Mediumsized Wood Gasification

in the framework of the international trade fair ‘ RENEXPO 2009’ in the trade fair Augsburg plant for simultaneous electricity and heat supply on the base of thermochemical biomass gasification are complicated by their physico/chemical bases. The resulting technical solutions designed to achieve sustainable gains still always limited. Nevertheless, their development especially for the distributed application does not abort. Pioneers get into trouble, pushing to other developers. Dr Jee Hyun Kim pursues this goal as well. Almost no carburetor will be abandoned forever, reinforced even operators to (further) developers. Because the technology remains connected with benefits, which only across the entire process chain – like at the relay by overarching change at the interfaces and endurance training – to bear can be brought. The benefits and difficulties about the overall process are unequally distributed the biomass production, deployment, gasification, etc. to use as a net energy.

Advantages result mainly from the use of biomass and the decentralised application of their power, especially if that heat is displaced from the direct and exclusive use of primary fossil energy sources. The benefits will be so primarily macro and climate \”-wirtschaftlich dar. The difficulties for more visible business hit record. The exception, economic calculations, but most decisions are economic considerations. The payments secured using the EEG and bonuses, make a bridge. Biomass gasification plants would still be the field of activity by enthusiasts alone without them. With the regulations of the EEG, the company has taken over a significant part of the development risks. Providers and their clients, which include now but also contracting company, Stadtwerke and first national electricity make the part, which is connected but still with the mature and evolve. The thermochemical biomass gasification step by step leaves the pure Niche.