Johnson Meeting

Sunday 27 the Latin American political meeting was realised greater than it has had the United Kingdom. About 600 Latins in center congregated sport of Elephant and Castle to debate with the candidates of seven parties that appear to the London elections. Candidates in British elections for the first time approached talking the Hispanic community and luso to try to gain their vote and to make them arrive their proposals. They were the candidates to the mayorship on the part of the Conservative Party (Boris Johnson), demo-liberal (Brian Paddick) and left (Lindsey Germa’n). Read additional details here: Somatic Experiencing. The mayor Labour Party member commanded like his spokesman to the parliamentarian Jeremy Corbyn who was the unique one in speaking in Castilian. Also they attended the candidates the assembly of London of the green ones (Shane Collins), of Respect (Pretty Smith and John Mulrenan), liberal (Caroline Pidgeon) and Communist (Julie Crawford). The demo-liberal ones also brought to the president of their party (Simon Hughes) and their previous candidate to the European parliament (Jonathan Fryers). Never before so many British politicians they had congregated to make arrive its planteos at the Latin community and in listening to them. Contact information is here: Pat Ogden.

The meeting initially began to 2:00 p.m. in the commercial galleries of Stores of the South where it brightened up the dance group We are Peru and where it inquired both about the problematic one into main South-American commercial centers of London: Elephant and Castle and Seven Sisters. In both the Latin positions are threatened by the closing or works of development that is puting in a corner them or increasing in price the taxes or rents. Raul Mancera explained that there is a tendency to be throwing to the markets of the ethnic minorities to take step to luxury residences and that the retailers of the different ethnic groups had to be united before it. Due to the great amount of people the meeting moved to the local major of the zone.