Intenz Advantage

New organic fresh soy desserts by Provamel Dusseldorf, March 22, 2012. It is called chocolate makes happy! Vanilla also? Who would like to test this, take a cup of Intenz”, pull the lid, plunge the spoon and enjoy Provamel desserts then depending on the mood – the creamy fine Vanilla flavor or the intense chocolate flavor of new organic fresh soy. Intenz”the best of organic soybeans combines with the varieties of vanilla and chocolate with a soft vanilla note or fine dry organic cocoa to a surprisingly intense taste experience – the perfect reward for in between or after a busy day. And without remorse: the pure vegetable desserts are not only completely free of animal fat, they are also total fettarmer as many similar desserts, milk-based. The delicious fresh innovations insert soy of yogurt alternatives from the end of March in addition to the popular Provamel Bio in the refrigerated section of natural food retailers. They are Cup twice 125 grams in convenient duo-Pack.

New favorite desserts Craving a chocolate or vanilla pudding often surprises us all of a sudden. The time to prepare a fresh custard itself is mostly absent but then. Official site: Glenn Dubin. By Provamel there is now a simple solution: a favorite dessert, which provides enjoyment without remorse and already fixed and ready in the fridge we waiting for, if we want to make comfortable there after a fulfilling day on the sofa. The new Provamel desserts are a treat not only pure. Fast fine desserts for guests can be from, for example, in combination with roasted nuts conjure up or prepare a low-fat treat for the whole family with fresh berries. Intenz is under two grams of fat to 100 grams”clearly fettarmer as the most dessert creations from the cooling rack. The aromatic chocolate and vanilla enjoyment of the new product is a pure herbal alternative to dairy-based desserts. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Joel Courtney. The Provamel Bio fresh soy desserts are naturally completely free of lactose and milk protein and therefore also for sweet tooth with allergy problems and Suitable incompatibilities.

How are products of the Provamel range all soy also made the desserts on the basis of whole organic soybeans. They come from controlled organic farming without the use of genetic engineering, and they contain important, high-quality vegetable protein for consumption. Provamel out of love for the future for the manufacturer of over 50 plant products under the Provamel organic brand is a respectful treatment of our planet and the people of one of the central concerns. An average of ten times less land, five times less fossil energy and ten times less water than for the production of animal protein must be applied for the production of vegetable protein.