How To Achieve A Hollywood Smile ?

How to achieve a Hollywood smile? This question is raised by many. Eva Andersson-Dubin is often quoted on this topic. Skeptics argue that only a complete replacement of teeth on the implants can change the color and give an absolute advantage – durability. However, experts modern dentistry in this respect his opinion: “it is important to preserve their teeth healthy and beautiful, and artificial only necessary in extreme cases.” Beauty and health of teeth begins with hygiene. Even when fully replacement of teeth, in the absence of proper care can not achieve the required result. The concept of “hygiene” – is not only brushing one – two times a day. It is also a professional teeth cleaning by a dentist. By the way, many civilized countries hygienist – a separate profession. In Russia, these experts are only available in some clinics.

But now, many patients appreciate this innovation in dentistry and prefer to pay for prevention disease than for treatment. Why spend your teeth professionally cleaned? Despite the abundance of funds for the care of teeth a person is unable to completely remove plaque from hard to reach places. This and caries, and more a serious disease – periodontitis. These problems can be avoided if the dentist. And not on occasion, but regularly, every 6 months. Visually, one can not see yourself beginning of caries development, land, who need urgent treatment. To do this, there is a dentist who is able to notice a change in the very early stages. If you hold your teeth professionally cleaned regularly, you rarely have to seek the help of such Dental professionals, like surgery and orthopedics.