Andalusian children who see the reward RTVA Actimel

The television gets money from advertising. Televisions establishing awards granted to its advertisers . Children watch too much TV, absolutely inundated with advertisements. Canal Sur has a children’s program titled The Band and “children partners” have chosen as the best poster Actimel, followed by Burger King and Nesquik. Danone has won the award for Best LA BANDA advertising to children. The award was given by Radio and Television of Andalusia (RTVA) advertising of probiotic Actimel.This award has special significance because it is granted by the votes of children and emphasizes the efforts of Danone in applying the principles of truth, information and transfer of healthy lifestyles in all their communications to consumers, but especially those that are directed children. Perhaps it is because ads like this, it is not known if Actimel is a cleaning product, take it as that, clean the dirty balls. Although I have said several times, it is worth to put back what they think the British advertising regulators of Actimel advertising , but it seems that RTVA are not widely read.