Construction Waste Disposal

With the rise of the Chinese economy in the world, the large scale engineering construction has been underway. However, with the accleration of the construction, the number of construction waste is in a rapid growth. Even the danger of garbage siege has appeared in some big cities, which caused land waste and pollution of the environment, having brought great harm to the people s production and life. Under the current circumstances, the problem of construction waste disposal has been put on the development agenda.Recently, the construction waste disposal has become a hot topic in the engineering machinery industry, which makes the construction waste disposal equipment the darling of the sales market overnight. The essential weapon that can dispose the waste problem effectively is crushing and screening equipment construction. The crushing and screening machinery in China have gone through several stages of development. Taking Henan Hongxing Ming Machinery Co., Ltd as the example, in order to solve the problem that the mining area surface environment is complex and it needs many devices, the company developed fixed crusher station at the beginning, which not only covered large area, but also high costs needed. It is not suitable for the requirements of the times.

For this reason, after tireless study and research, the R & D staff of Henan Hongxing Company developed the mobile crusher, which is like a movable small and medium crushing processing plants. Its work efficiency and operational costs are higher to the same level or higher level fixed crusher station. It has become a rare good helper in the the construction site and mining site with its advantages of strong mobility, low transportation costs, the integration of the entire unit, high efficiency and other characteristics.The crawler-type mobile crusher developed by is featured with high degree of automation, large productivity, and even particle size and it is favored by customers. The high product quality and perfect customer service are the weapon to win the support of the customers. With the continuous investment and support of the country, the construction waste disposal is becoming a sunrise industry. Hongxing Heavy Industries will use efficient equipment to build high quality products for construction waste disposal, realizing the recycle Green, healthy and sustainable development.