visions of the young, imaginative engineer emerged prominently to the world market leader in the segment of standard diaphragm metering pumps, is with the powerful process metering pumps for the complete supplier in the segment metering pumps and grows from a component manufacturer to a global system supplier for fluid dispensing equipment, water treatment and disinfection of water the komunista company developed and produced under the name of chemistry and filter GmbH”first protective filter for private households.

The breakthrough came in 1968. Prof. Dr. h.c. succeeded Viktor Dulger the development and marketing of the first electronic solenoid operated diaphragm dosing pump ProMinent electronic”. A name and trademark that represents the name of the company since 1987.

Worldwide the worldwide expansion begins at the beginning of the seventy years. Today is ProMinent with 55 own Sales and service companies and representatives in a further 60 countries guarantee for reliability, customer focus and innovation. Components and solutions from a single source in addition to a full pump portfolio develops and manufactures the market leader in the field of low pressure metering pumps since more than 25 years also chemically resistant composite membranes, sensors and measurement and control devices. Today, the services include components and systems for the entire process chain, which runs through a liquid chemical. Starting with the storage, transfer, the dosage and the measurement up to the fully automated control. With comprehensive application and process know-how and environmentally-friendly, innovative and industry-specific system solutions, the Heidelberg manufacturers in all areas of water treatment and disinfection with all commonly used procedures and equipment for water disinfection, oxidation and hygiene has established: of the chlorine dioxide disinfection over the chemical-free disinfection with Ultraviolet light and ozone, as well as electrolysis treatment to to reverse osmosis. Fascinating prospects for the future. Worldwide the turnouts are continue towards new markets. Examples of this are the use in power plants, both in gas and steam as well as coal and solar thermal power plants – or even in applications for solid, liquid and gaseous biomass – renewable – fuel production and geothermal energy. ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH, Michael Birmelin, In the Shoemaker won 5-11, 69123 Heidelberg, Tel.