Multibillion Profits

Electricity prices for households still rise Berlin, November 18, 2010. Germany’s power companies it fine: RWE and E.ON Energie Baden-Wurttemberg (EnBW) gleam with good numbers. The nuclear compromise to the overtime the energy giant should result in large additional profits. Electricity prices be increased but still. Millions of households have to pay significantly more for electricity next year. Many public utilities, but also energy giant RWE, Vattenfall and EnBW have already announced that the electricity will be more expensive in the next year.

Sometimes the electricity costs by more than 14 percent rise. So a family budget with 4000 kWh annual consumption in Augsburg is paying more for the basic supply rate of Stadtwerke 14.4 per cent in the coming year. This is an additional burden of more than 120 euros! In Cologne, a family budget with the same consumption from January paid 11.4 percent more burden for the basic supply rate of Rhein-energy: over 100 euros. And in Stuttgart, the basic supplier EnBW wants to 9.8 in the future Percent more will be so next year 97 euro higher from the family budget, the electricity bill. EnBW offers other fares, but that rise partly even more: the online collective of energy giant rises at 4000 kWh annual consumption by all 12 percent.

It is the corporations everything else as bad. In the first nine months, all four power Giants have increased their profit invariably: EnBW posted 1.9 billion euros, RWE 6.1 billion euros, E.ON EUR 8 billion and Vattenfall equivalent of 2.6 billion euros. “An opinion given by the Greens in order also assumes that the nuclear compromise the four energy giant additional profits in two-to three-digit billions” brings and they continued to dominate the German energy industry. Electricity provider switching is often works the consumers not aware how easy and risk-free. So is the majority of electricity customers still in their basic provider and paying more for electricity than necessary.