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Muscle inflammatory processes: To cause blockages, rheumatoid arthritis or ankylosing embed you that come from the alterations that suffers from tissue overload that the muscles are subjected and due to inflammation that originates. The most affected are: previous Escalenos ahead and a half behind set the first rib below. Rhomboid. Esplenios. Elevator of scapula it. Deltoid. Michio Kaku: the source for more info.

Supra spiny. Trapezoids. Joint: Articulation clavicular cost: the vaculonervioso package is compressed by venous symptoms, venous swelling, edema and collateral circulation of the shoulder appear. Articulation scapular costal: you have discomfort parity by cervical lesions of anchorage that exert the point of pain on the second, third and fourth ribs. Acromion humeral articulation: originates on the shoulder by injury to the joint subacromiodeltoidea bag to the rotator cuff where arise the greater part of contraction of the muscles on the vessels altered functionality. Then accompanied by bursitis tendinitis is generated. A sequel of PERIARTHRITIS, tendonitis, and bursitis occurs if the joint does not have a normal movement. With a box that is called frozen shoulder syndrome.

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy accompanies hand is characterized by presence of vasomotor and trophic changes in tissues ligaments inflammatory muscle. Carpal tunnel syndrome: is a painful malaise that is located in the wrist joint. It is a narrow tunnel formed by bones and tissues of your wrist that protects the Middle nerve. The median nerve provides sensation in the fingers. When ligaments and tendons, swollen or inflamed, pressed against the median nerve, which makes hand hurt or be numb (paresthesias). The main symptoms of the cervialgias symptoms are:-feeling of burden and heaviness. -Dizziness. -Limitation of motion. -Headaches. Using stretching techniques osteopathic treatment: with mobilizations favouring myofascial stretching. The objectives are to lengthen the muscles and thus allow greater mobility in the cervical area. Here we must insist on stretching of the trapezius muscle that causes most cervical restrictions. Performed in supine to avoid inconvenience more in the area. Using manipulative techniques: when these alterations are very acute and prolonged, begin to degenerate the skeletal system reaching suffer atrophy precursor large seberas of pain, which produce many of Herniated discs as well as processes artrosicos. For this reason it is very important to pull of the cervical segment affected lesion cross producing a spinal release. To reset both the bone and the muscle and collect the mobility it jointly by both parties.