A book includes dramatic accounts of women who aborted

Many people participated in the College Del Carmen, the launch of “Myriam … why are you crying , Which includes dramatic accounts of women who underwent an abortion. The work is widespread in Argentina by the Forum of Life and the Family, on behalf of the NGO “Yes to Life”, from Switzerland, who edited and translated into 15 languages. After the consecration to the Virgin Mary by Bishop Antonio Baseotto, military bishop emeritus and advisor to the Forum, several speakers warned how the woman is taken to accept abortion “as the only legislative proposal” to teen pregnancy, promiscuity fruit and consequence of the teaching of the “Reproductive Health and Sexual Education, which issued from government policies that ignore parental authority, seek only the possession of the female body, dissociating the person. The prelate presented the proposal of the Forum, which consists of nuclear institutions working for the rights of unborn children whose lives, they say, is now “strongly questioned, attacked and knocked down, into bills contrary to the Constitution and Argentine Penal Code. ” “The weight that drags the woman who had an abortion, if not combined with faith, it is impossible to carry,” said Monsignor Baseotto, offering the services of the Forum as a means of “unity and coordination” for a defense even more strong attempts to legislate against abortion in the country.Invitation was received by applause from the audience. The retired bishop explained that the book is divided into two parts, first the testimonies of women who suffered from post-abortion syndrome and on the other hand, contain studies of physicians and psychiatrists who work in their treatment.