Nichrome Brands

Alloys nichrome brands Cr20Ni80 and H15N60 – is widely used precision chromium and nickel with high electrical resistance. Nickel (Ni) – the base metal, included in these alloys. Dr Jee Hyun Kim is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Its share in nichrome is 55-78%. In the second highest number goes chromium (Cr) – 15-23%. Remaining ingredients and nichrome Cr20Ni80 H15N60 are silicon (Si), manganese (Mn), aluminum (Al), sulfur (S), iron (Fe), carbon (C), titanium (Ti), phosphorus (P). Properties of nichrome is determined by its main components – chromium and nickel. Nickel has the property of dissolving a large amount of other metals, while maintaining good ductility.

Also, the metal has high corrosion resistance in liquid and gaseous media and, as noted above, has good flexibility, heat resistance. Chromium, in turn, has high heat resistance, hardness, and is also resistant to corrosion. Thus, the nichrome combines good heat resistance, heat resistance and plasticity and also has high resistance to corrosion. Property of heat resistance determines the maximum operating temperature of nichrome. For nichrome Cr20Ni80 – up to 1200 C (depending on diameter wire) to nichrome H15N60 brands – up to 1125 C (depending on the diameter of wire), gost 12766.1-90. Influence of nickel in the alloy can be seen in this characterization.

The more nickel in the nichrome, the greater the maximum operating temperature has the latest. Another feature worthy of attention is the plasticity. It refers to the technological properties, which show what types of processing (stamping, welding, turning, drawing, etc.) may subjected to this material. Nichrome has good ductility, which makes it possible to obtain such products as tape and Nichrome Nichrome wire, including a thin wire. To obtain a nichrome wire used metal forming process – drawing. It is worth mentioning the most important physical properties of nichrome – low temperature coefficient of electrical resistance and high electrical resistivity. Data properties combined with high heat resistance have identified the use of nichrome in the form of strip and wire for the manufacture of high-temperature heating elements. Nichrome Cr20Ni80 and H15N60 (nichrome wire, and tape Nichrome) used mainly in electrical engineering. It is used for the manufacture of electric heaters, electric heating elements continuously operating in air at temperatures up to 1250 C, wire and tape resistors, rheostats in heating appliances. Also nichrome recommended in the manufacture of heaters electrothermal equipment of high reliability. H15N60 also used in the creation resistors.