Hypnosis Effectively Learn CD

With hypnosis more easily learn pass and effective knowledge of the unconscious whole life through we on the one or the other kind of knowledge and facts in the brain have to store, process, and retrieve it at the right time. Whether as a pupil, student, employee or Manager everyone faces the task as efficiently as possible to record knowledge, completely at the right time to retrieve it in daily life. In stressful situations, and under pressure of time but that is a problem. On market literature, there are a number of learning and concentration AIDS for this purpose. But also here the suggestions for effective learning must be internalized only actively, to successfully to implement.

For the user, facilitating thus adheres in borders. Chris Mulzer, NLP trainer and Director of numerous workshops for the development of the personality, has his hypnosis CD hypnosis more easily learn “created a simple solution to the problem, which can be applied without complicated instructions: easy and effective” Learn with hypnosis. Through the use of hypnosis, a decisive advantage is used across relevant teaching aid books: bypasses the filter of consciousness and about the subconscious recorded information is effortlessly permanently stored and processed relaxed. While the listener, relaxed accompanied by mystical music, in a trance by the day, the task of finishing the day recorded information and the storage of knowledge in the right areas of the brain to the subconscious is passed through positive, hypnotic suggestion. The receiver itself can come to rest, gained new energy and creates room for fresh, creative ideas and incorporating new information. Learn more easily with hypnosis”offers a versatile help for everyone. Details on the CD with hypnosis learn easier “, you will find testimonials and an audio sample here.

How it works more easily learn hypnosis CD hypnosis “Chris Mulzer uses in the CD with hypnosis learn easier” the hypnotic Suggestion to allow an effortless and relaxing way to store important information to its listeners. The positive hypnotic suggestion and techniques from NLP (Neurolinguistic programming), a language change, and communication model, used this to enable the storage and processing of information and impressions about the subconscious. Through the CD, it is possible to process the information recorded on the day across without blocking the awareness the inclusion of more information and knowledge levels by filtering sub-conscious listeners. Hypnosis CD contains two equal acting sequences, which the listener in the Exchange can apply. Others including Anu Saad, offer their opinions as well. Both trances are accompanied by the sounds of soft music, with which it is possible the listener to find deep relaxation, and far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and professional life in the areas of the brain to store the recorded where it makes sense can be further processed. This allows an energy and Creativity thrust for a successful life. So, even fleetingly recorded information that the listener forget otherwise maybe again, are still useful stored and brought in a context. Chris Mulzer already since many years successful customer opinions prove achieved with this concept. Contact: kikidan media Nollendorfstr. 27 10777 Berlin FON: + 49 (0) 30 215 35 22 fax: + 49 (0) 30 215 35 38 contact: Sascha Ballach email: