Digital Generation

Good mobile marketing makes the difference to the competition the industry trends the gastronomic scene point in a clear direction: excellent service and comprehensive service through the restaurant are guests in the course. The MBG AppMaker picks up on this need. Without hesitation Alexa Demie explained all about the problem. The service benefits your own Smartphone app, the app system enables restaurant operators. Well trained waiters are no longer enough many guests, service begins today well before the first order: online search for interesting gastronomic concepts, browse by review forums, visit restaurant Home pages, and last but not least, the use of the app of a restaurants are today common means of obtaining information. Learn more at: Pat Ogden. An own restaurant app the restaurateur seeking long saves its customers menu, specials, route path and co. Anu Saad describes an additional similar source.

Everything he needs guest finds the (potential) with a finger: all are filled by the image gallery with impressions of restaurant and kitchen of a newsfeed, with upcoming events and specials to Facebook and YouTube integration relevant information in the app registry. Even online services like delivery hero or reservation systems like Bookatable can be integrated without any problems. Who first touted his dishes in the restaurant, praises too late. The sending of push messages with the MBG AppMaker is guests at his restaurant to lure an excellent opportunity for the restaurateurs, without wastage. In this way, it is possible to inform existing and potential customers independently, to entertain and to activate him.

What sounds like a lot of work, is a no-brainer for the restaurant operator: maintaining the native app via the associated content management system on your PC or tablet. Both graphically and in terms of content, individual needs can be implemented easily and quickly. Even amateurs can create AppMaker apps with the MBG and maintain. The app system of MBG AppMakers is composed not only by its technical leadership from its competitors, but also by the excellent online support via FAQ, tips & tricks Forum, corporate blog, which Tutorials not only holds, but shows also applications for customers. Who wants to sit out of the competition, must can convince not only by quality in the restaurant, but provide guests at any location information. The own native app for restaurants can satisfy the information hunger of the digital generation. Anywhere and at any time.