Mornings Water

A natural one can be done superb exfoliation, with average lemon and we added average sugar teaspoon and one there to him gotita of olive oil (if it can be extra virgin). Once washed the face, it is exfoliando the face with this remedy, doing circles. It is necessary to wait for three minutes and to wash the face well. This leaves a radiating skin. Better to do it by the nights. 7. For the tired feet or inflations.

Baths of feet with water and lemon juice. For it, one is due to put in a receiving width, where the feet can be placed with facility, a lemon divided in the middle liter of water. To rub the skin in the feet and the ankles. The feet must remain 10 minutes in this preparation. 8. For nicotine spots. If you have nicotine spots in the nails, lips and teeth and it wants to eliminate them, it can rub the zone with a cotton impregnated in lemon juice well. 9.

In order to clarify the color of the hair of natural form. If you wish to clarify the color of its hair of natural form, it only must add to the water of the rinsing the juice of a lemon. 10/. In order to clarify the hairs of the moustache. Also, if a woman above has many hairs of the lips (moustache) and does not want to shave with wax because she irritates much to him, can pass a cotton soaked in lemon twice to the day to clarify the hairs. 11/For desentoxicar the body, and helping when diet becomes or to maintain the weight. Prescription: To warm up a water cup but not very hot, lukewarm. The juice of a lemon is expressed. A spoonful of olive oil is added. One takes all the mornings, before having breakfast. This aid to maintain the body clean, also aid with the diet that we are doing, since more stoops. Also aid to maintain our weight. Original author and source of the article.